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Any Money,

promised a man by his punctual debtor, ANEMONE.

gives him a pleasing Anticipation. Rum,

makes a man intoxicated, and gives ARUM.

him a look of Ferocity and Deceit. Bachelors,

usually have much BACHELOR'S BUTTON.

Hope in Love. A Psalm,

sung in a family circle, shows a pleasBALM.

ing state of

Social Intercourse. A Bee in an orchard, usually works with great BEE ORCHIS.

Industry. A Birh tree,

is noted for its BIRCH.

Gracefulness. Books,

are perused by scholars, with untiring Fox.

Constancy. A Camp of Roses, « would be a good resting place for CAMPION ROSE.

Love's Messenger. John Jacob Astor, was famed for his CHINA ASTER.

Love of Variety. Cleopatra,

was distinguished for CLEMATIS.

Mental Beauty. Columbus,

after discovering America, deserved betCOLUMBINE. ter treatment than

Desertion. Cypress Moss,

dresses the southern forests in & garb CYPRESS. of

Mourning. A Dandy is a sort of Lion, who is sometimes caught in the snares DANDELION. of

Coquetry. Everlasting,

is the love of those friends, who are EVERLASTING.

Always Remembered. Fair,

is that face that is young, and untouchFIR. ed by the wand of

Time. Forget me not,

is often repeated by friends, in parting FORGET-ME-NOT. from those for whom they feel True Love. A Fox with gloves on,

will play a game of FOXGLOVE.

Insincerity. A Kitchen,

A Fair Belle,

sometimes has cause for HAREBELL.

Grief. A Hawk,

is noted for HAWKWEED.

Quicksightedness. Old Hickory,has his name encircled with HICKORY.

Glory Holy,

were the inspired prophets, who were
gifted with

Foresight. Honey,

is a fit emblem of HONEY FLOWER.

Love sweet and secret. A Horse eats chestnuts, and thinks them a HORSE CHESTNUT.

Luxury A Nice Gallant, would please a young lady, much betICE PLANT. ter than

An Old Beau. The Irish,

are usually full of IRIS.

Compliments. is not a very agreeable place to those LICHEN who love.

Solitude The Magnolia tree, will inspire most persons with a MAGNOLIA.

Love of Nature. The shades of night, hide the deeds of those who indulge NIGHTSHADE.


Dark Thoughts. Notes,

are used in the science of Oats.

Music. The Olive branch, that Noah's dove brought to the Ark, OLIVE. was a token of

Peace. A Piano,

is not often played by a person in PEONY.

Anger. The Queen pockets, · her income, and buys fine things, beQUEEN'S ROCKET.

She will be fashionable. A Road in a den,

would be one of some RHODODENDRON.

Danger. The Sweet bee,

deposites his honey in the hive, and SWEET PEA. then takes his

Departure. Sycamore forests, are scenes of SYCAMORE.

Woodland Beauty. Tigers and Ladies, have dresses of real TIGER LILY.

Gaudiness. The Wine of the Grape, is often the cause of WILD GRAPE.



D. Cis.

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Value of Gold Coins, in U. S. Currency.

Arabian Coin,

1.20 Dobrao, Portugal,

34.00 Double Christiand'or, Denmark,

7.80 Double Frederickd'or, Prussia,

7.80 Double Sovereign, England,

9.67 Doubloon,

Mexico and South America, 15.50 Doubloon, . Spain,

15.60 Eagle, United States,

10.00 Five Gilders, Netherlands,

2.00 Five Roubles, Austria,

3.90 Five Sovereigns, England,

24.20 Five Thalers, Germany,

3.90 Forty Francs, France,

7.66 Forty Livres, . Italy,

7.66 Frederickd'or, Prussia,

3.90 Gold Crown, Portugal,

5.72 Gold Ducat, Belgium,

2.20 Guinea, England,

5.00 Half Eagle, United States, .

5.00 Half Imperial, Russia,

3.92 Half Joe, . Portugal and Brazil,

8.00 Half Sovereign, England,

2.41 Louisd'or, . France,

4.50 Moidore, Brazil,

4.87 Moidore, Portugal,

6.00 Quadruple Ducat, Austria,

8.80 Quarter Eagle, United States,

2.50 Sovereign, Austria,

6.50 Sovereign, England,

4.83 Ten Gilders, . Netherlands,

4.00 Ten Thalers, Germany,

7.80 Ten Scudi, Sardinia,

10.00 Twenty Francs, France,

3.83 Twenty Livres, Italy, .


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D. Cts.

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Value of Silver Coins, in U. S. Currency.

Portugal and Brazil,

0.50 Crown Thaler, Germany,

1.03 Dime, United States,

.10 Dollar, Bolivia and Popayan,

.90 Dollar, Mexico and Peru,

1.00 Dollar, . United States,

1.00 Double Gilder, Germany,

.72 Double Thaler, Germany,

1.32 Five Francs,

France, Florin, Germany,

.44 Florin, Italy,

.20 Franc, . France,

.17 Gilder,

Germany and Netherlands, .36 Half Crown, France,

.50 Livre, Italy and Sardinia,

.17 Medio, . Spain,

.06 Real, Spain and Mexico,

.12 Rix Dollar, Germany,

1.02 Rix Dollar, Netherlands,

.96 Rouble, Russia, .

.75 Scudo,

Italy, Shilling, England,

.23 Silver Crown, England,

1.12 Silver Crown, France, .

1.07 Silver Ducat, Naples,

.74 Silver Penny, England,

.02 Six Grotes, Germany,

.04 Sixpence, England,

.11 Six Stivers, Netherlands,

.12 Sixty Skillings, Switzerland,

1.00 Tenpence, Ireland,

.11 Ten Schillings, Denmark,

.15 Thaler, Germany,

.66 Twenty-five Centimes, Netherlands,



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Arabian Coins, are not used by the

Door Plates, are sometimes seen on

A Moor's Houses. Troubled Christians, sometimes seek safety in DOUBLE CHRISTIAND'OR.

Caves. The Troubles of Frederick, were discussed, in DOUBLE FREDERICKD'OR.

A Coffee-house. A Troubled Sovereign, might be jostled from his throne, DOUBLE SOVEREIGN. by

Pushing Doubloons in Mexico, are not as plenty as DOUBLOON OF MEXICO.

White Lilies. The Doubloons of Spain, cannot be very DOUBLOON OF SPAIN.

Delicious. The United States Eagles, are of Eagle.

Two Sizes. Fine Gilding, - is seen in many Five GILDERS.

New Houses. Five Rebels,

could easily FIVE ROUBLES.

Mob a House. Five Sovereigns, - one throne, would be worse Five SOVEREIGNS. than

No Reigns. Five Tailors, could hardly defeat that number Five THALERS.

Mobs. Forty Frenchmen, would be a match for FORTY FRANCS.

A Gay Judge. Forty Lives, would be desired by FORTY LIVRES.

A Sick Judge. Frederick's Wars, are represented on FREDERICKD'OR.

Maps. A Golden Crown, is worn by many GOLD CROWN.

A Tall Queen



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