Social Progress: A Year Book and Encyclopedia of Economic, Industrial, Social and Religious Statistics

Josiah Strong, William Howe Tolman, William Dwight Porter Bliss
Baker and Taylor Company, 1905

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Página 185 - Such measures of relief as we may be able to force from capitalism are but a preparation of the workers to seize the whole powers of government, in order that they may thereby lay hold of the whole system of socialized industry and thus come to their rightful inheritance.
Página 184 - The chief significance of national boundaries, and of the so-called patriotisms which the ruling class of each nation is seeking to revive, is the power which these give to capitalism to keep the workers of the world from uniting, and to throw them against each other in the struggles of contending capitalist interests for the control of the yet unexploited markets of the world, or the remaining sources of profit.
Página 188 - All the powers and duties of the board of regents in relation to the supervision of elementary and secondary schools, including all schools, except colleges, technical and professional schools, are hereby devolved upon the commissioner of education.
Página 151 - Territories, a period of probation before absolute appointment, and the prohibition of the use of official authority to coerce the political action of any person or body.
Página 184 - ... and principles by which the liberty of the individual may become a fact ; as the only political organization that is democratic, and that has for its purpose the democratizing of the whole of society.
Página 184 - ... to a vote or voice in public affairs. By enacting new and misinterpreting old laws, they are preparing to attack the liberty of the individual even to speak or think for himself, or for the common good. By controlling all the sources of social revenue, the possessing class is able to silence what might be the voice of protest against the passing of liberty and the coming of tyranny. It completely controls the university and public school, the pulpit and the press, and the arts and literatures....
Página 97 - Over 2,000,000 working-men are unemployed from four to six months in the year. About 500,000 male immigrants arrive yearly and seek work in the very districts where unemployment is greatest. Nearly half of the families in the country are propertyless. Over 1,700,000 little children are forced to become wage-earners when they should still be in school. About 5,000,000 women find it necessary to work and about 2,000,000 are employed in factories, mills, etc. Probably no less than...
Página 185 - ... may not yet be clearly drawn, does not change the fact of the class conflict. This class struggle is due to the private ownership of the means of employment, or the tools of production. Wherever and whenever man owned his own land and tools, and by them produced only the things which he used, economic independence was possible. But production, or the making of goods, has long ceased to be individual. The labor of scores, or even thousands, enters into almost every article produced. Production...

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