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Imprisoned 'mid the formal props
Of restless ownership?

Ye trees, that may to-morrow fall
To feed the insatiate Prodigal!
Lawns, houses, chattels, groves, and fields,
All that the fertile valley shields;

Wages of folly, baits of crime,

Of life's uneasy game the stake,
Playthings that keep the eyes awake
Of drowsy, dotard Time; -

O care! O guilt! - O vales and plains,
Here, 'mid his own unvexed domains.
A Genius dwells, that can subdue

At once all memory of You,

Most potent when mists veil the sky,

Mists that distort and magnify;

While the coarse rushes, to the sweeping breeze,

Sigh forth their ancient melodies!


List to those shriller notes!

that march

Perchance was on the blast,

When, through this Height's inverted arch,
Rome's earliest legion passed!

-They saw, adventurously impelled,
And older eyes than theirs beheld,

This block,

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and yon, whose church-like frame

Gives to this savage Pass its name.
Aspiring Road! that lov'st to hide
Thy daring in a vapory bourn,

Not seldom may the hour return
When thou shalt be my guide:
And I (as all men may find cause,
When life is at a weary pause,
And they have panted up the hill
Of duty with reluctant will)

Be thankful, even though tired and faint,
For the rich bounties of constraint;
Whence oft invigorating transports flow
That choice lacked courage to bestow !


My Soul was grateful for delight
That wore a threatening brow;
A veil is lifted,—can she slight
The scene that opens now?

Though habitation none appear,

The greenness tells, man must be there;

The shelter that the pérspective

Is of the clime in which we live ;

Where Toil pursues his daily round; Where Pity sheds sweet tears; and Love, In woodbine bower or birchen grove, Inflicts his tender wound.

Who comes not hither ne'er shall know

How beautiful the world below;
Nor can he guess how lightly leaps
The brook adown the rocky steeps.
Farewell, thou desolate Domain !
Hope, pointing to the cultured plain,

Carols like a shepherd-boy;

And who is she? Can that be Joy!

Who, with a sunbeam for her guide,
Smoothly skims the meadows wide;

While Faith, from yonder opening cloud,
To hill and vale proclaims aloud,

"Whate'er the weak may dread, the wicked dare, Thy lot, O Man, is good, thy portion fair!"




KEEP for the Young the impassioned smile
Shed from thy countenance, as I see thee stand
High on that chalky cliff of Briton's Isle,
A slender volume grasping in thy hand
(Perchance the pages that relate

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The various turns of Crusoe's fate), —
Ah, spare the exulting smile,

And drop thy pointing finger, bright
As the first flash of beacon light;
But neither veil thy head in shadows dim,
Nor turn thy face away

From one who, in the evening of his day,

To thee would offer no presumptuous hymn!


Bold Spirit! who art free to rove
Among the starry courts of Jove,
And oft in splendor dost appear
Embodied to poetic eyes,

While traversing this nether sphere,
Where Mortals call thee ENTERPRISE.
Daughter of Hope! her favorite Child,
Whom she to young Ambition bore,
When hunter's arrow first defiled

The grove, and stained the turf with gore;
Thee winged Fancy took, and nursed
On broad Euphrates' palmy shore,
And where the mightier Waters burst
From caves of Indian mountains hoar!
She wrapped thee in a panther's skin;
And thou, thy favorite food to win,
The flame-eyed eagle oft wouldst scare
From her rock-fortress in mid-air,
With infant shout; and often sweep,
Paired with the ostrich, o'er the plain;
Or, tired with sport, wouldst sink asleep
Upon the couchant lion's mane!

With rolling years thy strength increased;
And, far beyond thy native East,
To thee, by varying titles known
As variously thy power was shown,
Did incense-bearing altars rise,
Which caught the blaze of sacrifice,
From suppliants panting for the skies!


What though this ancient Earth be trod No more by step of Demigod

Mounting from glorious deed to deed

As thou from clime to clime didst lead;
Yet still, the bosom beating high,
And the hushed farewell of an eye
Where no procrastinating gaze
A last infirmity betrays,

Prove that thy heaven-descended sway
Shall ne'er submit to cold decay.
By thy divinity impelled,

The Stripling seeks the tented field;
The aspiring Virgin kneels, and, pale
With awe, receives the hallowed veil,
A soft and tender Heroine
Vowed to severer discipline;
Inflamed by thee, the blooming Boy
Makes of the whistling shrouds a toy,
And of the ocean's dismal breast

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'Mid the blank world of snow and ice,

Thou to his dangers dost enchain
The Chamois-chaser, awed in vain

By chasm or dizzy precipice;
And hast thou not with triumph seen
How soaring Mortals glide between

Or through the clouds, and brave the light
With bolder than Icarian flight?

How they, in bells of crystal, dive,

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