Reports of Cases Adjudged in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Volumen8

Philip H. Nicklin, no. 175 Chestnut Street, A. Small, printer, 1824

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Página 346 - ... no action for the recovery of land sold for taxes shall lie unless the same be brought within five years after the execution and delivery of the deed therefor by the treasurer.
Página 538 - London, (the act of God, the queen's enemies, fire, and all and every other dangers and accidents of the seas, rivers, and navigation, of whatever nature and kind soever, excepted,) unto order or to assigns, he or they paying freight for the said goods at 51.
Página 408 - There may be confederacies," said Gibson, J., in giving the opinion of the court, " which are lawful ; and you must therefore set forth some object of the confederates which it would be unlawful for them to attain either singly, or which, if lawful singly, it would be dangerous to the public to be attained by the combination of individual means. For it is the object that imparts to the confederacy its character of guilt or innocence; and of the nature of...
Página 49 - Where a private person has apprehended another in the case of an affray, he may lawfully detain him till the heat is over, and then deliver him to the constable.
Página 230 - The suit was brought to recover the value of a wagon and horses which had been lost in crossing the ferry. It was proved, on the part of the defendant, that at the time of the loss the ferry was in...
Página 88 - A purchaser of a chose in action must always abide by the case of the person from whom he buys.
Página 202 - The legatee's claim is in respect of the testator's assets, without which the executor is not liable ; and it is very just and equitable for the executor to say that the legatee has so much of the assets already in his own hands, and consequently is satisfied pro tanto.
Página 426 - Here, the debtor had an interest under his contract, under the written articles ; and equity looks upon things agreed to be done, as actually performed. Consequently, when a contract is made for the sale of land, equity considers the vendee as the purchaser of the estate sold, and the purchaser as a trustee for the vendor, for the purchase money.
Página 426 - ... may happen to the estate between the agreement and the conveyance ; and he will be entitled to any benefit which may accrue to it in the interval ; because, by the contract, he is the owner of the premises, to every intent and purpose in equity.
Página 212 - E., now moved for a rule, to shew cause why the verdict should not be set aside, and a new trial...

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