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[ 2 ] Period as Half the Lottery may fairly be averaged at 2501: being 1501. MORE than can be gained by a whole Ticket in Case of a Prize of rool. it is EQUAL 10 Helf a Ticket in a Prize of sool. EQUAL to a quarter of a Ticker in a Prize of 1000l, and EQUAL to an Eighth of a Ticket in a Prize of 2000l. besides the pleasing Prospect of lading twelve Tickets (which originally cost but a Guinea and a Half) in a Lottery where there are Prizes of


. 50001 25000l. 2000l. 20000l. 1000l. 15000l. 5001.

10000l &c. &c. So that it may be said, without any Exaggeration, that by an Adventure of a Guinea and a Half in this Plan a Perfon may recome policised of Prizes of 181. up to 30,000l. considering at the fame Time, that the Subscription Money is returned it draun a blank or Prize of 181. during Half the Drawing of the Icirery: Adding to this the Security of the Office, in which, on the fame Spot, Business has been transacted for upwards of TWENTY YEARS with the strictest Honour and Integrity, MarGRAY bus Reason to fatter himself, that the above Mode of adventuning will have the Preference of any other with the wild discerning Part of the Public.


Allo a small Adventure of
which will be entitled to the following Benefits during ette

WHOLE DPAWING of the Lottery, viz.
To 700l. if a Prize of 30000 1.




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Opposite Goldsmith's-Hall, Foster-lane, Cheapfide; Carried on by Thomas Daniell and his late Father upwards of 40 Years. WENTY Thousand Ounces of every Species of Silver Goods kept ready

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lent Workmanfhip and Embellishments from the best and latek Designs, at the Wholesale Prices, which will be found, at least, one-third cheaper than the usual Charges for Fashion or Making; an advantage none but the real manufacturer can give, and which the unqueftionable Services of Ready Money juftly Claim.

Customary Weights, viz. Pierced Epergns with Baskets and Beaded Gravy Pots, or Argyles, from

Branches, from Sp to 140 oz. each. 1 2 to 16 oz. each. Vase beaded Gallon Tea Kitchens, Beaded Table Plates and Dishes, from from bo to 110 oz. each.

10 10 14 ozi each. Um Beaded Coffee Kitchens, from 30 Oval Stew Dishes and Covers. 10 40 Cz. each.

Tankards, 24 oz. --Pint Mugs and Tureen beaded and Engraved Sauce: Cans, from 12 to 14 07. each.

Boats, from 12 10 40 oz. a Pair. Oval Turcen shaped Salts 4 to 6 oz. a Beaded Coffee Vases and Pots, from

Pair. 20 to 36 oz. each.

Pierced and Engraved Fila Knives, Double and fingle Beaded Waiters from 3 10 5 oz. each. different sizes.

Solid Silver Snullers, 3 oz, a Pair, Rummers and Goblets Gilt Inside, Greek Engraved Cream Urns, 4 oz. from 19 10 20 oz. a Pair.

cach. Beaded Dilh-Croftes with Lamps, Tureen-shaped Pierced Bread Barfrom 14 10 24 oz. each.

kets, from 20 to 30 07. each. Beaded Chamber Candlesticks and Pierced Soy Stands and Labels, from

Snuffers, from 6 to 9 oz, each. 4 to 6 oz, cach, Pierced and Beaded Ink Stands and Pierced Oval Eight Glass Cruet stands

Glafies from 10 to 40 oz. each 3 to 30 oz, each. Two handled Cups and Coversy from Pierced Round Five Glass Cruetstands 15 to 60 oz. each.

from 6 to 15oz. each. 31. 175. 1d. per Ounce given fur Light Guineas.

31, 176.4d. per Ounce given for Portugal Gold. Ladies and Gentlemen's Fawey Cut Silver Buckles, of the most rich and

Beautiful Patterns.
Variety of Silver Pillar Table CandleRicks, from 14 to 20 07. a Pair.

5s. 6d. Allowed per Ounce for Old Plate in Exchange. Diamonds, Pe.ris, Jewellery, Watches, Morto Rings, Ivory Knives, and the

strongest Plated Goods. Coats of Arms Engraved on Plaie, Seals, and allo Crests and Cyphers, by the

first Artists, al 4d. each. Allo second hand Epergna, Candlelicks, Tea Pots, Turcen Sugar and Cream

Ba'ons, &c, &c, đc,

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Britannias Genius, the fair train of hts
Unto her leader, to spread in distant parts.

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