Recollections of Ober-Ammergau in 1871

Rivingtons, 1871 - 80 páginas

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Página 61 - COMMENTARY ON THE BOOK OF ISAIAH, Critical, Historical, and Prophetical ; including a Revised English Translation. With Introduction and Appendices on the Nature of Scripture Prophecy, the Life and Times of Isaiah, the Genuineness of the Later Prophecies, the Structure and History of the whole Book, the Assyrian History in Isaiah's Days, and various Difficult Passages.
Página 57 - The Prayer Book Interleaved; with Historical Illustrations and Explanatory Notes arranged parallel to the Text, by the Rev. WM Campion, BD, Fellow and Tutor of Queens
Página 52 - Augustin. A DOMINICAN ARTIST : a Sketch of the Life of the Rev. Pere Besson, of the Order of St. Dominic.
Página 53 - The Reformation of the Church of England ; its History, Principles, and Results. AD 1514-1547. By the Rev. JOHN HENRY BLUNT, MA, FSA, Editor of "The Annotated Book of Common Prayer,
Página 46 - THE GUIDE TO HEAVEN : a Book of Prayers for every Want. (For the Working Classes.) Compiled by a Priest. Edited by the Rev. TT Carter, MA, An Edition in Large Type.
Página 40 - Rossetti. - A SHADOW OF DANTE : being an Essay towards studying Himself, his World and his Pilgrimage.
Página 49 - THE PRIEST TO THE ALTAR ; or, Aids to the Devout Celebration of Holy Communion, chiefly after the Ancient English Use of Sarum. By PETER GOLDSMITH MEDD, MA, Canon of St. Alban's. Fourth Edition, revised and enlarged. Royal 8vo. ij5. Meyrick.— THE DOCTRINE OF THE CHURCH OF England on the Holy Communion Restated as a Guide at the Present Time.
Página 35 - Catholic Doctrine of the Atonement. An Historical Inquiry into its Development in the Church, with an Introduction on the Principle of Theological Development. By H.
Página 37 - Eucharistica; a Commentary, Explanatory, Doctrinal, and Historical, on the Order for the Administration of the Lord's Supper, or Holy Communion, according to the use of the Church of England. With an Appendix on the Office for the Communion of the Sick. By the Rev.
Página 48 - The Sayings of the Great Forty Days, between the Resurrection and Ascension, regarded as the Outlines of the Kingdom of God. In Five Discourses. With an Examination of Dr. Newman's Theory of Development. By GEORGE MOBERLY, DCL, Bishop of Salisbury.

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