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Medal, a gold one awarded to Franklin, 165.
Meeting-house, how to obtain a subscription for, 131.
Memorial to the King, 331.
Meredith, enters into partnership with Franklin, 58.
Method, importance of, 94.
Meyrick, an army agent, his letter general Arnold, 406.-an account

of the 50001. paid him for his treachery, 407.
Mickle, anecdote of Mr. Samuel, 62.
Military spirit, excited by Franklin, 116.
Militia, writes in favor of, 153---His magnanity on the occasion, 117.
Militia Bills, governor refuses to ratify, 200.
Mirabeau, proposes to the national assembly of France a public mourn.

ing for Franklin, 507.
Moravians, account of the, 154,-159.
Morris, James, anecdote of, 139.-returns from England, 161.

Nairne and Henly, verify Franklin's theory, 393.
Neate, Mr. W., letter to Franklin, 302.
New England Courant begun by the Franklins 18.
New Jersey, first issues paper money, 44---William Franklin, the doctor's

son, appointed governor of, 196,---appoints Franklin agent in England,

Newspaper, mode of conducting, 102-.--Newspapers English he vrites in,

184---Effects of, 186.
Noalles, marquis, quits London, 383.
Nollet, the abbé, opposes Franklin's system of electricity, 163---claims

the discovery of the theory of lightning, 164.
North's, lord, motion in the house of commons respecting America, 339.
Notes, for discourse with lord Chatham, 320.

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Office, public, Franklin's maxim concerning, 118.
Onslow, Arthur, esq., Franklin's Historical Review dedicated to him, 184.
Orme, captain, anecdote of, 150.
Oswald, Mr., is succeeded by David Hartley, esq., as minister from Great

Britain, 432
Oxford University confers the degree of L. L. D. on Franklin, 196.

Paine's pamphlet, “ Common Sense," effects of, in America, 359.
Paper currency proposed by, 70—Legal tender opposed, 178.
Parliament, British, arguments against its right to tax the American co.

lonies, 222.
Partnerships, advice in, 115.

Paving and lighting of Philadelphia, set on foot by Dr. Franklin, 132.
Paxton murders, account of the, 198.
Pemberton, Dr., an early friend of Franklin, 44.
Penn, William, anecdote of 120---Bxacts quit rents, 121---Character of,

192.-Attaches himself to James the Second, 192---deprived of his au-

thority in Pennsylvania, 192---is reinstated, 193.
Pennsylvania, Library, an account of the, 83---state of the province of, in

1757, 178---First royal charter granted to the colony, 188---First cause

of dispute with the colony of, 198---Petition from, to the king, 200.
Petition of W. Bollan, B. Franklin, and Arthur Lee, 330.
Petition to the king from congress, in 1774, 273,-296--The last to the

king, 352.
Philadelphia Library first established by Pranklin, 83---Plan for cleansing

and paving the streets, 131.
Philosophical Society of Philadelphia, proposed by Franklin, 116.
Piquet, M. La Mothe, captures 22 sail of British merchant vessels, 409.
Pitt, Wm., earl of Chatham, consults Franklin respecting Canada, 194.
Plain truth published, 116.
Plan of Union at Albany in 1754, 137 ---Adopted by assembly, rejected by

the British government, 142.
Plan of permanent union, 328.
Polybius, supposed translation of a Fragment of, by sir William Jones, 416.
Poor Richard's almanac first published, 101.
Postmaster, he is appointed in 1753, 136.
Pownall, governor, anecdote of, 141,-305.
Prayers, Franklin's motion for, 474.
Preaching, anecdotes of, 104.
Preface by W. T. Franklin, iv.
Priestley's, Dr., testimony of the merits of Franklin's discoveries in elec-

tricity, 210-..His account of Franklin's demeanor before the privy

council, 227.
Privateering, proposes to put an end to, 449.
Privy council discuss the Massachusetts' petition. Mr. Wedderburn's

abuse of Franklin, 227.
Project, an extensive one, 98.
Proprietary, refuse to tax their estates for public defence, 174--Remon.

strance against, 179...The disputes with great influence on forming

character of Franklin, and on the revolution, 182---disputes with, 199.
Protest, an eloquent one by Franklin, 346.
Purchase of Dr. Franklin's writings by British ministers confuted, vi,-viii.
Public affairs, Franklin first turns attention to, 109.

Quakers' meeting, the first house Franklin entered at Philadelphia after

his arrival, 25..-Anecdote of the, 119---Take an active part in opposing-
the rioters denominated Paxton Boys, 198.

