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Advertiser Publishing Company, 1896

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Página 7 - INSTRUCTIONS TO KEY HOLDERS. Alarms to be given from the box nearest the location of the fire. Do not give an alarm for a fire seen at a distance, unless assistance is called for. To give an alarm, open the door, pull the hook to the bottom of the slot once, and let go. Each box contains a small bell, which, if heard before you pull, indicates that an...
Página 65 - Morgan. 51 The Misses Storer. 53 Mrs. Cedric Laighton. 55 Mr. & Mrs. Henry N. Wheeler. 57 Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Vaughan. 61 Mr. J.
Página 7 - ... the alarm was given, but in no case will you pull the hook while the alarm is striking. After giving the alarm, remain at the box to direct the firemen to the fire. Be sure that you lock the box before leaving it. Citizens are requested to inform themselves where keys of the signal boxes are f.rjit, signs suitably inscribed being placed over each box giving the requisite information.
Página 34 - Mr. & Mrs. WL Wakefield. 3 Mr. & Mrs. J. Doddridge Brannan. 3 Mr. Frank Doddridge Brannan. 3 Miss Elizabeth H. Brannan. 5 Mr.
Página 52 - Street, we would call the attention of our customers to the fact that on hearing the call, the clerk will immediately reply by ringing the electric bell on the front door, thus notifying the customer that his call has been heard. Customers •will confer a great favor by reporting any neglect or inattention in our night service.
Página 8 - Cogswell, Supt. of Schools; office, City Hall, Cambridgeport Office hours, 4 to 5 pm, except Saturdays. LATIN SCHOOL. Trowbrldge street. William F. Bradbury, Head Master. Theodore P. Adams, Master. Annie S. Dodge, Secretary. ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL. Broadway, between Trowbridge and Ellery streets. Ray Greene Huling, Head Master. Edwin L. Sargent, Master. Martha L. Babbitt, Secretary. RINDGE MANUAL TRAINING SCHOOL. Irving street, corner of Broadway. Charles H. Morse, Head Master.
Página 5 - Columbia 35 Harvard St., cor. Norfolk 36 Mass. Av., cor. Prospect 37 Junction Pleasant and River Sts.
Página 130 - Accepts Trusts created by Will or otherwise. Assumes the care of Property and Collection of Incomes for Ladies and others. Receives Bonds and other Securities for safe-keeping. ALLOWS INTEREST ON DEPOSITS PAYABLE ON DEMAND OR AS AGREED. RENTS SAFES IN ITS VAULTS AT FROM $10 TO $300 PER YEAR.
Página 87 - Woodury 30 Mr. & Mrs. George A. Kimball • 32 Mr. & Mrs. John F. Crocker Sum. Res.. South Yarmouth 34 Mr. & Mrs. William H. Frazier 36 Mr.
Página 97 - BAKER AND CATERER, Caters for Lunch Dinner and Evening Parties. A specialty Made of Supplying Families with Ice Cream.

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