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THE principal use of this Dictionary, is to assist the learner in making out formulas, for statistical and other subjects. It has been seen in the first part of this work, how easily those subjects are learned that have the formulas made out for them. With this Dictionary the learner can very readily make out formulas for any subjects that require them. It will be observed that the words in the Dictionary are arranged according to the numbers they represent; all the words which represent number 1, being first, and so on in the order of the numbers. Now, suppose we wish to make a formula for the “Retreat of the Ten thousand Greeks under Xenophon,—the first event on page 30, of the first part of this work. We see that the event took place in the year 401. Now we turn to the number 401, in the Dictionary. Among other words we find the word “rest,” and as that can be readily connected with the subject, we make the formula which you see, on page 36; the 7th formula from the top.

Suppose we wish to make a formula, or, as we say Mnemonize the event of Tea being first brought from China, in the year 1601. We turn to the number 1601, and find, among others, the word “tea-chest,” which we use. See the formula, on page 96. If the event is in Modern Time ;—like the Batlle of Bosworth Field, 1485;—and we do not find a word that suits us that represents 1485, we may perhaps get one for 485, which will do as well; for, in formulas for modern dates, if the first figure (the figure 1,) is not represented, we imagine it. For the Battle

page 115.

of Bosworth Field, we use the word Rifle. See the formula, os

It will sometimes be convenient to use one of the zero words," or a word that represents a zero or cipher first, like the word “Scarf,(representing 0748,) which stands for the date that Handkerchiefs were first made at Paisley, 1748. See page 99. We use this, because it is a better word than any we can find that represents 1748, or 748.

It, however, most frequently happened, that we can combine two words, that will make a better formula than any one word which we have. As an example, we have no good word for 1705, nor for 705, to show when Wafers were first made ; and so we take the word seal for 05, and thick for 17, and have “ Thick Seal,” which represents 1705. See page 98, near the bottom. An almost endless variety of words can be found, to combine and make formulas. Suppose we wish two words for the date 1841. We can have one for 18, and one for 41; or one for 8, and one for 41, or one for 84, and one for 1.

Let the learner remember, that the best words for formulas are nouns,-names of things-or if two words are used, the first should generally be an adjective, and the last a noun. Such formulas are the easiest to remember. Some other words, however, can sometimes be used with advantage. A little practice will make the constructing of formulas very easy, and it will be found a very profitable and agreeable exercise. The Dictionary will also be convenient to assist us in getting Homophonic Analogies, or rhymes for words. As an example, if we want a Homophonic for “ Byron,we translate it, and find that it stands for 942; and on turning to that number, we find among others, the word Baron, which we use. See page 175. These few examples will show the learner how this Dictionary is to be used. The learner should have a manuscript book in which original formulas should be written, for such subjects, events, and facts, as are not Mnemonized in this volume. The directions for composing formulas for Historical Events, will apply equally well to Gean graphical, Astronomical, or other subjects.




1-Ada, Dee, Haidee, Ida, Tay. sow, sue, sway, use, ways, whiz,

Add, adieu, ado, ahead, aid, wise, woes, yes.
aught, await, awed, daw, day,
dew, dewy, dey, die, do, doe, 00—Isis

, Sioux, Suez, Swiss. Aces, dough, due, dye, eat, eddy,

essays, ice-house, ices, oasis, 08eight, eighty, eyed, hat, hate,

seous, sauce, saucy, saws, seas, head, headway, heat, heath,

see-saw, seize, sighs, size, souse, heathy, heed, height, hewed, heyday, hid, hide, hit, hod, hood, 000—Ice-houses, sauces, see-saws, hoot, hot, hut, idea, iota, it, oat, sizes. oath, odd, ought, tea, thaw, 2—Hun, Ionia, Ney, Noah. Anthee, they, thigh, tie, toe, too, noy, any, ennui, gnu, hen, hewn, tow, toy, two, wad, wade, wait, hone, honey, hyena, inn, knee, wed, weed, weedy, weighed, knew, know, new, nigh, no, weight, weighty, wet, wheat, now, one, own, wain, wan, wane, white, wide, widow, wight, wit,

wean, wen, when, whine, win, withe, withy, witty, woad, wood, wine, winnow, yawn, yon. woody, yacht, youth.

