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Founded in 1896, by public subscription, as a memorial (in addition to Marble Bust in the Library, King's College) of William Minto, M. A., Abdn., 1865; LL.D., St. And., 1892; Prof. of Logic, 1880-93. In 1898 and 1899 the revenue of the foundation was conferred on the winners of the Seafield English Medal.

Awarded to the best student in each year of those who take First Class Honours in English, provided that, in the year in which the successful candidate passes the Honours Examinations, he shall be qualified to graduate.

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In 1884 and 1885, a Second Prize was given by Alex. Kilgour, Esq. (son of the Founder).

+A. S. Tarras was first in the Examination, but was ineligible for the prize.

13. NATURAL SCIENCE HONOURS PRIZE. A prize of £10 was annually given to the Magistrand who had acquitted himself the most creditably at the Examinations for Honours in the Department of Natural Science under the Old Regulations.

Prizemen. 1868. Wm. D. Spence.

1881. Jas. Thomson. 1869. James Reid.

1882. John D. Thomson. 1870. Jas. W. H. Trail.

1883. William Thomson. 1871. Alexander Craigmile.

1884. James Pirie. 1872. Wm. Bannerman.

1885. Geo. Dean. 1873. George P. Robertson.

1886. William M‘Callum. John H. Anderson.

1887. No Award. 1874. à Geo. Cockburn.

1888. Roderick M. MacLennan. 1875. No Award.

1889. James Rust. Donald M. Fraser.

1890. No Candidate. 1876. 1 Jas. H. Walker.

1891. Wm. Cockburn. 1877. Peter Rough.

1892. Robert G. Henderson. 1878. Wm. Mackie.

1893. George Denoon. 1879. No Award.

1894. Frank W. Michie. 1880. No Award,

14. DAVID RENNET GOLD MEDAL (MATHEMATICS). Founded in 1897, by public subscription, in recognition of the services to education of David Rennet, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1850-51; LL.D., 1885, as a Teacher of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy in Aberdeen. Awarded anny

inually to the student who, having reached the standard necessary for First Class Honours in Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, gains the highest marks in the papers devoted solely to problems.

Medallists. 1898. Geo. Hutcheon.

1908. James T. Lawrence. 1899. James Strachan.

1909. Fred. C. Stephen. 1900. James Addison.

1910. Alex. G. Willox. 1901. John Foubister.

1911. William Polson. 1902. Henry W. Malcolm.

1912. W. J. A. Whyte. Wm. Mitchell, proxime accessit. 1913. George Cruickshank. 1903. Wm. P. Milne.

1914. Allan J. Low. 1904. Fred. W. S. Galbraith.

1915. Peter Morrison. 1905. Robert H. Moody.

1916. NO A ward. 1906. John Urquhart.

1917. Geo. H. McKenzie. 1907. Marion B. Richards.

15. WILLIAM ROBBIE (ABERDEEN) GOLD MEDAL IN GREEK. Founded in 1915, under the will of William Robbie, Accountant, Aberdeen, who bequeathed the sum of £250 for the purpose of instituting a Gold Medal to be presented annually to the student who is successful in gaining the Simpson Greek Prize. (q.v.)

16. SEAFIELD GOLD MEDALS. Founded in 1873, by public subscription, in order to commemorate the Earl of Seafield's successful exertions in defence of the Redhyth Bursaries (see p. 220), to provide annually two Gold Medals: one for the best Latin Scholar, and one for the best English Scholar, in the Magistrand Class in the University, A Silver Medal is awarded by the Redhyth Trustees to the best Scholar at the Parish School of Fordyce.

For Latin.

For English. 1873. Wm. Ritchie.

1873. Geo. P. Robertson. 1874. Alex. Bruce.

1874. James Wood. 1875. David Skinner.

1875. Geo. P. Macdonell. 1876. John Harrower.

1876. Alexander Mackie. 1877. Wm. K. Leask.

1877. John Anderson. 1878. Wm. Coutts.

1878. NO Award. 1879. James Murdoch.

1879. Hugh F. Campbell. 1880. James Adam.

1880. Wm. T. Fyfe. 1881. John Strachan.

1881. Edmund B. M. Mitchell, 1882. Peter Giles.

1882. John C. G. Duffus. 1883. William Cameron.

Frederick A, Greer,

1883. 1884, William Murison.

James Strachan. 1885. Geo. Middleton.

1884. P. Chalmers Mitchell, 1886. William J. Watson.

1885. Alex. D. Russell. 1887. James Grant.

1886. Francis C. Diack. 1888. Frederic Hendry.

1887. Herbert J. C. Grierson, S

1888. Howard A. Gray. 1889. George Bruce. Adam F. Findlay.

1889. Wm. H. Mundie. 1890. Anthony Mitchell.

1890. Frank D. Simpson. 1891. John Macleod.

1891. Jas. D. Dean. 1892. Alexander R. Gordon.

1892. James D. Symon. 1893. Edward E. Anderson.

1893. Robert S. Duncan. 1894. A. A. G. Wright.

1894. W. G. Robertson. 1895. Thomas Bruce.

1895. J. B. Gardiner. 1896. M. M. Mackenzie.

1896. J. Scott Macdonald. Alex. Taylor.

1897. Alex. Andrew. 1897. W. A. Ross. 1898. G. G. Sim.

John Donald. 1898.

John Wm. Walker. 1899. John McBain.

1899. Annie D. F. Salmond. 1900. John Murray.

1900. * Isabel Peterkin. 1901. Mary E. Thomson.

