Biographical, Literary, and Political Anecdotes, of Several of the Most Eminent Persons of the Present Age, Volumen2

T.N. Longman, and L.B. Seeley, 1797

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Página 190 - Britain can the consumption of foreign superfluities) our whole wealth centers finally amongst the merchants and inhabitants of Britain, and if we make them richer, and enable them better to pay their taxes, it is nearly the same as being taxed ourselves, and equally beneficial to the crown.
Página 132 - Crown to a tax is only necessary to clothe it with the form of a law. The gift and grant is of the Commons alone. In ancient days the Crown, the Barons, and the Clergy possessed the lands. In those days the Barons and the Clergy gave and granted to the Crown.
Página 165 - His inventions have prodigiously increased the number of persons employed in the potteries, and in the traffic and transport of their materials from distant parts of the kingdom : and this class of manufacturers is also indebted to him for much mechanical contrivance and arrangement in their operations ; his private manufactory having had, for thirty years and upwards, all the efficacy of a public work of experiment.
Página 132 - Taxation is no part of the governing or legislative power. The taxes are a voluntary gift and grant of the Commons alone. In legislation the three estates of the realm are alike concerned ; but the concurrence of the peers and the Crown to a tax is only necessary to clothe it with the form of a law. The gift and grant is of the Commons alone.
Página 24 - I lament to see it sunk even to prostitution. What a shame was it to see the security of this country. in point of military force, complimented away, contrary to the opinion of royalty itself, and sacrificed to the prejudices and to the ignorance of a set of people the most unfit, from every consideration, to be consulted on a matter relative to the security of the house of Hanover!
Página 333 - I know your great motive in coming hither was the hope of being Instrumental in a Reconciliation; and I believe, when you find that to be impossible on any Terms given you to propose, you will relinquish so odious a Command, and return to a more honourable private Station.
Página 329 - ... for you (I mean the British nation) to forgive the people you have so heavily injured. You can never confide again in those as...
Página 192 - LETTER to the same, on the Subject of uniting the Colonies more intimately with Great Britain, by allouiing them Pcpresentatives in Parliament. SIR, Boston, Dec. 22, 1754. SINCE the conversation your excellency was pleased to honour me with, on the subject of uniting the colonies more intimately with Great Britain, by allowing them representatives in parliament...
Página 331 - Her fondness for conquest, as a warlike nation, her lust of dominion, as an ambitious one, and her...
Página 332 - ... to me it seems that neither the obtaining nor retaining any trade, how valuable soever, is an object for which men may justly spill each other's blood ; that the true and sure means of extending and securing commerce, are the goodness and cheapness of commodities; and that the profits of no trade can ever be equal to the expence of compelling it, and holding it by fleets and armies.

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