The Canadian Journal of Industry, Science and Art, Volumen8

Canadian Institute., 1863
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Página 101 - When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained; What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him? For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour. Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands ; thou hast put all things under his feet...
Página 366 - Fig. 1), covered with short spreading tufts of white hairs, with a row of eight black tufts on the back, and two long, slender, black pencils on the fourth and on the tenth ring. The tufts along the top of the back converge on each side, so as to form a kind of ridge or crest ; and the warts, from which these tufts proceed, are oblong-oval and transverse, while the other warts on the . body are round. The hairs on the fore part of the body are much longer than the rest, and hang over the head; the...
Página 467 - MEMOIR OF GEORGE WILSON, MD, FRSE, Regius Professor of Technology in the University of Edinburgh. By his SISTER. New Edition.
Página 388 - On the Origin of Species ; or, The Causes of the Phenomena of Organic Nature.
Página 117 - ... intrusions of acid plutonic rock break Intrusive through the gneisses, one in the south-western and the other in the north-eastern corner of the area. The former, which was examined many years ago by Sir William Logan, is referred to by him as follows : — "This mass of intrusive syenite occupies an area of about thirty-six square miles in the townships of Grenville, Chatham and Wentworth. In its lithological character the rock is very uniform, being composed for the most part of orthoclase,...
Página 152 - I at first found it difficult to conceive that the original rounded skull of the Indian could be changed into this fantastic form ; and was led to suppose that the latter was an artificial elongation of a head remarkable for its length and narrowness. I even supposed that the long-headed Peruvians were a more ancient people than the Inca tribes, and distinguished from them 03- their cranial configuration.
Página 141 - ... the Race of Man," as very much resembling that of Constantine Demetriades, a. Greek native of Corfu, and long a teacher of the modern Greek language at Oxford, as engraved in Dr. Prichard's Researches. Its cranial characteristics are thus defined in the Catalogue of the Mortonian Collection : (No. 1354,) "The calvarial region is well developed, the frontal line expansive and prominent, the facial line departs but slightly from the perpendicular.
Página 72 - ... from fluids, and afterwards, in great measure, are turned into dry earth by putrefaction; and a sort of slime is always found to settle at the bottom of putrefied fluids; and hence it is that the bulk of the solid earth is continually increased; and the fluids, if they are not supplied from without, must be in a continual decrease, and quite fail at last.
Página 126 - ... much as the parietal and occipital bones. On this account, great as is the amount of flattening in this remarkable skull, it is probably due solely to the undesigned pressure of the cradle-board acting on a head of markedly brachycephalic proportions and great natural posterior breadth. The forehead is fully arched, the glabella prominent, and the whole character of the frontal bone is essentially different from the Indian type. The sutures are very much ossified, and even to some extent obliterated....
Página 129 - Slight as this elevation was, it had proved sufficient to prevent the lodgement of water ; and hence the cist was found perfectly free from damp. Within this, a male skeleton lay on its left side. The arms appeared to have been folded over the breast, and the knees drawn up so as to touch the elbows. The head had been supported by a flat water-worn stone for its pillow ; but from this it had fallen to the bottom of the cist, on its being detached by the decomposition of the fleshly ligatures ; and,...

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