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Medallists-(Continued). 1898. G. A. Finlayson, M.A.

1908. Augustus G. Stewart. 1899. Henry Fraser.

1909. Wm. Anderson. 1900. Herbert L. Murray.

1910. Colin F. Simpson, M.A. 1901. Robert D. Keith, M.A.

1911. James Davidson. John S. Rose, Procime accessit. 1912. Richard R. M. Porter, M.A. 1902. Lewis D. Cruickshank.

1913. Leonard J. Moir. 1903. Bertie R. G. Russell

1914. Alex. E. Campbell, M.A., B.Sc. 1904. William Low.

1915. George G. Bruce. 1905. Andrew S. Leslie, M.A.

1916. Arthur G. Reid. 1906. John W. Archibald.

1917. Geo. R. McRobert. 1907. Thomas C. Boyd, M.A.


Founded in 1897, under Bequest by Mrs. Lizars, in memory of her husband, Alexander Jardine Lizars, M.D., St. And., 1835, Professor of Anatomy in Marischal College and University, 1841. 1860, and in the University of Aberdeen, 1860-1863.

By the terms of the Bequest, a sum of £200 has been gifted to the University of Aberdeen, the interest of which is to be applied in the purchase of a gold medal to be given as a prize for competition by students attending the Anatomical Department of the University.

The Medal is awarded annually by the Professor of Anatomy to the student who has gained the highest distinction for practi. cal anatomical work done in the University, and it is restricted in its application to students who have completed the dissection of the whole human body.

In the event of two students gaining equal distinction, two silver medals may be awarded in place of a gold one.

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6. THE LYON PRIZE. This prize will be awarded to the most distinguished graduate in Medicine of the year 1920-1921, and every fifth year thereafter. For Regulations, see under Faculty of Science.

1906. Wm. A. H. McKerrow, M.B., Ch.B.
1911. James Davidson, M.B., Ch.B.

1916. Arthur G. Reid, M.B., Ch.B. 7. THE ALEXANDER OGSTON PRIZE IN SURGERY. Founded in 1911, from a fund raised as a Testimonial to Emeritus-Prof. -ir Alex. Ogston, M.D., LL.D. The Prize consists of sur, gical instruments and is awarded annually to the best student in the Senior Section of the Surgery Class.

1913. Wm. P. Mulligan.
1914. Alex. E. Campbell, M.A., B.Sc.
1915. Ronald J. Bruce, M.A.
1916. Fred. W. Carter.

1917. John G. Smith, M.A. 8. THE SHEPHERD MEMORIAL GOLD MEDAL. Founded in 1879, by subscription, in memory of Surgeon Major Peter Shepherd, Army Medical Department, M.B., C.M., 1864, who was killed in the Zulu War 1879.

Open for competition to Students who have completed the third year of their Medical Course, and to be awarded to the Student who shall have obtained the highest number of marks at a special Examination on the subject of “ The Principles and Practice of Surgery”.

Medallists. 1880. Duncan James Reid.

1900. Henry Fraser. 1881. Thomas Wardrop Griffith.

John Catto, Proxime accessit. 1882. Carrapiet J. Sarkies.

1901. Robert Aird, M.A. 1883. William R. Clark, M.A.

1902. Alex. Callam. 1884. John Duncan, M.A.

1903. Wm. S. McGillivray. 1885. John C. G. Duffus, M.A.

1904. James Clark. 1886. Thomas H. Thomson.

1905. Alex. Dawson. 1887. Arthur Keith.

1906. Wm. A. H. McKerrow. 1888. Lindley M. Scott, M.A.

1907. Alex. H. Skinner, M.A. 1889. James Rannie.

Walter J. Dilling, Prox. accessit. 1890. William Findlay, M.A.

1908. James Watt, M.A. 1891. James Rust, M.A.

1909. John Douglas Fiddes, M.A., B.Sc. 1892. Alexander Stables.

1910. Robert Richards, M. A. 1893. Alexander Don, M.A.

1911. Harry Jas. Rae, M.A. 1894. William G. Grant.

1912. Hugh R. Souper, M. A. 1895. Wm. A Irvine-Fortescue.

1913. Lawrence W. Bain. 1896. Henry J. McGrigor.

1914. Neil Cantlie. 1897. Thos. W. Lumsden.

1915. Robert D. Lawrence, M.A. 1898. Wm. I. Moir.

1916. Douglas S. Scott. 1899. John C. Galloway, M.A.

1917. Fred W. Carter.

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8. THE STRUTHERS MEDAL AND PRIZE (IN ANATOMY).* Founded in 1891, from a fund amounting to £400, collected by Sir John Struthers, M.D. Edin., 1845; LL.D. Glasg., 1885, who was Professor of Anatomy in the University from 1863 to 1889.

