The Iliad, tr. by mr. Pope. [With notes partly by W. Broome. Preceded by] An essay on ... Homer [by T. Parnell].


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Página 208 - Whom those that envy, dare not imitate; Could all our care elude the gloomy grave, Which claims no...
Página 207 - Xanthus' streams enrich the Lycian plain, Our numerous herds that range the fruitful field. And hills where vines their purple harvest yield, Our foaming bowls with purer nectar crown'd, Our...
Página 26 - Princes, all hail ! whatever brought you here, Or strong necessity, or urgent fear ; Welcome, though Greeks ! for not as foes ye came ; To me more dear than all that bear the name.
Página 214 - As, on the confines of adjoining grounds, Two stubborn swains with blows dispute their bounds ; They tug, they sweat; but neither gain nor yield One foot, one inch, of the contended field : Thus obstinate to death they fight, they fall, Nor these can keep, nor those can win the wall.
Página 209 - But since, alas! ignoble Age must come, Disease, and Death's inexorable Doom; The Life which others pay, let us bestow, And give to Fame what we to Nature owe; Brave tho' we fall, and honour'd if we live, Or let us Glory gain, or Glory give!
Página 14 - But thou, O king, to council call the old; Great is thy sway, and weighty are thy cares; Thy high commands must spirit all our wars. With Thracian wines recruit thy honour'd guests, For happy counsels flow from sober feasts.
Página 116 - Machaon, in the other wing of the army, is pierced with an arrow by Paris, and carried from the fight in Nestor's chariot. Achilles (who overlooked the action from his ship) sends Patroclus to inquire which of the Greeks was wounded in that manner?
Página 201 - But tends to raise that power which I obey. Then hear my words, nor may my words be vain : Seek not, this day, the Grecian ships to gain ; For sure to warn us Jove his omen sent...
Página 110 - Kor tempt too f^r the hoftile Gods of Troy. The voice divine confefs'd the martial Maid , In hafte he mounted, and her word obey'd ; The...
Página 84 - Each. single Greek, in this conclusive strife, Stands on the sharpest edge of death or life': Yet if my years thy kind regard engage, Employ thy youth as I employ my age ; Succeed to these my cares, and rouse the rest ; He serves me most, who serves his country best.

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