The writings of Henry Fielding, comprising his celebrated works of fiction, with a memoir by D. Herbert


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Página 441 - Partridge, with a contemptuous sneer, " why, I could act as well as he myself. I am sure, if I had seen a ghost, I should have looked in the very same manner, and done just as he did. And then, to be sure, in that scene, as you called it, between him and his mother, where you told me he acted so fine, why, Lord help me, any man, that is, any good man, that had such a mother, would have done exactly the same. I know you are only joking with me ; but indeed, madam, though I was never...
Página 416 - Tis good. Go to the gate ; somebody knocks. [Exit Lucius. Since Cassius first did whet me against Caesar, I have not slept. Between the acting of a dreadful thing And the first motion, all the interim is Like a phantasma or a hideous dream : The genius and the mortal instruments Are then in council ; and the state of a man, Like to a little kingdom, suffers then The nature of an insurrection.
Página 441 - Little more worth remembering occurred during the play, at the end of which Jones asked him, " Which of the players he had liked best?" To this he answered, with some appearance of indignation at the question,
Página 140 - I have attained : and, to say the truth, it is likeliest to be attained in books of this kind ; for an example is a kind of picture, in which Virtue becomes as it were an object of sight, and strikes us with an idea of that loveliness which Plato asserts there is in her naked charms.
Página 441 - you are not of the same opinion with the town ; for they are all agreed that Hamlet is acted by the best player who ever was on the stage.' ' He the best player ! ' cries Partridge, with a contemptuous sneer ; ' why, I could act as well as he myself. I am sure if I had seen a ghost, I should have looked in the very same manner, and done just as he did. And then, to be sure, in that scene, as you...
Página 76 - I would by no means be thought to comprehend those persons of surprising genius, the authors of immense romances, or the modern novel and Atalantis writers ; who, without any assistance from nature or history, record persons who never were, or will be, and facts which never did, nor possibly can, happen : whose heroes are of their own creation, and their brains the chaos whence all the materials are selected.
Página 141 - To prevent therefore giving offence to their customers by any such disappointment, it hath been usual with the honest and well-meaning host to provide a bill of fare, which all persons may peruse at their first entrance into the house ; and having thence acquainted themselves with the entertainment which they may expect, may either stay and regale with what is provided for them, or may depart to some other ordinary better accommodated to their taste.
Página 13 - ... the vain man is not what he would appear, or hath not the virtue he affects, to the degree he would be thought to have it, yet it sits less awkwardly on him than on the avaricious man, who is the very reverse of what he would seem to be.
Página 440 - Partridge sat in fearful expectation of this ; and now, when the ghost made his next appearance, Partridge cried out, There, sir, now ! what say you now ; is he frightened now or no ? As much frightened as you think me, and, to be sure, nobody can help some fears ; I would not be in so bad a condition as what's his name, Squire Hamlet, is there, for all the world.
Página 441 - No wonder then," cries Partridge, "that the place is haunted. But I never saw in my life a worse grave-digger. I had a sexton, when I was clerk, that should have dug three graves while he is digging one. The fellow handles a spade as if it was the first time he had ever had one in his hand. Ay, ay, you may sing. You had rather sing than work, I believe.

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