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(1) Instituted under Ordinance (1858, No. 47). By alteration of said Ordinance, approved by the Queen in Council, 28th June, 1875, the number of Scholarships is seven. Two of the annual

value of £100 each or thereby, to be awarded for distinction in Classical Literature, including Greek and Latin, tenable for two years. Two of the annual value of £100 each or thereby to be awarded for distinction in Mental Philosophy, including Logic, Metaphysics, and Moral Philosophy, tenable for two years; and three of the annual value of £75 each or thereby, to be awarded for distinction in Mathematics, including pure Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, tenable for three years. They are open for competition to all Graduates in Arts of less than two years' standing. One Scholarship in each of the three departments is awarded in each year.

(2) By Ordinance No. 117 of the Universities Commissioners (1889) a Scholarship of £100 per annum, tenable for two years, was instituted on James Fullerton's Foundation. The Scholarship is to be awarded for distinction in one of the Honours Groups of Subjects for the Degree of Master of Arts or in one of the groups of subjects for the Final Examination for the Degree of Bachelor of Science, as the Senatus, with the approval of the University Court, may from time to time determine. The Scholarship has meantime been appropriated to the Faculty of Science.


(Until 1875, a single Scholarship was given for Classics and Mental Philosophy; since that date there has been a separate Scholarship for each Department.)

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1863. Niven, Charles, M.A.
1864. Stephen, William D., M.A.
1865. Smith, William R., M.A.
1866. Henderson, George, M. A.
1867. Udny, Richard, M.A.
1868. Adam, John, M. A.

1881. Cassie, William, M.A.

1882. Thomson, William, M.A.

1883. Clark, John, M.A.

Anderson, John, M.A.


Niven, George, M.A.

1878. Chree, William, M. A.


Chree, Charles, M. A.


Little, Charles, M.A.

1869. Burgess, Duncan, M.A.

1870. Craik, Andrew, M.A.

1871. Chrystal, George, M.A.

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1872. Mollison, William L., M.A. Adamson, Harvey, M.A.


Peace, James, M.A.


Macdonald, Hector M., M.A,

Macdonell, Wm. R., M.A.

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1874. Wood, James, M.A.

1875. None adjudged.


(Johnstone, John, M.A.

Mackintosh, Ashley W., M.A.

1876. Skinner, John, M.A.

1889. Munro, Andrew, M.A.


1890. Marr, William L., M.A.


None adjudged.


Milne, Wm. P., M.A.

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1892. Ogg, Alexander, M. A.

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1893. Fraser, W. G., M.A.

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1894. Donald, James, M.A.


Surtees, John C., M.A.

1895. Milne, Robert M., M. A.


Lawrence, Jas. T., M. A.

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Founded in 1907 under the will of the late William Knox, Grain Importer, Aberdeen, who bequeathed £2,000 for a Scholarship or Scholarships in connexion with the arts curriculum in the University. The Scholarship will be awarded in each year to the best student who takes the Degree of M.A. with Double Honours. If in any year there is no student qualified to hold the Scholarship, the income for that year will be applied by the Faculty of Arts to aid one or more students to study in the University with a view to take Honours in a second subject.

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Founded in 1793, by Rev. Alexander Murray, M.A., King's Coll., 1746; D.D., 1784, of Philadelphia, and regulated by Ordinance No. 74, Aberdeen No. 34-annual value, from £50 to £60. To be awarded to an "ingenious youth," being a Graduate in Arts of the University of Aberdeen, for his Education as a Lawyer, Physician, Civil Engineer, Architect, or such other liberal secular profession; tenable for three years. All Masters of Arts are eligible who have obtained the degree within three years prior to the vacancy in the Scholarship. The Trustees, who are the Senatus of the University, to examine and inquire as they think fit regarding the candidates-a preference being given, ceteris paribus, to those of the surname of Murray. Under new regulations approved by the Senatus, the Scholarship will be awarded on the result of a Special Examination in English Literature and Language on the lines of that for the Degree with Honours in English.

