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24. WILLIAM LORIMER. Founded in 1764, by William Lorimer (Alumnus, Marisc. Coll., 1733-37), of St. James's, Westminster, and regulated by Ordinance (1858) No. 41. Two Bursaries of the annual value of £16. Each Bursar, after attending for one year at the High School of Aberdeen, is entitled to hold his Bursary at the University for four years as a Student in Arts, provided he pass the Entrance Examination required of Presentation Bursars and the Examinations for the Degree of M.A. Patrons—The Moderator and Kirk-Session of Cullen.

25. LYON GIFT. Founded in 1885, by the late Felix W. Lyon, M.D., King's Coll., 1850, Edinburgh. The Gift or Prize is of the value of £4 or there. by, tenable for one year, and will be conferred towards the end of each Winter Session on some deserving Student in Arts of the first or second year, who has either no Bursary or a small onethe Junior Class possessing the smaller amount of Bursaries to have the preference. Patrons—The Senatus.

26. MACKAY (GRINACHARY). Founded in 1903 by the late Angus Mackay, Watten, for the purpose of aiding the education in the Arts curriculum in Aberdeen University of young men of the surname of Mackay from one of the Parishes of Tongue, Reay or Watten, or failing these from the county of Sutherland. Annual value £10. Patrons— The Senatus.

27. COLONEL HECTOR MACKENZIE'S BURSARIES. Founded in 1887 by Colonel Hector Mackenzie (Alumnus, King's Coll., 1819-20) of Fortrose, late H.E.I.C.S. (Madras), who bequeathed £2000 to the University for two Bursaries of the annual value of £30 each, or thereby, tenable for four years. Preference in favour of first, Candidates who are of the Founder's own kindred, and require pecuniary aid for education ; secondly, such as are of the name of Mackenzie; and thirdly, such as are born in the Parish of Rosskeen, and, failing thereof, then in the County of Ross. Intending Candidates are required to sit the Arts Bursary Competition. Patrons—The Principal and Professors.

28. MACLEOD. Founded in 1806, by Rev. Hugh Macleod, M.A., King's Coll., 1755; D.D., 1780, Professor of Church History in the University of Glasgow. One Bursary of the annual value of £6 or thereby, tenable for four years. Patrons—The Senatus of the University.

29. MILNE (LIEUT.-COLONEL ALEX.). Founded in 1903 under the will of the late Lieut.-Colonel Alex. Milne, C.I.E., Surma Valley Light Horse Volunteers, sometime of Cachar, India, who bequeathed the residue of his estate to the University “to help in the education of poor and struggling youths of merit". Under a Scheme of Administration approved by the Court of Session, bursaries of varying amount are awarded by the University Court, on report from the Senatus, to such students as may be considered to require pecuniary assistance to enable them to prosecute their studies at the University. Bursars may be reappointed from year to year. Applications are made on a special form which must be returned not later than the last Saturday of October. For further particulars apply to the Secretary of the University.

30. MILNE (INVERKEITHNY). Founded in 1880 (and came into operation in 1884), by Mrs. Isabella Milne, of Pitglassie, Widow of Rev. James Milne, M. A., King's Coll., 1803, sometime Minister of the Parish of Inverkeithny. One Bursary of the annual value of £12 or thereby, tenable for four years, or during the Bursar's Arts Curriculum, and thereafter, if the Bursar so elects, during his Divinity Curriculum. Preference to those who can prove relationship to the founder, or to her deceased husband ; and in other respects to those having “views towards the holy ministry”. Trustee and Patron, The Minister of Inverkeithny.

31. MOIR (ROBERT). Founded in 1881, by Rev. Robert Moir, M.A., Marisc. Coll., 1827, Minister of Rothiemay. One Bursary of the annual value of £10 or thereby, tenable for four years. To be given to (1) Sons of Clergymen in the Presbytery of Strathbogie, whom failing (2) Sons of Parents residing in the Parish of Rothiemay, who are members of the Parish Church, whom also failing (3) any young man whom the said Presbytery may consider deserving, whose parents are members of the Church of Scotland. Patrons—The Presbytery of Strath bogie.

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Founded in 1762, by John Paterson of Pancras Lane, London. One Bursary of the annual value of £14, tenable for four years, in connection with a Foundation of two Bursaries at the Grammar School, Aberdeen. Patron- The Principal of the University.

33. PITCOW BURSARIES. Founded in 1900, by the Rev. John Robb, M.A. (Marisc. Coll. 1823), of Pittrichie, sometime Minister of Longside. One Bursary of £16 open to children of persons resident in the Parish of Longside, and two Bursaries of £20 each open to children of persons resident in the Parish of Udny or the old Second Municipal Ward of Aberdeen. Tenable for four years. To be awarded to Candidates who have secured a place within the first 100 in the Bursary Competition. Patrons—The Trustees of the Founder, c/o Messrs. Hunter & Gordon, Advocates, 80 Union Street, Aberdeen.


Founded in 1714 and 1727, by the Rev. Gilbert Ramsay (Alumnus, Marisc. Coll., 1673). The Bursaries are four in number, and are tenable for four years. Their annual value is £12 or thereby. Patron—Sir Herbert Ramsay of Balmain, Bart.

