The Raven club papers

Nathaniel Nutgall (pseud.)
J.C. Hotten, 1871 - 372 páginas

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Página 264 - Emanuel On Diamonds and Precious Stones ; their History, Value, and Properties ; with Simple Tests for ascertaining their Reality. By HARRY EMANUEL, FRGS With numerous Illustrations, Tinted and Plain. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, with Illustrations, js.
Página 265 - School Life at Winchester College; or, the Reminiscences of a Winchester Junior. By the Author of "The Log of the Water Lily," and "The Water Lily on the Danube.
Página 269 - Account of 20,000 most Curious and Rare Books, Old Tracts, Ancient Manuscripts, Engravings, and Privately - printed Family Papers, relating to the History of almost every Landed Estate and Old English Family in the Country ; interspersed with nearly Two Thousand Original Anecdotes, Topographical ana Antiquarian Notes.
Página 255 - A beautiful and captivating volume. The well-known Paris house, Firmin Didot, a few years since produced a miniature edition of these exquisite designs by photography, and sold a large number at £2 per copy. The .Designs have been universally admired by both artists and poets.
Página 246 - Jennings' (Hargrave) The Rosicrucians: Their Rites and Mysteries. With Chapters on the Ancient Fire and Serpent Worshippers, and Explanations of the Mystic Symbols represented in the Monuments and Talismans of the Primeval Philosophers.
Página 265 - Legends of Savage Life. By James Greenwood, the famous Author of " A Night in a Workhouse." With 36 inimitably droll illustrations, drawn and coloured by ERNEST GRISET, the "English Gustave Dore.
Página 244 - Common Prayer. Illustrated by Holbein and Albert Durer. With Wood Engravings of the Dance of Death, a singularly curious series after Holbein, with Scriptural Quotations and Proverbs in the Margin.
Página 243 - Charles Dickens— The Story of his Life. By the Author of
Página 244 - THE BOOK MUST BE SEEN TO BE APPRECIATED. The illustrations are exact reproductions of the exquisite paintings of the Van Eyck school, and in finish and beauty are far above any similar book-paintings issued in this country. As the preparation of the work has been so costly and slow it is never likely to decrease in value. Exquisite Miniatures and Illuminations. — "Golden Verses from the New Testament...
Página 246 - Favourite Pencil Sketches.— Historical Cartoons; or, Rough Pencillings of the World's History from the First to the Nineteenth Century. By GUSTAVE DORE. With admirable letterpress descriptions by THOMAS WRIGHT, FSA Oblong 4to, handsome table book, 7s. 6d. »*» A new book of daring and inimitable designs, which will .excite considerable attention, and doubtless command a wide circulation.

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