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1. The Fellowship shall be tenable for two years, but, for the second year, on

condition that the Senatus Academicus are satisfied, on the Report of the Medical Faculty, that the holder of the Fellowship has made good

use of the first year. 2. The Fellowship shall be awarded after the last term of graduation in

Medicine for the year, and shall be open by competition to all those who, in that year, or in the preceding year, have passed all the Examinations

for Medical Graduation in the University. 3. The Competition shall embrace such subjects within the Medical Curriculum

as the Senatus may from time to time prescribe, and shall be conducted

by Examiners appointed for the purpose by the Senatus. 4. The holder of the Fellowsbip shall be bound to reside for the first year entirely

abroad, at such place or places as shall be approved by the Senatus on the recommendation of the Medical Faculty ; and for the second year of tenure chiefly abroad or in London ; and for the last three or four months

of the year, should it be deemed desirable, at Aberdeen. 5. The interest derived from the Foundation shall be payable to the holder of

the Fellowship half yearly, at the terms of Martinmas and Whitsunday

following his obtaining the Fellowship. 6. Before the final payment is made, the holder of the Fellowship shall submit

a Thesis embodying the results of his studies and researches since his appointment to the Fellowship, which shall be deemed satisfactory by the Senatus

on the Report of the Medical Faculty. 7. The holder of the Fellowship shall not, at the same time, hold any other

Fellowship or other Foundation in this University or from any other

source, and shall not be engaged in teaching or as a Medical Practitioner. 8. The holder of the Fellowship shall give notice to the Senatus, not later than

1st May, whether he desire to hold the Fellowship for the second year. 9. In the event of the Fellowship becoming vacant by the resignation or death of

the holder, or from any cause, before the two years have expired, 'the Senatus may award the Fellowship for the remainder of the two years, subject, as far as possible, to the foregoing conditions, to the competitor who was next in merit at the same competition in the event of his having shown merit sufficient, in their opinion, to render him worthy of the Fellowship, and the Senatus shall, in like manner, be entitled to withhold the Fellowship at any time from any Competitor who has not shown merit sufficient, in their opinion, on the Report of the Examiners, to render him

worthy of receiving the Fellowship. 10. In the event of any part of the interest of the Fellowship Fund not being

payable from any cause, such interest shall be added to the Capital of the

Fellowship, 11. And should any doubt arise under the foregoing rules, and as to their ap

plication, the Senatus shall have full power to determine such doubt. The following are the Rules and Subjects prescribed by the Senatus for the competition :1. The Examination for the Fellowship will be held early in the month of July,

and Candid tes are required to intimate, in writing, to the Secretary of the Medical Faculty, the subjects in which they desire to be examined, not

later than fourteen days before the date fixed for the Examination. 2. The Examiners for the Fellowship are the Professors in the Faculty of

Medicine conjointly, with power to obtain the assistance of the other
Examiners for Degrees in Medicine.

3. The Examination will be conducted partly in writing, partly orally, and partly

practically, in such proportions as may be arra nged by the Examiners. 4. The Examination will be confined to three of the subjects of the Medical

Curriculum, arranged in the following groups, any group to be selected at

the choice of the Candidate, 1 Botany.


Natural History, 2 Natural History.


Botany. 3 Chemistry.

Medical Jurisprudence. Physiology. 4 Anatomy.


Pathology. 5 Physiology.


Chemistry. 6 Materia Medica.


Physiology. 7 Pathology.


Chemistry. 8 Surgery.


Pathology. 9 Medicine.

Materia Medica.

Pathology. 10 Medical Jurisprudence. Chemistry.

Materia Medica. 11 Midwifery & Diseases of Physiology.

Pathology. Women and Children. The Fellowship has been awarded as follows:1887 James Johnstone, B.A., M.B., C.M., Otago. 1889. Arthur R. Cushny, M.A., M. B., C.M., Speymouth.