1901. John G. Macdonald. 1902. Jas. A. Dawson.

1902. Wm. Allan Robertson. 1903. Wm. M. Calder.

1903. Margaret Jane Kennedy. 1904. Agnes Margaret Ramsay.

1904. Augusta E. Rudmose Brown. 1905. Netta T. Gordon.

1905. George H. Mair. 1906. Andrew R. Williamson.

1906. Isabella Hodge. 1907. Margaret M. Hardie.

SAlex. D. Craigmyle. 1908. Harold G. Gruer.


C. Knox. 1909. Herbert J. M. Milne.

John Murray. 1910. Alex. Macmillan.

1908. Esther M. Legge. A. S. Ta rras was first in the Examination, but was ineligible for the prize.

1909. (tannie Garrow.

For Latın.

For English.
1911. James 0. Thomson.
1912. Wm. S. Brown.

| Elizabeth Whyte. 1913. John A. Simpson.

1910. Robt. S. Knox. 1914. William R. Tennant.

1911. Fred. Alex. Rose. 1915. Edward McIntosh.

1912. Jas. M. Henderson. 1916. Wm. J. Entwistle.

1913. Marjorie D. Niven. 1917. Katharine B. M. Wattie.

Wm. G. Fraser.

Laura S. McLeod.
1915. Christina Greig O'Connor.

Eleanor E. Bearsley.

Charlotte R, D. Young.

1917. Katharine M. Wilson, 17. THE SENATUS PRIZE IN ENGLISH LITERATURE. Founded in 1911, out of money handed over to the Senatus by the Board of Examiners for the University Local Examinations, when these Examinations ceased. It is of the value of ten guineas or thereby, and is awarded annually to the student who, having_reached the standard necessary for First Class Honours in English, gains the highest marks in the papers devoted to Literature, and, when two or more candidates are equal, to the one with the highest marks in the papers on Shakespeare. The first award was made in 1913..

1913. Marjorie D. Niven.

Wm. G. Fraser.

Laura S. McLeod.
1915. Christina Greig O'Connor.
1916. Eleanor E. Bearsley.


AND GERMAN). Founded in 1911, out of money handed over to the Senatus by the Board of Examiners for the University Local Examinations, when these Examinations ceased. The medal is a work of art, designed by Mr. H. Wilson, and shows on the obverse side the Spirit bound to the Rock of Silence, encircled by the dumb dragon, and waiting the touch of Apollo's finger on her lips. The medal will be awarded annually to the best candidate who gains First Class Honours in French and German.

1913. No Award.
1914. No d ward.
1915. David G. Larg.
1916. Claudine I. Wilson,

1917. Ruth C. Jamieson. 19. SIMPSON AND BOXILL (MATHEMATICS). Founded in King's College in 1841 under the Will of John Simpson, M.A., King's College, 1779; LL.D., 1820, of Shrub Hill;

Worcester, and in Marischal College in 1847 under the Will of William Boxill, sometime in Barbadoes, afterwards in London, Alumnus, Marischal College, 1798-99 and 1803-04; M.D., Edin. 1809; and regulated by Ordinance (1858) No. 39.

The Simpson prize is of the value of £65, or thereby, and the annual income of Dr. Boxill's Foundation about £28, which sums are annually awarded as a First and Second Prize, respectively, to the two graduates for the year who shall have been the most distinguished in the Examination for Honours in the Department of Mathematics.

Simpson Prizemen. 1842. Alexander Simpson.

1878. John Strang. 1843. Donald Morison.

1879. Charles Chree. 1844. Thomas Walker.

1880. Alex. Hetherwick. 1845. William Mackay.

1881. Wm. Cassie. 1846. Robert Spence.

1882. Wm. Thomson. 1847. Alexander Lyon.

1883. John Clark.

1884. John Couper. 1848. {Robert Robb (resigned). | Bruce

1885. John Murray. 1849. John F. McLennan.

1886. Hector M. Macdonald. 1850. George McArthur.

1887. Alex. H. Mackenzie. 1851. Robert Machray.


Ashley W. Mackintosh. 1852. John Tully.

George D. Thomson. 1853. George M. Slessor-Senior 1889. Andrew Munro. Wrangler, 1858.

1890. William L. Marr. 1854. George Morrison,

1891. John M‘Rae. 1855. John Black.

1892. Peter M‘Leod. 1856. William Center.

1893. W. G. Fraser-Senior Wrangler, 1857. Thos. Barker-Senior Wrangler,

1896. 1862.

1894. Robert M. Milne. William Keith

1895. J. C. G. Ledingham. 1858. Donald Robertson

1896. W. R. Macbean. 1859. James Watt Black.

1897. Alex, Marr. Henry Clark

1898. Geo. Hutcheon. 1860.

1899. James Strachan. 1861. William Davidson Niven.

1900. James Addison. 1862. Wm. Macrae.

1901. John Foubister. 1863. Charles Niven-Senior Wrangler, 1902. Henry W. Malcolm. 1867.

1903. Wm. P. Milne. 1864. Robert Macgregor.

1904. Fred. W. S. Galbraith. 1865. William Simpson.

1905. Robert H. Moody. 1866. George M. Smith.

1906. John Urquhart. 1867. James Pratt.

1907. Marion B. Richards. 1868. John Adam.

1908. James T. Lawrence. 1869. John Cook.

1909. Fred. C. Stephen. 1870. Andrew Craik.

1910. Alex. G. Willox. 1871. George Chrystal.

1911. William Polson. 1872. Wm. L. Möllison.

1912. James D. Pratt. 1873. Harvey Adamson.

1913. John E. Ritchie. 1874. James Wood.

1914. Allan J. Low. 1875. Robert Scott.

1915. Peter Morrison. 1876. John Skinner.

1916. Edith R. Lumsden. 1877. John Anderson.

1917. Geo. H. McKenzie.

}equa!. William Harper }equal.

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