Memoirs of an American Lady: With Sketches of Manners and Scenery in America, as They Existed Previous to the Revolution, Volumen1

Longman, Hurst, Rees and Orme, 1808

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Página 253 - Hear, Yonnondio, our women had taken their clubs, our children and old men had carried their bows and arrows into the heart of your camp, if our warriors had not disarmed them, and kept them back, when your messenger, Ohguesse, came to our castles.
Página 252 - I thank you, in their name, for bringing back into their country the calumet, which your predecessor received from their hands. It was happy for you, that you left under ground that murdering hatchet that has been so often dyed in the blood of the French.
Página 254 - Hear, Yonnondio ; take care for the future, that so great a number of soldiers as appear there do not choke the tree of peace planted in so small a fort. It will be a great loss, if, after it had so easily taken root, you should stop its growth, and prevent its covering your country and ours with its branches.
Página 253 - Our warriors have not beaver enough to pay for all these arms that they have taken, and our old men are not afraid of the war. This belt preserves my words.
Página 253 - We knock the Twightwies and Chictaghicks on the head, because they had cut down the trees of peace, which were the limits of our country. They have hunted beaver on our lands. They have acted contrary to the customs of all Indians, for they left none of the beavers alive, — they killed both male and female.
Página 254 - Cadarackui (in the presence of your predecessor) in the middle of the fort, they planted the tree of peace in the same place, to be there carefully preserved, that, in place of a retreat for soldiers, that fort might be a rendezvous for merchants; that, in place of arms and ammunition of war, beavers and merchandise should only enter there.
Página 40 - ... any other peculiarities which can only be understood by a previous acquaintance with the nature of the country, its political relations, and the manners of the people: my recollection all this while has been merely confined to Albany and its precincts. At New York there was always a governor, a few troops, and a kind of a little court kept; there too was a mixed, and in some degree, polished society. To this the accession of many families of French hugonots, * rather above the middling rank,...
Página 255 - Corlear, shall, either jointly or separately, endeavor to attack the country which the Great Spirit has given to our ancestors. This belt preserves my words ; and this other, the authority which the Five Nations have given me.
Página 44 - ... doors. Nothing could be more pleasing to a simple and benevolent mind than to see thus, at one view, all the inhabitants of a town, which contained not one very rich or very poor, very knowing or very ignorant, very rude or very polished, individual ; to see all these children of nature enjoying in easy indolence, or social intercourse, " The cool, the fragrant, and the dusky hour," clothed in the plainest habits, and with minds as undisguised and artless.
Página 121 - They had belts, large embroidered garters, and many other ornaments, formed, first of deer sinews, divided to the size of coarse thread, and afterwards, when they obtained worsted thread from us, of that material, formed in a manner which I could never comprehend. It was neither knitted nor wrought in the manner of net, nor yet woven ; but the texture was more like that of an officer's sash than any thing I can compare it to.

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