What Shall I Do with My Money? Or, Thoughts about Safe Investments

Washbourne and Company, 1858 - 80 páginas

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Página 79 - Sheet shall be made up, which shall exhibit a true Statement of the Capital Stock, Credits, and Property of every Description belonging to the Company, and the Debts due by the Company at the Date of making such Balance Sheet, and a distinct View of the Profit or Loss...
Página 78 - ... or information from the directors, whether such explanations or information have been given by the directors, and whether they have been satisfactory ; and such report shall be read, together with the report of the directors, at the ordinary meeting.
Página 50 - ... useful observations of the soil, plants, animals, and inhabitants, with their several sorts and^ properties, must necessarily escape him ; and it is seldom men ever discover the rich mines, without some digging. Nature commonly lodges her treasure and jewels in rocky ground.
Página 76 - It shall be lawful for the company, if they think fit, unless it be otherwise provided by the special act, to raise the additional sum so authorized to be borrowed, or any part thereof, by creating new shares of the company, instead of borrowing the same, or having borrowed the same, to continue at interest only...
Página 73 - An Act for consolidating in one Act certain Provisions usually inserted in Acts authorizing the taking of Lands for Undertakings of a Public Nature ;' and ' An Act for consolidating in one Act certain Provisions usually inserted in Acts authorizing the making of Railways.
Página 7 - Believe not much them that seem to despise riches, for they despise them that despair of them; and none worse when they come to them. Be not pennywise; riches have wings, and sometimes they fly away of themselves, sometimes they must be set flying to bring in more.
Página 77 - ... the prescribed period, or, if no period be prescribed, not less than forty-eight hours before the time appointed for holding the meeting at which such proxy is to be used.
Página 79 - ... shall be made up, which shall exhibit a true statement of the capital stock, credits, and property of every description belonging to the company, and the debts due by the company, at the date of making such...
Página 41 - ... be inserted a clause providing that the granting of such preference or priority shall not prejudice or affect any preference or priority in the payment of interest or dividends on any other shares or stock which shall have been granted by the company in pursuance of or which may have been confirmed by any previous Act of Parliament, or which may otherwise be lawfully subsisting, unless the committee on the bill shall report that such provision ought not to be required, with the reasons on which...
Página 76 - If at the time of such augmentation of capital taking place the existing shares be not at a premium, then such new shares may be of such amount, and may be issned in such manner and on such terms as the company shall think fit.

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