Lives of alchemystical philosophers based on materials collected in 1815, and supplemented by recent researches with a philosophical demonstration of the true principles of the magnum opus, or great work of alchemical re-construction, and some account of the spiritual chemistry

G. Redway, 1888 - 315 páginas

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Página 296 - MORNING POST. A NEW EDITION, Revised and partly Re-written, with several New Chapters and Illustrations, crown 8vo, cloth extra, js. 6d. Jennings' The Rosicrucians : Their Rites and Mysteries. With Chapters on the Ancient Fire and Serpent Worshippers. By HARGRAVE JENNINGS. With Five fullpage Plates and upwards of 300 Illustrations.
Página 313 - Light on the Path. For the Personal Use of those who are Ignorant of the Eastern Wisdom. Written down by MC Fcap.
Página 154 - As the one guides all the motions of the body, so does the other those of the soul. This eye of the soul is then said to be single, when it looks at one thing only ; when we have no other design, but to " know God, and Jesus Christ whom he hath sent," — to know him with suitable affections, loving him as he hath loved us ; to please God in all things ; to* serve God (as we love him) with all our heart, and mind, and soul, and strength ; and to enjoy God in all, and above all things, in time and...
Página 17 - The highest wisdom consists in this : for man to know himself; because in him God has placed his eternal word by which all things were made and upheld, to be his light and life, by which he is capable of knowing all things, both in time and eternity. Therefore, let the high inquirers and searchers into the deep mysteries of nature learn first to know what they have in themselves before they...
Página 202 - ... me to make the experiment with the little spark of bounty the artist had left me; so I melted half an ounce of lead, upon which my wife put in the said medicine; it hissed and bubbled, and in a quarter of an hour the mass of lead was transmuted into fine gold, at which we were exceedingly amazed. I took it to the goldsmith, who judged it most excellent, and willingly offered fifty florins for each ounce.
Página 103 - ... stone. Which being perfected by any one, takes away from him the root of all sin and evil, which is covetousness, changing his evil into good, and making him liberal, courteous, religious, devout, and fearing God, however wicked he was before. For from thenceforward he is continually ravished with the goodness of God, and with His grace and mercy, which he has obtained from the fountain of Eternal Goodness, with the profoundness of His divine and adorable power, and with the consideration of...
Página 200 - this perhaps will not transmute four grains of lead," whereupon he bid me deliver it back to him, which, in hopes of a greater parcel, I did, but he, cutting half off with his nail, flung it into the fire, and gave me the rest wrapped neatly up in blue paper, saying, " It is yet sufficient for thee.
Página 188 - I can not make use of it because of the snares of knaves. I disdain, loathe, and detest the idolizing of silver and gold, by which the pomps and vanities of the world are celebrated. Ah! filthy evil! Ah! vain nothingness! Believe ye that I conceal the art out of envy ? No, verily, I protest to you ; I grieve from the very bottom of my soul that we (alchemists) are driven like vagabonds from the face of the Lord throughout the earth.
Página 94 - After the death of my parents, I Nicholas Flammel, got my living by the art of writing, ingrossing, and the like ; and in the course of time, there fell by chance into my hands a gilded book, very old and large, which cost me only two florins. It was not made of paper or parchment, as other books are, but of admirable rinds, as it seemed to me, of young trees ; the cover of it was brass, well bound, and graven all over with a strange kind of letters, which I took to be Greek characters, or some such...
Página 258 - The new spirit infused into regenerated woman triumphed along the whole line of the six and thirty initiates, who with intact and immaculate symbols re-entered triumphant and palpitating, the twilight of the vaulted temple to receive the congratulations of the sovereign priestess. " When they had breathed a little after their trials, the vaulted roof opened suddenly, and, on a vast sphere of gold, there descended a man, naked as the unfallen Adam, holding a serpent in his hand, and having a burning...

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