Any holder of the Scholarship who accepts a salaried appointment shall demit the Scholarship.

The next Examination will take place in December, 1917. Candidates must send in their names to the Secretary on or before 30th November.

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Founded in 1902, in accordance with Bequest by the late Mr. John Reid, Advocate in Aberdeen, the terms of which will be found in Appendix N., Calendar 1903-4.

The following Regulations have been framed by the Trustees of the Founder:

The Trustees, in framing Regulations in accordance with the bequest by the late Mr. John Reid, have not thought it necessary to determine the precise number of Scholarships and Grants to be awarded annually.

The Scholarships and Grants are open to all distinguished Graduates holding the Degree of Master of Arts of the University of Aberdeen,-the object of the bequest being to assist such Graduates "to continue to prosecute their Studies in Literary or Linguistic Philology, Philosophy, Science, the Fine Arts, or any other branches of Higher Learning at any English or Foreign University, College, or Seminary of Higher Learning." The Scholarships and Grants will be awarded by the Trustees subject to the following conditions:

1. The Scholarships or Grants will be of such value as the Trustees may in each case determine, and will be payable by half-yearly instalments in advance, the second instalment being payable on the receipt of a satisfactory report and certificate from one of the authorities under whom a Holder of a Scholarship or Grant is prosecuting his studies; and the Trustees may suspend or withhold payment if not satisfied with his progress or conduct. 2. Scholarships or Grants will ordinarily be tenable for one year, but may be renewed if the Trustees deem such renewal to be expedient.

The Trustees may supplement the amount of any Scholarship or Grant already held by an applicant; or in the event of a Holder of a Scholarship or Grant from this Trust subsequently obtaining any other Scholarship or Grant or position of emolument, the Trustees may either reduce or cancel the amount allowed by them.

4. In accepting a Scholarship or Grant, the applicant comes under an obligation to submit from time to time such reports of his studies as the Trustees may require.

5. Application Forms must be signed by the Applicant and by two Professors or Lecturers of the University of Aberdeen under whom the Applicant has studied during his curriculum. The Application Form must contain full and precise answers to he questions therein set forth, and must be lodged with the Trustees not later than 30th June in each year.

The Trustees desire to impress upon Professors and Lecturers the necessity of recommending only such students as are capable of being materially benefited by the continuance of their studies, and are likely to proceed subsequently to original work.

The Trustees may decline to award a Scholarship or a Grant without being required to give any reason for their decision.

Application Forms may be had from J. R. DEAN, S.S.C., 12 Golden
Square, Aberdeen.


Founded in 1897 in memory of the late Professor George Croom Robertson, M.A., Abdn., 1861, London.

The following are the provisions for the regulation of the management, bestowal and enjoyment of the Fellowship.

I. The capital shall remain invested in consolidated annuities.

II. The annually accruing interest shall be paid to the holder of the Fellowship minus the absolutely necessary expenses of management. For so long, however, as the interest on the capital exceeds £200, only this amount will be paid to the Fellow, and any surplus shall be credited to capital. In the event of any income falling in owing to a temporary vacancy or any other cause this income shall be added to the capital


III. The Fellowship shall not be tenable simultaneously with any other Fellowship, Scholarship or Bursary which may be held only by a student or graduate of the University of Aberdeen. In regard to Fellowships and Scholarships which are foundations of other Universities or Corporations than the University of Aberdeen, the Nominating Committee hereinafter appointed shall have power to decide which, if any, of them may be held simultaneously with this Fellowship.

IV. The Fellowship shall be held by the same person for three (3) years, commencing with the First day of May in the year of appointment, or for such shorter period as the holder acts up to the conditions on which it is bestowed.

V. The award of the Fellowship shall be made on some suitable date in April or May after the declaration of the names of the Graduates in Arts of the year, and the first award shall take place in the April or May immediately succeeding the date of the foundation of this Fellowship. As a rule, a new appointment will be made every third year, but on the occurrence of a vacancy through the death or disqualification of the

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