Pioneer Priests of North America, 1642-1710, Volumen1

Fordham University Press, 1908

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Página 213 - ... our Rum doth as little hurt as your Brandy and in the opinion of Christians is much more wholesome : however to keep the Indians temperate and sober is a very, good and Christian performance but to prohibit them all strong liquors...
Página 121 - the whole ceremony was closed with a fine bonfire which was lighted toward evening and around which the Te Deum was sung to thank God, on behalf of these poor people, that they were now the subjects of so great and powerful a monarch.
Página 121 - Mississaquenk, although the distance exceeds twenty leagues. When he attacks, he is more terrible than the thunder; the earth trembles, the air and the sea are set on fire by the discharge of his Cannon; while he has been seen amid his squadrons, all covered with the blood of his foes, of whom he has slain so many with his sword that he does not count their scalps, but the rivers of blood which he sets flowing.
Página 122 - The fourth remark concerns a very great and important advantage, which perhaps will hardly be believed. It is that we could go with facility to Florida in a bark, and by very easy navigation. It would only be necessary to make a canal by cutting through but half a league of prairie, to pass from the foot of the lake of the Illinois to the River Saint Louis.
Página 80 - The River continues to increase in width and forms a lake, pleasant to the sight, and eight or ten leagues in length. In the evening, a swarm of troublesome mosquitoes gave us warning of rain, which drenched us all night long. It is a pleasure, sweet and innocent beyond conception, to have, under these conditions, no shelter but the trees planted by nature since the creation of the world. "The 2Oth. We...
Página 10 - Garnier, the fervor of his mind sustairied him through exertions of which . he seemed physically incapable. Of the rest of that company little has come down to us but the bare record of their missionary toils ; and we may ask in vain what youthful enthusiasm, what broken hope or faded dream, turned...
Página 192 - Agnie, who, on his way to Quebec for the purpose of negotiating some important affairs, was drowned while crossing a large bay, where he was surprised by a storm.
Página 133 - As one approaches nearer to the country of the Cats [te, the Eries], one finds heavy and thick water, which ignites like brandy, and boils up in bubbles of flame when fire is applied to it. It is moreover so oily that all our savages use it to anoint and grease their heads and their bodies.
Página 99 - On the last day of August, 1662, the Father made his appearance in a canoe below the Falls of St. Louis, having around him all the happy rescued ones and a score of Onondagas who from being enemies had become their boatmen. They landed amid the cheers and embraces of all the French of Montreal, and, following Father Le Moyne, proceeded to the church to thank God.
Página 39 - Christianity than has ever been seen since the time of the Apostles; men whose lives and sufferings reveal a story more touching and pathetic than anything in the records of our country, and whose names should ever be kept in grateful remembrance ; stern, highwrought men who might have stood high in court or camp, and who could contrast their desolate state in the lowly wigwam with the refinement and affluence that waited on them in their earlier years, but who had given up home and love of kindred...

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