W. Leslie Mackenzie, MA., M.B., C.M., Alness, proxime accessit. 1891. William Findlay, M.A., M.B., C.M., Aberdeen. 1893. Ashley W. Mackintosh, M.A., M.B., C.M., Aberdeen. 1895. William G. Grant, M.B., C.M., Elgin. 1897. William Hunter, M.B., C.M., Aberdeen. 1899. Geo. Alex. Finlayson, M.A., M.B., Ch.B., Aberdeep. 1901. Arthur Westerman, M.B., Ch.B., Aberdeen. 1903. Geo. G. Macdonald, M.A., M.B., Ch.B., Banff. 1905. No Candidate. 1907. No Candidate. 1908. No Candidate. 1909. C. C. Twort, M.B., Ch.B., Camberley. 1911. Harold E. Smith, M.A., M.B., Ch.B., Aberdeen. 1913. Martin M. Cruickshank, M.B., Ch.B., B.Sc., Aberdeen.

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Scholarship Open to Graduates in Medicine of any

Scottish University.


Four Scholarships of £100 each tenable for one year, but renewable for a second year.

Open to Graduates in Medicine of not more than three and a half years' standing who desire to devote themselves to higher study and research.

The Examinations are held in Glasgow in October, and candidates must be nominated by a Professor or Lecturer.

Further particulars may be had from Messrs. McInnes, MacKenzie and Lochhead, 7 Gilmour Street, Paisley.

Gold Medals and Prizes.




Founded in 1895, by public subscription in memory of James Anderson, M.A., 1873; M.B., 1877; M.D., 1879, who died in 1893.

The Prize is open to students in the final year of the curriculum, and is awarded on the result of an examination in Clinical Medicine, to be held annually towards the close of the Winter Session. The balance of the income of the Fund, after meeting the cost of the Medal, is given to the successful candidate, in money, books or instruments, as may be arranged.


1895. Alexander Robb, M.A.
1896. William Hunter.
1897. Robert Bruce, M.A.
1898. Fred. Philip.

J. E. Esslemont, Proxime accessit.
1899. George

Finlayson, M.A.
1900. Henry Fraser.

Robert A. Slessor, M.A., Proxime accessit.
1901. Alex. W. Cassie, M.A.
1902. Robert D. Keith, M.A.
1903. Alex. Callam.

Hugh McLean, Proxime accessit.
1904. James Clark.
1905. Alex. Mitchell, M. A.
1906. John F. Gill.

A. S. Leslie, Proxime accessit.
1907. Norman S. Gilchrist, M.A.
1908. James Watt, M.A.
1909. Wm. Anderson.
1910. Robert Richards, M.A.
1911. James Davidson.
1912. Richard R. M. Porter, M.A.
1913. Adam A. Turner.
1914, Helen Lillie, M.A.

Alex. E. Campbell, M.A., B.Sc. proxime accessit.
1915. Robert D. Lawrence, M.A.

George G. Bruce,
Colin G. Shearer, proxime accesserunt.
William J. Webster

* The full regulations will be found in Appendix to Calendar for 1895-96.


1916. Arthur G. Reid.

Thos. O. Robson proxime accessit. 1917. Alex. G. Lumsden.

Geo. R. McRobert proxime accessit.

2. THE MATTHEWS DUNCAN GOLD MEDAL (IN OBSTETRICS).* Founded in 1891, by the subscribers to a memorial of James Matthews Duncan, M.A., Marisc. Coll., 1843 ; M.D., 1846 ;

LL.D. Edin., 1875; F.R.S., who attained to great eminence as an obstetrician, in Edinburgh, and subsequently in London. He died in 1890.

Awarded annually to the member of the Midwifery Class who attains the greatest number of marks in Class Examinations. In the event of the equality of two candidates, two silver medals may be given instead of a gold medal.


1892. William Trethowan.
1893. Ashley W. Mackintosh, M.A.
1894. Peter Macdonald, M.A.
1895. Arthur H. Lister, B.A.
1896. Charles A. B. Laing, M.A.
1897. J. J. R. Macleod.
1898. James M. Cowie.
1899. J. W. Lindsay, M.A.
1900. Henry Fraser.
1901. Wm. Cameron.
1902. R. D. Keith, M.A.
1903. Hugh McLean.

