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Página 46 - The State Board of Health shall have the general supervision of the interests of the health and life of the citizens of the State.
Página 129 - And some fell upon a rock; and as soon as it was sprung up, it withered away, because it lacked moisture.
Página 24 - Fever, Typhoid Fever, Erysipelas, Measles and other contagious, infectious or communicable diseases must be wrapped in a sheet thoroughly saturated with a strong solution of bi-chloride of mercury, in the proportion of one ounce of bi-chloride of mercury to a gallon of water; and encased in an air-tight zinc, tin, copper or lead [lined] coffin, or.
Página 48 - They shall have charge of all matters pertaining to quarantine; and shall have authority to make such rules and regulations, and such sanitary investigations, as they may from time to time deem necessary, for the preservation or improvement of public health...
Página 329 - ... may be received for transportation when prepared for shipment by filling cavities with an approved disinfectant, washing the exterior of the body with the same, stopping all orifices with absorbent cotton, and enveloping the entire body with a layer of cotton not less than one inch thick, and all wrapped in a sheet and bandaged...
Página 2 - Territory, or 372 north latitude, and that have not subsequently been kept continuously at least one winter north of said parallel, and which may be brought within the limits of this State between the first day of April and the first day of November following, except...
Página 24 - RULE 4. The bodies of persons dead of diseases that are not contagious, infectious, or communicable, may be received for transportation to local points in same state ; when encased in a sound coffin or metallic case, and enclosed in a strong wooden box. securely fastened so it may be safely handled. But when it is proposed to transport them out of the State...
Página 329 - Every dead body must be accompanied by a person in charge, who must be provided with a passage ticket, and also present a full first-class ticket marked "corpse...
Página 55 - Children under ten years of age are in much greater danger of death from scarlet fever than are adults, but adult persons often get and spread the disease, and sometimes die from it. Mild cases in adults may thus cause fatal cases among children. Because of these facts it is dangerous for children to go where adult persons go with almost perfect safety to themselves.
Página 21 - President, for the able and impartial manner in which he has presided over the deliberations of this body.

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