The Youth of Shakspeare, Volumen3


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Página 89 - Tell fortune of her blindness; Tell nature of decay; Tell friendship of unkindness ; Tell justice of delay; And if they will reply, Then give them all the lie.
Página 3 - Are forced to express our violent passions In riddles and in dreams, and leave the path Of simple virtue, which was never made To seem the thing it is not. Go, go brag You have left me heartless; mine is in your bosom: I hope 'twill multiply love there. You do tremble : Make not your heart so dead a piece of flesh, To fear more than to love me. Sir, be confident : What is 't distracts you?
Página 104 - I have unclasp'd my burden'd soul, Emptied the storehouse of my thoughts and heart, Made myself poor of secrets ; have not left Another word untold, which hath not spoke All what I ever durst, or think, or know ; And yet is here the comfort I shall have ? Must I not do what all men else may, — love ? Friar.
Página 176 - Tis a deed of darkness. Exit. Bos. He's much distracted. Off, my painted honour! While with vain hopes our faculties we tire, We seem to sweat in ice and freeze in fire. What would I do, were this to do again ? I would not change my peace of conscience For all the wealth of Europe. — She stirs; here's life: — Return, fair soul, from darkness, and lead mine Out of this sensible hell: — she's warm, she breathes: — Upon thy pale lips I will melt my heart, To store them with fresh colour.
Página 3 - Be not deceiv'd, my brother, This banquet is an harbinger of death To you and me ; resolve yourself it is, And be prepared to welcome it.
Página 159 - Though the winter have begun To benumb our arteries, Shall not want the summer's sun. Welcome, welcome, &c. Love, that still may see your cheeks, Where all rareness still reposes, Is a fool if e'er he seeks Other lilies, other roses.
Página 176 - Helpe, Sathanas and Lucifier, Bellsabube, bolde Balacher, Ragnell, Ragnell, thou arte my deare, Nowe fare I wounder evill. Alas ! alas ! wher is my power ! Alas ! my witte is in a were ; Nowe bodye and soule bouth in feare, And all goeth to the devill.
Página 53 - The king is young, and if he step awry, He may amend, and I will love him still. Should we disdain our vines, because they sprout Before their time ? or young men, if they strain Beyond their reach? No; vines that bloom and spread, Do promise fruits, and young men that are wild, In age grow wise.
Página 159 - When yet th' unborn shall say, Lo where she lies, Whose beauty made him speak that else was dumb. These are the arks, the trophies I erect, That fortify thy name against old age; And these thy sacred virtues must protect Against the dark and time's consuming rage. Though th' error of my youth in them appear, Suffice, they show I lived and loved thee dear.
Página 146 - If you see me not this day by God's grace serve my prince with a valiant and faithful courage, account me for ever a coward, and if need be I will die by you in friendship2.

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