The Laws for the Government of the Massachusetts Militia: As Amended by Chapter 266,Acts of 1867,and Chapter 284,Acts of 1868

Wright and Potter, 1868 - 92 páginas

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Página 86 - required to give evidence thereof, as a witness, by a court of justice, in due course of law; nor divulge the sentence of the court to any but the proper authority, until it shall be duly disclosed by the same : So help you, God," Proceedings Art. 66. When a prisoner, arraigned before a
Página 74 - him, being in the execution of his office, on any pretence whatsoever, or shall disobey any lawful command of his superior officer, shall suffer death, or such other punishment as shall, according to the nature of his offence, be inflicted upon him by the sentence of a court-martial.
Página 79 - order to obtain justice ; who is hereby required to examine into said complaint, and take proper measures for redressing the wrong complained of, and transmit, as soon as' possible to the adjutant-general a true state of such complaint, with the proceedings had thereon. Art.
Página 86 - due course of law : So help you, God." And as soon as the said oath shall have been administered to the respective members, the president of the court shall administer to the judge-advocate, or person officiating as such, an oath in the following words : judge.
Página 90 - do swear that you will, according to your best abilities, accurately and impartially record the proceedings of the court, and the evidence to be given in the case in hearing: So help you, God." • Witnesses. The witnesses shall take the same oath as witnesses sworn before a court-martial. Effects of de- Art. 90. When any commissioned officer shall die or
Página 76 - an exact return of the regiment, troop, independent company, or garrison, under his command, specifying the names of the officers then absent from their posts, with the reasons for and the time of their absence. And any officer who shall be convicted of having, through neglect or design, omitted
Página 90 - The judge-advocate or recorder shall administer to the members the following oath: " You shall well and truly examine and inquire, according to your evidence, into the matter now before you, without partiality, favor, affection, prejudice, or hope of reward: So help you, God.
Página 78 - or for his private advantage, lay any duty or imposition upon, or be interested in, the sale of any victuals, liquors, or other necessaries of life, brought into the garrison, fort or barracks for the use of the soldiers, on the penalty of being discharged from the service.
Página 83 - ymy, either directly or indirectly, shall suffer death, or such other punishment as shall be ordered by the sentence of a court-martial. Art. 55. All public stores taken by the forces in the Public stores service of this Commonwealth, in the enemy's camp,
Página 76 - deserter. shall not, after his being discovered to be a deserter, immediately confine him, and give notice thereof to the corps in which he last served, the said officer shall, by a court-martial, be cashiered. Advising Art. 20. Any officer or soldier who shall be

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