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Página 169 - Argentine Certificates giving admission to the University of Buenos Aires will be accepted. The Examinations comprised in the Arts curriculum of the St John's University, Shanghai, taken and passed by Graduates in Arts (BA) of that University, will be accepted. The First Class Certificates of the Anglo-Chinese College, Amoy, will be accepted. The...
Página 291 - Candidates, but the minimum t>f 60 per cent, of the possible marks must be reached in order to entitle to a Scholarship. The Scholarships, of £80 each per annum, are tenable for two years, subject to fulfilment of the following Rule of the Trustees : — " Persons gaining the Scholarships will be expected, during the tenure thereof, to prosecute studies in furtherance of the higher learning ; and those who have not graduated shall be required to do so before the last payment is made...
Página 169 - The Curriculum for the ordinary Degree shall consist of five subjects, of which two subjects shall each be studied for two Academical years ; and the Degree Examinations in these two subjects shall be on a higher standard than the Degree Examinations in the other three subjects ; provided that it shall be in the power of the Senatus with the approval of the University Court, to reckon courses in two cognate subjects (and, wherever so determined by the Senatus and University Court, studied in separate...
Página 460 - IV.), been diligently engaged in acquiring a practical knowledge of the duties, routine and special, of Public Health Administration, under the supervision of — (a) In England and Wales, the Medical Officer of Health of a county or of a single sanitary district having a population...
Página 321 - Engineering shall not be deemed to have attended a class as part of the curriculum for that degree who does not present a certificate bearing not only that he has given regular attendance, but also that he has duly performed the work of the class.
Página 42 - Promoting, Advancing, Teaching, and Diffusing the study of Natural Theology," in the widest sense of that term, in other words, "The Knowledge of God, the Infinite, the All, the First and Only Cause, the One and the Sole Substance, the Sole Being, the Sole Reality, and the Sole Existence, the Knowledge of His Nature and Attributes, the Knowledge of the Relations which men and the whole universe bear to Him, the Knowledge of the Nature and Foundation of Ethics or Morals, and of all Obligations and...
Página 33 - to fcike into consideration all questions affecting the wellbeing and prosperity of the University, and to make representations from time to time on such questions to the University Court, who shall consider the same, and return to the Council their deliverance thereon.
Página 427 - The examination in each subject shall be conducted both orally and in writing; and in those subjects in which practical or clinical instruction is prescribed, and in which a practical or clinical examination may suitably be held, the examination shall be such as to test the practical or clinical acquirements of the candidate.
Página 434 - The Professor of Natural Philosophy." DATE OF COMING INTO OPERATION. XXVII. Every student who began his course nf Medical study before the date when this Ordinance comes into operation shall be entitled to graduate under the system in force before or after that date, according as he shall comply with the Regulations in force in the University before or after that date.
Página 415 - Section hereof, a student shall be obliged to pass in all the required subjects at one or not more than two examinations ; provided that he may offer himself for re-examination as often as may be necessary to satisfy this condition.

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