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A Clean Turf, is not seen during

A Dusty Year. Haste,

is used by HASTINGS.

A Hasty and Wise Judge. Asking a Loan,

will enable one to pay ASCALON.

A Debt of a Penny. A Bow of Vines, - would not be a very fatal instru. BOUVINES. ment for

A Hunter. Eve's hand,

was never adorned with EVESHAM.

A New Jewel. At the Fall of a Church, people do not FALKIRK.

Know how to Behave. A Banner is burned, during BANNOCKBURN.

A Mighty War. Town Talk,

furnishes gossip for every DUNDALK.

Maid and Wife. A Hollow in a Hill, would make HALIDON HILL.

A Tomb for a Mummy. Cresses,

usually grow in CRESSY.

A Wet Marsh. A Coal-house, has coals enough to make CALAIS.

A Mark. Pointers,

are not as good fighters as POICTERS.

Militia. An Otter,

is an animal that can not play on OTTERBURN.

A Home Fife. An Anchor,

will sink in ANGORA.

Water or Snow. Blue Berries, - grow near many SHREWSBURY.

A Rosy Home. An Agitated Court, expounds AGINCOURT.

A Worthy Law


is a redder color than VERNEUIL.

Iron-ore. At the Siege of Orleans, the soldiers fought with SIEGE OF ORLEANS.

An Iron Bow A Pewter Tray,

is not the color of PATRAY.

A Rainbow. Seven Oak Trees,

would make a good many SEVEN OAKS.

Rails. Constantinople could not be taken, if the walls were laid CONSTANTINOPLE TAKEN.

in Water-lime. Alban Saints,

are sometimes SAINT ALBANS.

Wretched. A Tower,

is often the scene of TowToN.

A Tragedy. Hector,

was a soldier who captured HEXHAM.

A War Gem. A Baronet, is not a title for those who dress BARNET.

Ragged. A Duke's Ferry, • is a good TEWKSBURY.

Water Guide. Murat,

was a Marshal of France, who MORAT.

rode on

A War Coach. A Battle field is a place where there is many BOSWORTH FIELD.

A Rifle. A Raven,

is a bird that eats locusts and RAVENNA.

Wild Honey. A Flood in a Field, does not take place, during FLODDEN FIELD.

A Low Time. A Marrying Man, usually obeys MARIGNAN.

A Lady's Will. Pavement,

is often seen on PAVIA.

A Low Knoll. Solway Moss, makes an agreeable bed for SOLWAY Moss.

A Tall Heron. A Squinting Saint, has eyes that are not SAINT QUINTIN.

At All Alike.

A Pantry,

is found in every LEPANTO.

Log Hut Spanish Arms, are more fatal than SPANISH ARMADA, DEFEATED.

A Bollow Fife. Ivy,

is a vine, that resembles IVRY.

Tall Hops. Love-sickness, in the days of Gustavus Adolphus, LEIPSIC.

did not often trouble A Dutch Maid. The Lustre, of Gustavus Adolphus, is not seen LUTZEN.

in the trappings of A Showman A Norwegian, is as wise as NORDLINGEN.

A Dutch Homer. The Edge of a Hill, is a good place to have EDGEHILL.

A Journey. A Marsh and a Moor, sound like MARSTON MOOR.

A Dash and a Roar. A Lazy Boy, is often NASEBY.

Cheerly. Dun Bears, are not often shut up in DUNBAR.

Jails. Worsted,

makes good clothing for WORCESTER.

A Child Boston Bridge, is often crossed by BOTHWELL BRIG.

A Showy Cab. A Little Crank, is not often turned by KILLIKRANKIE.

A Dashy Fop. Bones,

look like BOYNE.

Chips. A Hog,

is usually confined in LA HOGUE.

A Huge Pen Norval,

rather reside on the Grampian NARVA. hills, than go to

Texas. A Planet,

in a clear night, gratifies the sight BLENHEIM. of

A Gazer. An old Guard, can conquer every OUDENARDE.

Gassy Foe.


is a pretty good rhyme for PULTOWA.

Ox-bow. A Mail Packet, carries many letters of MALPLAQUET.

Gossip. A Moorish Sheriff, often behaves very SHERIFFMUIR.

Wickedly. A Beaten Warrior, often returns for PETERWARDIN.

A Gay Attack. A Great Bell, when it rings, says BELGRADE.

Ding Dong. Dirty Gin, - is about as good drink as DETTINGEN.

Thick Rum. A Funny Boy, admires every pretty FONTENOY.

Girl Pressing Pans, are used in cooking PRESTON PANS.

Gruel. Clothing,

is worn in different styles by the CULLODEN.

Gay and Rich. The Battle of Minden, was fought during the career MINDEN. of Baron

De Kalb. A Cunning Dwarf, will approach a giant and hit him KUNNERSDORF.

A Clip Flowers,

are handsomer than FLEURUS..

An Oak Berry. A Bragger, is not usually worth PRAGA.

A Copper. A Mountain Goat, likes to feed on MONTENOTTE.

A Cabbage. An Old Bridge, is often built of logs of Lodi's BRIDGE.

Thick Beech. Hard Coal,

will burn better than a tree of ARCOLA.

Thick Beech. A River,

often runs through Rivoli.

A Thick Bog. Pyramids, - would look well to hungry men, PYRAMIDS.

if made of A Steak of Beef.

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A Nail,

is not as good to eat as NILE.

A Steak of Beef A Broker,

can exchange money to better ad. ABOUKIR.

vantage than

A Weak Baby. A Jury,

should never have among them ZURICH.

A Gay Booby. A Mountain Bell, speaks louder than many MONTEBELLO.

Voices. A Mariner,

likes to live on the MARENGO.

Waves of the Sea. The Sea at Genoa, is like other SIEGE OF GENOA.

Heavy Seas. An Old Linden, is good timber to use in building HOHENLINDEN.

Edifices. An Elk,

can fly nearly as fast as ELCHINGEN.

A Dove or a Swallow. A Traveller, frequently travels on TRAFALGAR.

A Vessel. The Austrians, were attacked by Napoleon, with AUSTERLITZ.

A Fusil. A Maiden,

sometimes becomes the MAIDA.

Wife of a Sage. A Chain,

is often used in JENA.

A Heavy Siege. An Oyster,

is usually found where the AUERSTADT.

Waves Wash. Ale,

or strong beer, is a kind of EYLAU.

Heavy Sack A Free Man, - rather than be a slave, would be FRIEDLAND.

Half Sick. A Royal Sea-coast, is a place where men Rio Seco.

Dive in the Sea-wave. A Vine,

would make a good VIMEIRA.

Ivy Sieve. A Cow running, • will often CORUNNA.

Face a Boy.

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