Chimneys for Furnaces

D. Van Nostrand, 1883 - 104 páginas

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Página 91 - Lowell Hydraulic Experiments: Being a selection from Experiments on Hydraulic Motors, on the Flow of Water over Weirs, in Open Canals of Uniform Rectangular Section, and through submerged Orifices and diverging Tubes. Made at Lowell, Massachusetts. Fourth edition, revised and enlarged, with many new experiments, and illustrated with twenty-three copperplate engravings.
Página 97 - Assistant. Embracing Lathe Work, Branch Work, Core Work, Sweep Work, and Practical Gear Constructions, the Preparation and Use of Tools, together with a large collection of useful and valuable Tables.
Página 87 - AXON, WEA The Mechanic's Friend. A Collection of Receipts and Practical -Suggestions relating to Aquaria, Bronzing, Cements, Drawing, Dyes, Electricity, Gilding, Glass-working, Glues, Horology, Lacquers, Locomotives, Magnetism, Metal-working, Modelling, Photography, Pyrotechny, Railways, Solders, Steam-Engine, Telegraphy, Taxidermy, Varnishes, Waterproofing, and Miscellaneous Tools, Instruments, Machines, and Processes connected with the Chemical and Mechanic Arts.
Página 100 - A Practical Treatise on the Examination of Milk and its Derivatives, Cream, Butter, and Cheese.
Página 93 - KIRKWOOD (JAS. P.) Report on the Filtration of River Waters for the supply of Cities, as practised in Europe, made to the Board of Water Commissioners of the City of St. Louis.
Página 96 - Introduction to Chemical Physics, designed for the use of Academies, Colleges, and High Schools. Illustrated with numerous engravings, and containing copious experiments with directions for preparing them.
Página 94 - Geometry are familiarly explained ; the Practical Problems are arranged, from the most simple to the more complex, and in their description technicalities are avoided as much as possible. With illustrations for Drawing Plans, Sections, and Elevations of Railways and Machinery ; an Introduction to Isometrical Drawing, and an Essay on Linear Perspective and Shadows.
Página 89 - CALDWELL, Prof. GEO. C., and BRENEMAN, Prof. AA Manual of Introductory Chemical Practice. For the use of Students in Colleges and Normal and High Schools. Third edition, revised and corrected. 8vo, cloth. Illustrated. New and enlarged edition $1.50 CAMPIN, FRANCIS.
Página 103 - No. 23. THE FATIGUE OF METALS UNDER REPEATED STRAINS. With various Tables of Results and Experiments. From the German of Prof. Ludwig Spangenburgh, with a Preface by SH Shreve, AM No.
Página 94 - McCULLOCH, Prof. RS Elementary Treatise on the Mechanical Theory of Heat, and its application to Air and Steam Engines.

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