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quod a nobis audivit de evangelio; bene spero de nostris sylvestribus christianis. horum enim beneficio (juvante Deo) patebit aditus Evangelio ejusq. lumen affulgebit ambulantibus in tenebris et umbra mortis.

Ad opus tam arduum opus est hoibus bonæ valetudinis, felicis memoriæ probatæq. virtutis. Sunt hic ubi jam degimus obviæ passim cruces (ut ita loquar) at illic tota nostrorum vita quos Spiritus sanctus ad suum opus segregavit tota crux erit. Quod de me futurum sit ignoro. Quod si me divina bonitas (nil sub meritum) tanti boni participem faciat, o me beatum! qui ad impleam in corpore meo quæ desunt passionum Christi. Interim sacris vestræ P. genibus advolvar a qua pusillus sacram benedictionem præstolabor.

A. R. in C. P.
humill. in D. fil.

JACOBUS BUTEUX In Residentia Conceptionis

ad 3 flumina.

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has come,- at least not a European herald.

- Some one of the barbarians may have conveyed to certain of these nations what he has heard of the gospel from us. I hope well of our Christian savages: for by their favor (God helping), entrance for the Gospel will be opened, and its light will shine upon them that walk in darkness and in the shadow of death.

For a work so arduous there is need of men of good health, excellent memory, and proved virtue. There are here where we have already lived, crosses everywhere at hand (so to speak), but there the whole of our life, of those whom the holy Ghost has set apart for his work,— will be one whole cross. What is to become of me, I know not. But if the divine goodness make me (not at all through my deserts) partaker of so great a good, -0 happy me! who shall fulfill in my body what sufferings are wanting to Christ. Meanwhile I am prostrate at your Paternity's sacred knees: whose holy blessing I shall humbly expect.

Very Reverend Father in Christ, your most humble son in the Lord,

JACQUES BUTEUX. At the Residence of the Conception

at 3 rivers.



For bibliographical particulars of this document, see Vol. XV.


Document XXXV. is a letter sent by Jerome Lalemant to Cardinal Richelieu, from the Huron country, wunder date of March 28, 1640. The original French MS. is in the archives of the minister of Foreign Affairs, in Paris. We follow the version given in Rochemonteix's Jésuites et la Nouvelle-France, vol. i., pp. 479-481.

Document XXXVI. is a Latin letter written to the Father General by Lalemant, also from the Huron country, under date of April 1. The original is in the archives of the Society. We follow Father Felix Martin's apograph thereof, made by him while in Europe in 1858, and now in the Archives of St. Mary's College, Montreal.

Document XXXVII. is also a Latin letter to the Father General, written by Jacques Buteux, at Three Rivers. It is undated, but internally bears evidence of having been sent in 1640. The original is in the Society's archives; we follow Father Martin's apograph, as above.

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