Continuation of the Complete History of England, Volumen2

Richard Baldwin, 1760

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Página 416 - Exert not your curiosity too early : it is in your power to make me grateful on certain terms. I have friends who are faithful ; but they do not bark before they bite.
Página 417 - ... noncompliance (or any scheme to expose me) will be slower, but not less sure ; and strong suspicion the utmost that can possibly ensue upon it, while the chances would be tenfold against you. You 'will possibly be in doubt after the meeting, but it is quite necessary the outside should be a mask to the in. The family of the Bloods is not extinct, though they are not in my scheme.
Página 218 - Tenure whatever, for the unexpired Residue, whatever it may be, of any Term originally created for a Period of not less than...
Página 202 - ... by the want of a harbour like that of Milford-haven, framed by nature with such local advantages. This report appeared to be so well supported by evidence, that a bill was framed, and passed into an act, for granting ten thousand pounds towards carrying on the works for fortifying and securing the harbour of Milford in the county of Pembroke. Other laws of national consequence were enacted, in the course of this session, with little or no opposition. On the very first day of their...
Página 191 - India company were indulged with twenty thousand pounds on account, towards enabling them to defray the expense of a military force in their settlements, to be maintained by them in lieu of the battalion of his majesty's forces...
Página 385 - He afterwards found it necessary to the peace of his dominions to recall and reinstate those venerable patriots; and being convinced of the intolerable insolence and turbulent spirit of the archbishop of Paris, had exiled that prelate in his turn. He was no sooner readmitted to his function, than he resumed his former conduct, touching the denial of the sacraments to those who refused to acknowledge the bull Unigenitus : he even acted with redoubled zeal ; intrigued with the other prelates ; caballed...
Página 232 - He affirmed, that though his majesty appeared ready to embrace every measure proposed by his ministers for the honour and interest of his British dominions, yet scarce a man could be found with whom the execution of any one plan in which there was the least appearance of any danger could with confidence be trusted.
Página 362 - ... no other power and authority but that which he derived from illegal force and violence; nor was he at all reduced to the necessity of sacrificing the place to his own safety, inasmuch as he might have retired unmolested, by virtue of an honourable capitulation, which however he did not demand.
Página 290 - Abercrombie acquitted himself in the duty of a general, we shall not pretend to determine; but if he could depend upon the courage and discipline of his forces, he surely had nothing to fear, after the action, from the attempts of the enemy, to whom he would have been superior in number, even though they had been joined by the expected reinforcement: he might, therefore, have remained on the spot, in...
Página 414 - If you think this of any consequence, you will not fail to meet the author on Sunday next, at ten in the morning, or on Monday, (if the weather should be rainy on Sunday) near the first tree beyond the stile in Hyde Park, in the foot-walk to Kensington...

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