35. RUNCY. Founded in 1882, by_Charles Runcy, Esq., of Barkmill, Aberdeen. The number of Bursaries is two, of the annual value of £6 each or thereby. To Students in any of the Faculties during the lives of the Trustees of the Founder; thereafter, to Students in the Faculty of Arts, “according to merit at the annual Uni. versity Competition for Bursaries”. Patrons-John P. Cumine, Advocate, Aberdeen, and others, Trustees of the Founder.

36. SCOTT (BISHOP OF ABERDEEN). Founded in 1835, by Alexander Scott, M.D., of Craibstone. One Bursary of the annual value of £25 or thereby, tenable for four years. To be given to the son of any poor clergyman of the Scotch Episcopal Communion, or, should there be no claimant of said description, to any other young man in needy circumstances, who is intended for the Ministry of the Scotch Episco. pal Church. Patron—The Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Aberdeen for the time being.

37. Scott (PRESBYTERY OF STRATH BOGIE). Founded in 1835, by Alexander Scott, M.D., of Craibstone. One Bursary of the annual value of £10 or thereby, tenable for four years. To be given to the son of any poor clergyman of the Established Church of Scotland, in the Presbytery of Strathbogie. Patrons—The Presbytery of Strathbogie.

38. SHARPE. Founded in 1914 in terms of the Trust Settlement of the late Mr. James Simmie Sharpe, Rothiemay. The Bursaries are two in number of the annual value of £30 each, tenable for four years by male students from the Parishes of Rothiemay and Fyvie respectively. Patrons—The Trustees of the Founder. Further particulars may be had on application to Messrs. Thurburn & Fleming, Solicitors, Keith.

39. SMITH. Founded in 1869, by William Smith, M.A., King's Coll., 1810 ; M.D., 1812, of Damside, Aberlemno, for a Student from the County of Forfar, whom failing, of Aberdeen. The Bursary is of the annual value of £10 or thereby. Patrons—The Trustees of the Founder.

40. STURM. Founded in 1869, by James Sturm, Esq., of London. The number of Scholarships is two, of the annual value of £30 each or thereby, tenable for five years. The candidates must be not less than fifteen years of age, natives of the Parish of Mortlach, Banffshire, and must have been educated at the Parish School of Mortlach during at least two years. Patrons—The Minister and Deacons of the Established Church of said Parish.

41. TURNER. Founded in 1688, by John Turner, merchant in Dantzic, and regulated by Ordinance (1858) No. 51. One Bursary of the annual value of £11 2s., tenable for four years. Patron--Mr. Turner of Turner Hall.

Also one Bursary of the annual value of £11 10s., tenable for four years, to be given by comparative trial. Patrons—The Magistrates and Town Council of Aberdeen.

42. UDNY-DUFF. Founded in 1791, by Mrs. Margaret Udny-Duff of Coulter, and regulated by Ordinance (1858) No. 46. One Bursary of the annual value of £10, tenable for four years. Patron-Her Grace the Duchess of Fife.




1. GUILD. Founded in 1655, by Rev. William Guild, D.D., Principal of King's Coll., 1640, for three poor Boys that are Craftsmen's sons.

Under a new Scheme of Administration approved by the Court of Session in 1907, the Patrons of the Mortification are directed to apply the revenue in the payment of Burzaries of the value of not more than £25 nor less than £10 per annum. Applicants are preferred in the following order, (1) Sons of members of any of the incorporated Crafts of Aberdeen, who either have no parents alive or whose parents are poor and unable to maintain them at the University (2) Sons of any Craftsman within Scotland who may be similarly situated as to means; and (3) Sons of Craftsmen, members of any of the incorporated trades of Aberdeen.

The presentees must be matriculated students of the University pursuing a continuous course of study with a view to graduation in any of the Faculties. Bursaries may not be held for a longer term than five years.

2. MOIR.

Founded in 1736, by the Rev. John Moir, Rector of West Infield, in the North Riding of the County of York, for a Philo. sophy Bursar for four years. It is understood that this Foundation is now included with Dr. Guild's Mortification, the whole being treated as one Bursary Fund.

LIST OF FIRST BURSARS at the Annual Bursary

Competition in Arts since 1801.

King's College. 1801. Alexander Ross 1802. Donald Leitch 1803. James Barclay 1804. Charles Mackay 1805. James Herd 1806. Alexander Ewing 1807. Charles Donaldson 1808. Thomas Barclay 1809. John Mackenzie 1810. Charles Begrie 1811. Joseph Provan 1812. James Murray 1813. Francis Porter 1814. William Campbell 1815. Charles Airth 1816. John Murdoch 1817. George Torrie 1818. Robert Primerose 1819. James Murray 1820. John R. Udny Bisset

Marischal College. 1801. John Stirling 1802. William Bower 1803. Alexander Black 1804. James Reith 1805. Duncan Sim 1806. James Simpson 1807. Henry Esson 1808. James Arnott 1809. James Melvil (afterwards Melvin 1810. Andrew Cromar 1811. William Machardy 1812. James Mitchell

1813. William Falconer 1814. Alexander Gordon 1815. Alexander Gale 1816. James Copland 1817. Nathaniel Davidson 1818. William Machray 1819. William Burnett 1820. Adam Low

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