Geo. G. Macdonald, M.A.

Proxime accessit. 1904. Cyril Moore Smith.

1905. John M. Taylor, M.A.
1906. George E. Ross.
1907. Jas. E. G. Thomson.
1908. James Watt, M. A.
1909. No award.
1910. Colin F. Simpson, M.A.
1911. James Davidson.
1912. George Stuart, M. A.
1913. William P. Mulligan.
1914. Alex. E. Campbell, M.A.,

1915. Robert S. Cumming.
1916. George R. McRobert.
1917. Geo. S. Escoffery.

3. THE FIFE JAMIESON MEDAL (IN ANATOMY). Founded in 1882, by subscription, in memory of Fife Jamieson, M.A., 1873; M.B., C.M., 1880. "Demonstrator of Anatomy in the University.

A Gold Medal awarded annually to the Student, in the Anatomy Class, who shall distinguish himself most highly in a special Competitive Examination.

* A full statement of the conditions of the Foundation, as also a list of the subscribers, is given in Appendix to Calendar for 1892-3.


1883. Patrick Whyte Rattray, M.A.
1884. John Marshall Lamb, M.A.
1885. John Duncan Thomson, M. A.
1886. James Johnstone, B.A.
1887. Cormack Grant.
1888. No award.
1889. Hugh Cowie, M. A., }equal.

Rannie, 1890. Hugh Fraser, M. A. 1891. James Gillespie, John T. West,


. 1892. Ashley W. Mackintosh, M.A. 1893. Alexander Don, M.A. 1894. William Cockburn, M.A. 1895. Thomas W. Lumsden, }equal.

Pozzi, M.A. 1896. John J. R. Macleod. 1897. Wm. D. Ritchie. 1898. Henry Fraser. 1899. Robert Aird, M.A. 1900. John C. G. Ledingham, M.A.

1901. Margaret Duncan.
1902. Bertie R. G. Russell,

Catherine E. Anderson, 1 Prox.
James Clark,

1903. Robert H. Spittal.
1904, Wm. A. H. McKerrow.
1905. Agnes V. Baxter, M.A.
1906. James Watt, M.A.
1907. John A. Beattie.

Charles C. Twort, Prox. accessit. 1908. Wm. J. Reid, M.A. 1909. James Davidson. 1910. Richard R. M. Porter, M.A. 1911. George Riddoch. 1912. Neil Cantlie.

A. E. Campbell, M. A., proc. acc. 1913. Robert D. Lawrence, M.A. 1914. James S. B. Forbes, M.A. 1915. George F. Mitchell. 1916. Violet M. G. Smith, 1917. Douglas B. Macdonald.

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SURGERY). Founded in 1881, by Lieut.-Colonel George Silver Keith, Madras Staff Corps (alumnus, Marisc. Coll., 1853-56), in memory of his father, William Keith, M.D., King's Coll., 1840, for many years one of the Surgeons of the Royal Infirmary of Aberdeen.

Open for competition annually at the April term of Examination, to Medical Students in the last two years of their studies who are attending or have attended the Course of the Principles and Practice of Surgery at the University of Aberdeen, and the Class of Clinical Surgery at the Infirmary of Aberdeen, after a special Examination for each of the said two branches of study. The medal cannot be awarded more than once to the same student.


1882. Arthur G. Smith,
1883. George Duffus.
1884. James Murray.
1885. Geo. Findlay, M.A.
1886. G. W. E. Kerr.
1887. John Scott Riddell, M. A.
1888. Daniel M. Smith, M.A.
1889. William Bulloch.

1890. Geo. W. H. Tawse.
1891. Alexander Grant.
1892. Peter Howie.
1893. Robert Turner, M.A.
1894. Andrew G. A. Thomson, M. A.
1895. John S. Milne, M. A.
1896. Robert Bruce, M. A.
1897. Thos. Fraser, M.A.

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