Ralph, the historian, curious anecdote of, 37...becomes schoolmaster, 45

---obtains a pension for political writing, 167.
Read, Mr., father of Franklin's wife, 28.
Religion, a new one proposed to be established, 27.
Religious creed of Franklin, 76.
Remarks, on propositions for reconciliation, 333.
Remonstrance, drawn up against the selfishness of proprietary, 179.
Resolution of congress, proposed introduction to,
Richard's, poor, almanac, 101.
Richmann, professor, introduces Franklin's electrical discoveries into Rus.

sia, 216.
Right of British parliament to tax America, 222.
Rochefoucault's eulogium on Franklin's system of government, 477.
Roy, Mons. Le, refutes the abbé Nollet, 162.
Royal Society of London, Franklin chosen a member thereof, 165.
Rum, Indian orator's apology for drinking, 127.
Rutledge, Franklin, and Adams, meet lord Howe, 361.

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Salaries, Franklin's speech thereon, 469.
Sandwich, lord, attributes lord Chatham's motion to Franklin, 323.
Scotland, Franklin visits, 195.
Shelburn, American business taken from lord, 221.
Shirley, general, anecdote of, 172.
Slave Trade, 486.
Sloane's, sir Háns, visit to Franklin, 44.
Smith, Dr., pronounces a funeral oration for Franklin, 505.
Spangenberg, bishop, some account of, 154.
Species, the animosity of the English lords leads them to say Americans

are of different species from Englishmen, 346.
Spotswood, colonel, governor of Virginia, 108.
Staël, the Baron de, letter on the peace with Sweden and requesting Mr.

Temple Franklin to be employed at the Swedish court, 430.
Stamp Act, origin of, 204---Caricature occasioned thereby, 208..-distur

bance in America, occasioned by passing the, 225---first objects of, 26&

..-its repeal, 269.
Stanhope, lord, Franklin writes to, 318.
Strahan, king's printer, fac simile of a letter to, 356.
Swimming, great feat in the art of, 51.

Temperance, importance of, 95.
Temple, Mr. John, his duel with Mr. Whately, 230.
Pennent, Rey, Gilbert, account of, 130.

Thomson, Charles, secretary to first congress, 1774, 273.
Treaty of alliance between France and America, 383.
Tucker, dean, controversy with Franklin, 261---Reflections thereon, 267.
Tumult at Boston, 225.
Tyron on vegetable diet. Influence of, 116.


Virtue, art of, 98.
Vaughan's, Benjamin, letter ta Franklin requesting him to continue his

memoirs, 77.
Vergennes, the count de, receives the American commissioners, 380.
Fernon's confidence in Franklin, 32.



Union of the colonies, plan of, proposed at Albany, 137.

fire company founded, 110.
University, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, confers degree of M. A., 136.
Yale, Connecticut,


St. Andrews, Scotland, confers degree of L. L. D., 196.
Edinburg, Scotland,


Oxford, England,


Taipole, bon. Thomas, advises Franklin not to present his protest, 346...

letter to Franklin, 347-interview with, 348.
Washington, general, letter of congratulation to Franklin on his return

to America, 463.
Watch, the city, established by Franklin, 109.
Watson, Dr., draws up an account of Franklin's discoveries, which is

read before the Royal Society of London, 164.
Watts, printer, Franklin employed by, 43.
Webb, George, anecdote of, 55--another 65.
Wedderburn, (afterwards lord Loughborough) his abuse of Franklin be.

fore the privy council, 227.
Whately's duel with Mr. Temple of Boston, 250---their dispute stated, 252.
Whitfield, Rev. George, arrives at Philadelphia, 111---departs for Georgia,

builds an orphan house there, 112---His character vindicated, 113-
Traits of character, 114.
Wilson's, Mr., objections to Franklin's lightning conductors, 392.-his

objections overthrown by Messrs. Henley and Nairne, 393.
Woolaston's religion of nature, writes a dissertation on, 44.
Wright, Dr., introduces Franklin's discoveries in philosophy to the Royal

Society of London, 164.
Wyndham, sir William, is introduced to, 52.

Fale college, confers degree of M. A., 136.


The Emblematic Card to fold in at page 270.
The Fac Simile newspaper to fold in, 412.
There are two half sheets of the signature 3 M-the first is from 449 to

456 the second 457 to 464.
n the numbering of the pages, the printer, instead of numbering the first
page of 3 Q, 489, has advanced to 499, whereby there appears to be
an omission of ten pages, but there is no omission, the error is in the

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