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water, air, soil, and food, as stated above, and to the investigation of the etiology of infectious diseases. Pathology of diseases of animals transmissible to man.

7. Disinfection and Disinfectants.-Determination of value of disinfectants and of different methods of disinfection. Inspection of public disinfectors.

8. Ventilation.-Determination of direction and strength of air currents, and of effectiveness of different methods of ventilation. Experiments with models. Experiments on diffusion of gases.

9. Water-supply and Sewerage.-Determination of volume and rate of water or sewage flow. Experiments with working models exhibiting various systems of water-supply and sewerage. Inspection of water and sewerage works. Drain testing.

10. Framing of Reports of Analysis.

The Written Examinations occupy two days, and the Oral and Laboratory and Out-door Examinations three to four days.

Books recommended.-The following are examples of the class of books to be studied or consulted, in preparation for the Examination:

Balfour Stewart's "Elementary Lessons on Physics," or
Deschanel's "Natural Philosophy".

Scott's "Elementary Meteorology

Bailey Denton's "Sanitary Engineering," or
Baldwin Latham's "Sanitary Engineering".

Buchan or Hellyer's "Sanitary Plumbing ".
Vacher's" Sanitary Defects".
Buchan's" Ventilation".

Notter and Firth's "Practical Hygiene ".

Stevenson and Murphy's "Hygiene and Public Health ".

Bell's "Analysis and Adulteration of Foods ".

Robinson and Cribb's "Law and Chemistry of Food and

Walley's "Meat Inspection ".

Flügge's "Lehrbuch der Hygienischen Untersuchungsme

thoden ".

Klein's "Micro-organisms and Disease".

Collie's "Fevers," or

Moore's "Eruptive and Continued Fevers".

Skelton's "Handbook of Public Health" (being a statement of

Scottish sanitary law).

Glen's "Public Health Law".

Newsholme's "Vital Statistics".

Sir John Simon's "English Sanitary Institutions".


The Written Examinations at the next two terms of Examination will be held as under:

[blocks in formation]

Second General Hygiene..

5 to 8 p.m. Mar. 15 Part. Sanitary Law and Vital Statistics


June 29
July 1

The Laboratory Examination, in connection with Part I. will begin three days before the commencement of the Written Examinations.

Candidates must lodge their names and pay the fees at the Factor's Office ten days before the Examination.

The Certificates of Study required by the Regulations must be exhibited to the Secretary of Faculties not later than the day preceding the commencement of the Examination.


List of those who have received the Diploma

since 1901.*


Davidson, Norman, M.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Galloway, John Charles, N.A., M.B. 'Aberd.), Oyne, Aberdeenshire.
Ledingham, Alexander, M.A., M.B. (Aberd.), Boyndié, Banff.
McRae, James, M.A., M.D. (Aberd.), Huntly.
Murray, Charles, M.A., M. B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Ritchie, James, M.D. (Aberd.), Aberdeen. (With credit.)
Rose, Alex. MacGregor, M.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen,
Rose, John Alex., M. A., M.B., Ch.B., (Aberd.), Udny.
Sinclair, Henry, M.B. (Aberd.), Cults, Aberdeen.
Walker, Alex. Brown, M.B. (Aberd.), 'Aberdeen. (With credit.)

* The names of those who have received the Diploma between 1887 and 31st December, 1900, will be found in the “ Calendar" for 1906-7 and earlier issues.


Bisset, William Fraser, M.B., Ch.B., (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Fraser, Henry, M.D. (Aberd.), Aberdeen. (With credit.)
Keyt, Frederick Theobald, M.B., C.M. (Aberd.), British Honduras.
Lawson, Wilfred Ernest, M.B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.

Nash, Ernest Hunt, M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Stafford. (With credit.)


Bruce, William John Ironside, M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Dingwall.
Davidson, Hugh Allan, M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Lieut., R.A.M.C.
Fraser, Kenneth, M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Inverness.
Halley, John, M.B., C.M. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Hosie, Andrew, M.D., (Aberd.), Major, R.A.M.C.
Hutcheson, David Albert, M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Macfarlane, James, M. B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Milne, Arthur John, M.B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Rose, John Stuart, M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Grantown-on-Spey.
Simpson, James Andrew, M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Alford.
Slessor, Robert Alex., M.A., M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Taylor, Wm. Edward, M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Trotter, George Clark, M.B., Ch.B. (Edin.), Edinburgh.
Wilson, George Nicol, M.B., C.M. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.


Bruce, Edward James, M.B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Insch.
Johnston, Hugh, M. B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Auchnagatt.
Macdonald, John, M.B., C.M. (Edin.), Inverness.
Mackie, Wm., M.A., M.B., C.M. (Aberd.). Elgin.
Mitchell, George, M.B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Pirie, Wm. Robinson, M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Nairn.

Suvoong, Cornelius Agnew, M.A., M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Shanghai.
Watt, Alexander, M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Cabrach.


Anderson, William, M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Kintore.

Johnston, Donald John Gair, M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Inverness.

McRobbie, Alexander, M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.

Mavor, George Alexander, M.A., M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen. (With


Pirie, George Jamieson, M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Orkney.