The annual proceeds of the fund are applied in part for the purchase of a gold medal, which, together with the unexpended balance as a money prize, is awarded annually by the Professor of Anatomy for the best dissection or preparation, or series of dissections or preparations, or for the best original research in Anatomy. The Medal and Prize are open to all those who are attending, or have attended, the Practical Anatomy Class in the University. The dissections or preparations of the successful competitor are to be placed in the Anatomical Museum, and marked with his name.

The award will be made at the end of each Summer Session, and all dissections or preparations must be sent to the Anatomical Department before 20th June in each year.

Medallists and Prizemen.


1893. Arthur Keith.
1894. William Bulloch.
1895. Ashley W. Mackintosh.
1896. Wm. M. Philip.
1897. Alexander Low.
1898. Angus McGillivray.
1899. Thomas W. Lumsden.
1901. Margaret Duncan.
1902. Robert Aird, M.A.
1903. No Candidate.
1904. J. C. G. Ledingham, M.A., B.Sc.

George Stoddart, M.A.
1905. Jas. Clark.
1906. No Candidate.
1907. No Candidate.
1908. R. W. A. Salmond.

James Robertson, Proxime accessit.
1909. James Watt, M. A., M.B.
1910. J. D. Fiddes, M. A., M.B., B.Sc.
1911. Norman J. Calder, M.A., M.B.
1912. No award.
1913. George Stuart, M.A., M.B.
1914. George Riddoch, M.B.
1915. No award.
1916. No candidate.
1917. Malcolm Macleod

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Geo. 0. Thoruton, B. A. ) equal.

*A full statement of the conditions of the Foundation, as also a list of the subscribers, is given in Appendix to the Calendar for 1892-1893.


The Competition for Medical Bursaries will take place on Monday, 15th October, 1917.

Candidates are required to intimate in writing to the Secretary of the Medical Faculty, ON OR BEFORE MONDAY, 8TH OCTOBER

1. Their Names in full.
2. The group of Bursaries for which they are Candidates.
3. The Subjects of Examination selected.

(A.) Bursaries Open to First Year Students. The Competition will be restricted to Students entering on their first Winter Session.

The subjects of the Competition are: (a) Physics, (b) Zoology (Invertebrata), (c) Botany, (d) Inorganic Chemistry and the Competitors may select any three of these subjects.

Books recommended :

Physics.-Balfour Stewart's Elementary Physics, or Lehfeldt's Physics for Medical Students.

Zoology.—Thomson's Outlines of Zoology (Invertebrata only):
Botany.-Green's Manual of Botany, or Strasburger's Text-book of Botany
Inorganic Chemistry.Newth's Inorganic Chemistry.

(B.) Bursaries Open to Second Year Students. The Competition will be open to all students about to commence the second Winter Session of their Medical Studies.

The subjects of Examination are (1) Botany, (2) Zoology, (3) Physics and (4) Chemistry or Anatomy.

Bursaries Vacant in 1917. The following will probably be the Bursaries to be awarded on the result of the competition in October, 1917 :

I. For Students entering on their First Winter Session. One Liddel (T. C.) Bursary of £20, and one Mather (T. C.) of £20.

II. For Students entering on their Second Winter Session. Three Thompson Bursaries of £22, £20 and £18, the Wm. Milne Bursary of £18, the Greig (Fyvie) of £6, and the Edinburgh Aberdeenshire Club Exhibition of £5.

The following Bursaries are awarded on the previous record of Candidates, as detailed under Bursaries, Scholarships, etc., supra : Knox (Third year); Gillanders (Fourth or Fifth year); John Milne Arts Magistrand).


SESSION 1916-17.

NotE.--The Bursaries marked (P.) are Presentation ; the others Competitions.

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Corner, Hugh W.
Craig, John.....
Dugan, Douglas R...
Gammie, Alex. E...
Gunn, Murdo M.
Hunter, Douglas A..
Logg, Matthew H..
Meldrum, Donald.
Mulligan, John H.
Mutch, Gordon G. J....


£22 0 0 Marr...

30 0 0 Mather (T.C.).

20 0 Wight (P.)...

25 0 Liddel (T.C.)..

20 0 Thompson

20 Thompson

18 0 0 Trades (P)..

25 Watts....

30 0 0 Runcy (P)

6 0 0

£216 0 0 Carry Forward...... .£292 4 7

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