02-Seine, Sinai, Zeno, Zion. 01-Scioto, Scythia, Swede. Acid, aside, assayed, cede, cit, cite,

Assignee, hyson, sane, scene, city, east, essayed, eye-sight,

scion, sea-hen, seen, seine, senhast, haste, hasty, highest, hoist,

na, sign, sin, sinew, sinewy, host, iced, sad, said, sat, sate,

snow, snowy, son, soon, sown, sawed, scythe, seat, sea-weed,

sun, sunny, swain, swan, swine, seed, seedy, set, settee, sewed,

swoon, zany, zone. side, sight, sit, site, sod, soda, 002—Susan. Assassin, season. soot, soothe, sooty, sot, sought, 3—Emma, Ham, May, Omoo. south, sowed, stay, stew, stow,

Aim, emu, ham, hame, haulm, sty, sued, suet, suit, suite,

hay-mow, hem, him, home, hoswath, swayed, sweat, sweet,

mo, hum, hymn, maw, may, used, waist, wast, waste, wayside, west, whist, yeast, yeasty.

me, mew, mow, mue, my, whim, 001-Assessed, assist, essayist, 03—Siam, Zama. Assume, asthsea-side, seized, society, zest.

ma, psalm, same, seam, sea-mew, 0_Scio. Ace, assay, ease, easy, seem, some, somehow, sum, essay, eyes, hawse, haze, hazy,

swim, woesome. high-ways, hiss, hoes, hose, house, hussy, huzza, ice, icy,

003—Schism, sesame. ooze, saw, sea, see, sew, sigh, so, 14-Ayr, Erie, Harrow. Air, airy,

whom, yam

area, array,arrow, arrowy, aware, hedge, hitch, huge, hush, issue, awry, ear, era, ere, err, ewer, jaw, jay, joy, she, shew, shoe, eyry, hair, hairy, hare, harrow, show, showy, shy, wage, wash, hear, heir, her, here, hero, washy, watch, wish, witch, hewer, higher, hire, hoary, how- which are-you ? hour, houri, hurrah, 06– Assuage, sage, sash, sedge, hurry, ire, oar, ore, our, raw,

sedgy, siege, swash, usage. ray, roe, row, rue, rye, war, ware, wary, wear, weary, weigher, | 7Hague, Iago, Weehawk. Ache, were,where,wherry, whurr, wire, ago, ague, awake, awoke, cou, wiry, wooer, wore, worry, wry,

cow, coy, echo, egg, gay, go, yarrow, year, yore, your.

hack, hag, hang, hawk, hewing, 04–Ezra, Syria, Zahara, Zoar.

hock, hoeing, hog, hook, hug,

key, oak, owing, quay, queue, Assayer, cere, czar, eyesore, hawser, hussar, sawyer, sea

wag, wake, walk, weak, week, hare, soar, seer, sewer, sigher,

weighing, whack, whig, wick, sir, sire, sirrah, soar, sore,

wig, wing, wooing, yoke, young. sorrow, sorry, sower, swear, 07Oswego, Psyche, Skye. Ask, swore, user, zero.

assaying, easing, essaying, his004—Cæsar, Cicero. Assessor,

sing, housing, husk, husky,

icing, oozing, sack, sago, sake, saucer, seizer, sizer, yes-sir.

saying, scow, sea-cow, seek, 5-Allah, Alloway, Hell, Hoyle, sewing, sick, sing, sky, soak, Hull, Lehigh, Leo, Yale. Ail

, sock, soggy, song, sowing, swing, aisle, ale, all, allay, alley, allow, whisk, whiskey, whizzing. alloy, ally, aloe, awl, eel, ell

, 007—Assessing, sea-sick, seizing, hail, hale, hall, halloo, halo, haul, heal, heel, hill, hilly, hole,

sizing hollow, holly, holy, howi, hull

, 8-Ave, avow, eve, fay, fee, few, ill, isle, law, lay, lea, lee, lee- fie, foe, half, half-way, halve, way, lie, lieu, lo, loo, low, lye,

have, heave, heavy, hive, hoof, oil, oily, olio, owl, wail, wall


hove, huff, ivy, off, view, vow, wallow, weal, well, whale, wheel,

waif, wave, wavy, weave, whiff, while, whole, wholly, wile, will,

wife, woof, wove. willow, wily, wool, woolly, yawl, 08—Sappho. Eye-salve, houseyell, yellow.

wife, ossify, safe, salve, save, 05–Saul, Siloa, Suli, Sully, Sylla.

sea-wave, sieve, sofa. Assail

, cell, easel, easily, házel, 008-Sea-of-Azoph. Suasive. ice-isle, sail, sale, sallow, sally, 9—Hebe, Oby, Po, Webb. Abbe, sea-eel, sea-holly, seal, sea-owl, abbey, ape, bay, bayou, be, beau, seel, sell, slay, sleigh, slew, sloe, bee, bey, boa, bohea, bough, slow, sly, sill, silly, soil

, sol, sole, bow, bowow, boy, buoy, buy, solo, soul, sully, swale, swallow, byway, ebb, hap, happy, hautswell, wassail, weasel, wisely, boy, heap, highway-boy, hip, zeal.

hobby, hoop, hoopoe, hop, hope, 005–Cecil, Cecilia, Sicily.

obey, ope, paw, pay, pea, pew, 6-Asia, Hygeia, Jehu, Jew. Age,

pie, powow, weep, whip, wipe. ash, ashy, chew, each, edge, 09-Æsop, Espy, Scipio. Asp, etch, hash, hatch, hatchway, espy, sap, sea-boy, sea-pie, se

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