The Heroine: Or, Adventures of a Fair Romance Reader, Volumen2


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Página 189 - On the demise of a person of eminence, it is confidently averred that he had a hand "open as day to melting charity," and that "take him for all in all, we ne'er shall look upon his like again.
Página 88 - I chaneed to break. The mangled insect, ill deserving bane, Falls in the hollow of a lily new. My tears drop after it, but drop in vain . The cup, embalmed with azure airs and dew, And flowery dust and grains of fragrant seed, Can ne'er revive it from the fatal deed. So guileless nymphs attract some traitorotis eye, So by the spoiler crashed, reject all joy and die.
Página 151 - Tis thou, thrice sweet and gracious goddess, addressing myself to LIBERTY, whom all in public or in private worship, whose taste is grateful, and ever will be so, till NATURE herself shall change no tint of words can spot thy snowy mantle or...
Página 154 - ... eyes sunken in their sockets, yet 'retaining a portion of their youthful fire ; her frame emaciated, her voice feeble, her hand damp and chill. Fondly did I depict our meeting — our embrace; she gently pushing me from her, and baring my forehead, to gaze upon the lineaments of my countenance.
Página 76 - Says I, so you have lost mamma ? Ah! The little lamb, as I said so, Frisking about the field did go, And frisking, trod upon my toe ; Oh!
Página 170 - The stranger sipped, shook her head, and fainted. Her hair was long and dark, and the bed was ready; so since she seems in distress, we will leave her there awhile, lest we should betray an ignorance of the world in appearing not to know the proper time for deserting people. On the rocky summit of a beetling precipice, whose base was lashed by the angry Atlantic, stood a moated and turreted structure called II Castello di Grimgothico. As the northern tower had remained uninhabited since the death...
Página 55 - It was one of those heads which Guido has often painted — mild — pale — penetrating, free from all common-place ideas of fat contented ignorance looking downwards upon the earth — it look'd forwards; but look'd as if it look'd at something beyond this world.
Página 52 - ... Florence as the seat of literature and of the fine arts; but, that its taste for classic story should descend to the peasants of the country, occasioned her both surprise and admiration. The Arcadian air of the girls next attracted her attention. Their dress was a very short full petticoat of light green, with a boddice of white silk; the sleeves loose, and tied up at the shoulders with ribbons and bunches of flowers. Their hair, falling in ringlets on their necks, was also ornamented with flowers,...
Página 197 - She had discovered in her early years uncommon delicacy of mind, warm affections, and ready benevolence; -but with these was observable a degree of susceptibility too exquisite to admit of lasting peace. As she advanced in youth...
Página 175 - You forgot the thickness of her lips in the casket of pearls which they enshrined ; and the roses of York and Lancaster were united in her cheek. A nose of the Grecian order surmounted the whole. Such was Hysterica. But, alas! misfortunes are often gregarious, like sheep. For one night, when our heroine had repaired to the chapel, intending to drop her customary tear on the tomb of her sainted benefactress, she heard on a sudden, " Oh, horrid horrible, and horridest horror!

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