The History of Political Parties in the State of New-York: From the Ratification of the Federal Constitution to December, 1840...

C. Van Benthuysen, 1842

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Página 6 - Congress it is expedient that on the second Monday in May next a Convention of delegates who shall have been appointed by the several States be held at Philadelphia for the sole and express purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation and reporting to Congress and the several legislatures such alterations and provisions therein as shall when agreed to in Congress and confirmed by the States render the Federal Constitution adequate to the exigencies of Government and the preservation of the Union.
Página 14 - The highest toned propositions, which I made in the convention, were for a president, senate, and judges during good behavior — a house of representatives for three years. Though I would have enlarged the legislative power of the general government, yet I never contemplated the abolition of the state governments ; but, on the contrary, they were, in some particulars, constituent parts of my plan.
Página 145 - ... crisis. They ought not to hinder the taking of a legal and constitutional step to prevent an atheist in religion and a fanatic in politics from getting possession of the helm of state.
Página 14 - States were in favor of it ; among these, Virginia ; and though, from the manner of voting by delegations, individuals were not distinguished, it was morally certain, from the known situation of the Virginia members (six in number, two of them, Mason and Randolph, professing popular doctrines), that Madison must have concurred in the vote of Virginia — thus, if I sinned against republicanism, Mr. Madison was not less guilty.
Página 385 - States, such measures as they may deem expedient; and also, to take measures, if they shall think proper, for procuring a convention of delegates from all the United States, in order to revise the constitution thereof, and more effectually to secure the support and attachment of all the people, by placing all upon the 'basis of fair representation.
Página 254 - No; I would as soon have thought of taking possession of the moon, and informing my friends that I intended to divide it among them.
Página 23 - Felonies committed on the High Seas ; and in all other Cases to which the Judicial Power of the United States...
Página 216 - ... or hereafter may be appropriated, as a permanent fund for the support of common schools, as may be by law required of him; to give information to the legislature respecting all matters referred to him by either branch thereof, or which...
Página 149 - ... he is a man of an imagination sublimated and eccentric ; propitious neither to the regular display of sound judgment, nor to steady perseverance in a systematic plan of conduct ; and...
Página 425 - An act to provide for the improvement of the internal navigation of this State...

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