Robertson, Alexander, M. B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Elgin.

Ruxton, Herbert Wm. Black, M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Ellon.


Gerrard, Chas. Butchart, M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.


Anderson, Alexander Grant, M.A., B.Sc. (Aberd.), M.B., Ch. B. (Edin.), Aberdeen. Foy, Frederick Arthur, M.B., C.M. (Aberd.), India.

Hendry, Geo. Fred. John, M.B. Ch. B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.

Jenkins, John, M.A., M.B., Ch.B., (Aberd.), Burghead.

Kellas, Arthur, M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Milne, John Alex., M.B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Portknockie.
Stuart, Forbes Jackson, M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Troup, Arthur George, M. B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.


Begg, William, M. B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Rhynie.

Clark, Wm. Scott, M.B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Ardersier. (With credit.)
Moir, John Hay, M.B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Burton-on-Trent.

Noble, Alex., M.B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Laurencekirk.

Renton, Maurice Waugh, M.D. (Aberd.), Dartford.

Salmond, Robert Williamson Asher, M. B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.

Scott, George, M.B., C.M. (Aberd.), Lt.-Col. late R.A.M.C., Aberdeen,

Wright, Alex. Wm. Overbeck, M.B., Ch. B. (Aberdeen), Captain, I. M.S., Bengal.


Davidson, George, M.B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Clola.
Ferries, John, M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.

Laing, James, M. A., M.B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Keith.

Mac Bean, Alexander Fraser, M.A., M.B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Peterhead. (With credit.)

McRae, Rae, M. B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), New Zealand.

Milne, Arthur James, M. B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Peterculter.

Milne, James Aberdein, M. B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Aboyne.
Porter, Douglas, M.B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.

Watt, John Alex., M. B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.

Watt, William Gordon, M. B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Strathdon.

Young, Thomas Charles McCombie, M.B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Indian Medical Service.


Abel, Williamina, M.D. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.

Agassiz, Cuthbert Delaval Shafto, M. B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Lonmay.

Bell, James Clark, M. B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.

Bisset, Ernest, M. B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Captain, I. M.S.

Brunwin, Alan Deed, M.D. (Cantab.), Braintree.

Duncan, Robert Reid, M. B. (Aberd.), Bervie.
Murray, Donald, M.B., C.M. (Glasg.), Stornoway.
Nicol, Patrick, M.B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Profeit, Alexander Charles, M.D. (Aberd.), Ballater.
Ross, Kenneth, M.A., M.B. (Aberd.), Tain.

Stephen, Alfred John Watson, M. B. (Aberd.), Ellon.

Williamson, George Alexander, M. A., M. D. (Aberd.), Cyprus. (With credit.)


Falconer, Francis William, M.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.

Garden, David Stewart, M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.

Gerrard, William Innes, M.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.

Hunter, Peter Sinclair, M. A., M.B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Portlethen.

Macpherson, Robert William, M.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.

Rorie, David, M.B., C.M. (Edin.), Cults. (With credit.)

Sinclair, Roland, M. B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.

Stewart, George Irvine Thompson, M.A., B.Sc., M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Ipswich.

Tolmie, James Alexr., M. A., M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), Govan.

Watt, James, M.A., M.B., Ch. B. (Aberd.), Wartle. (With credit.)

Allan, William, M.B., (Aberd.), Methlick.
Brown, John, M.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Duguid, Henry, M.B. (Aberd.), Cruden.
Kesson, John Elrick, M.D. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Mason, Edward Wood Wood., M.B. (Aberd.), Leamington.
Milne, Herbert Stewart, M.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Muterer, James George, M.B. (Aberd.), Portgordon.

Brown, Alexander Middleton, M.A., M.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen. (With credit.)
Chalmers, James, M.B. (Aberd.), Aberchirder.
Edwards, Elizabeth Mary, M.B. (A berd. ), Aberdeen.
Leggat, George, M.B. (Aberd.), Turriff.
Mearns, William Anderson, M.A., M.B. (Aberd.), Captain, I.M.S.
Murray, Robert William Skinner, M.B (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Rennie, Patrick Manson, M.B. (Aberd.), Captain, I.M.S.
Richards, Robert, M.A., M.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen. (With credit.)
Ritchie, John, M.D. (Aberd.), Newburgh.
Taylor, John Maxwelì, M.A., M.B. (Aberd.), Stonehaven.

Cheyne, Douglas Gordon, M.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Elder, James, M.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Gray, Winniefred Margaret, M.A., M.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Legge, Angus Forsyth, M.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen." (With credit).
Rae, Harry James, M.A., M,B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Thomson, William George, M.A., M.B. (Aberd.), Bieldside.
Yule, James Henderson, M.B. (Aberd.), Lerwick.

Reid, John McGregor Hartley, M.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.
Saunders, Benjamin Theodore, M.B. (Aberd.), Aberdeen.




At the commencement of each Winter Session a varying number of Bursaries are awarded by competition. Some of these are open to Students entering on the First Winter Session of their Medical Studies and others to Students entering on their Second Winter Session. Women are eligible to compete for and hold only such of the bursaries as have been founded prior to August, 1864.

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