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The Expedition fails for the north-east; Chancellor's success; Willoughby's disastrous fate; other expeditions planned; high perfonages under Cabot in the company; Chancellor's wreck and death; Muscovite Ambassador saved; his entry into London; Cabot's opinion of liars; his business orders to the agents; successful management of the Company; large increase of trade. Other expeditions. The old man jubilant, gives large alms to the poor that they may pray for the sailors ; his pious commendations of them to God. Dark days under Mary; Philip of Spain lands; Cabot loses half his pension; gets a questionable partner in his office; antecedents of Worthington; Cabot's maps and charts; Hakluyt not able to get a fight of them; missing ever since; are they in Spain now? Death-bed ; says he has infallible method of difcovering the longitude. Is it the Celestial? Summary of his life and character


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