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Alden's Elements of Intellectual Philosophy.

Studies in Bryant. 1 vol., 24mo.
Appletons' First Reader.

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I nysical vovgrapiry.
High-School Geography and Atlas.
Cards for the Study and Practice of Map Drawing.

Series of Outline Maps.
Covell's Digest.


Deschanel's (A. P.) Natural Philosophy. Translated and

edited, with Extensive Additions, by J. D. Everett, Professor of Natural Philosophy in the Queen's College, Belfast. Complete in Four Parts. Copiously illustrated:

1. Mechanics, Hydrostatics, and Pneumatics. 8vo. II. Heat. 8vo. III. Electricity. 8vo. IV. Sound and Light. 8vo.

Complete in 1 vol., 8vo. With Problems and Index. Cloth. Gillespie's Practical Treatise on Surveying. Copiously illustrated. 1 vol., 8vo.

Higher Surveying. 1 vol., Svo.
Gilmore's English Language and Literature.

Graham's English Synonymes.
Green's Slate Drawing Cards.
Henslow's Botanical Charts. By Eliza A. Youmans. Six in

set, handsomely colored. History Primers. Edited by J. R. Green, M. A. 32mo, cloth:

Greece. By C. A. Fyffe, M. A. Rome. By M. Creighton,
M.A. Europe. By E. A. Freeman, D. C. I., LL.D. Old
Greek Life. By A. J. Mahaffy. Geography. By George
Grove, F. R. G. S. Roman Antiquities. By Professor A.

S. Wilkins. France. By Charlotte M. Yonge.
Home Pictures of English Poets.
Hows's Shakespearean Reader.
Huxley and Youmans's Physiology and Hygiene.
Johonnot's Geographical Reader.

Principles and Practice of Teaching.
Keightley's Mythology of Greece and Rome.
Krusi's Easy Drawing Lessons, for Kindergarten and
Primary Schools. Three Parts.

Synthetic Series. Four Books.
Analytic Series. Six Books.
Perspective Series. Four Books.

Advanced Perspective and Shading Series. Four
Books. Manual with each Series

Textile Designs By Professor Charles Kastner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Six Books.

Outline and Relief Designs. By Professor E. C. Cleaves, Cornell University. Six Books.

Mechanical Drawing. By Professor F. B. Morse, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Six Books.

Architectural Drawing. By Professor Charles Babcock, Cornell University. Nine Books.

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