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WHAT makes the glory of a mighty Land,

Her people famous, and her hist'ry grand ?

Is it, that Earth has felt her vast control

Far as the wind can sweep, or ocean roll ;

That ships and merchandise her ports bedeck,

And Navies thunder at her awful beck !

That grandeur walks each street, arrays each dome,

And in her temples hails a second Rome?

Though Power and Greatness, those almighty two,

Then E

That move the world, and teach what Man can do,

In ev'ry age have thus some Empires blest,

And, Alp-like rear'd their thrones above the rest;

Yet, what remains of all that once hath been ?

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The billows welter where the ports were seen!


The wild-grass quivers o'er their mangled piles,

To God

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When Empires grovel on deserted plains,

In sun-like grandeur to outdare the night

That Time engenders o'er their vanish'd might?

'Tis Mind ! an immortality below,

That gilds the past, and bids the future glow;

'Tis Mind! heroic, pure, devoted Mind,

To God appealing for corrupt mankind,

Reflecting back the image that He gave

Ere sin began, or earth became a slave !

Exalting thought! when ages are no more,

Like sunken billows on a far-off shore,

A second life, in lofty prose or song,

Their glories have, to light the world along!

And ever thus may spirit be refined ;

For what is Godhead, but consummate mind?

Or Heaven, but one surpassing realm of thought,

With each perfection of His wisdom fraught ?

Not what we have, but what our natures feel,

By truth unfolded for sublimest zeal,

Developes all which makes our being great,

And links a human to immortal state.

Than this, could fancy weave a darker curse?—

That man is meaner than the universe !

Creation is Eternal Will, express'd

In forms of matter which were deem'd the best ;

Within, is spirit; all without, we know

Forms the frail vision of a fleeting show:

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"Go, mark the chape by great Wy keham reared,
Where once the grandest of the grand appeared
In all that Picty, and art, coulit

eyes to worship, or a name to live

Montawomer's Oarore,page. 36


Hubbyhed 7 March 1831 by Whittaker & ("London

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