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During Session 1917-18 the following periods will be overtaken : (1) General Church History 312-590 A.D., 1300-1600; (2) Scottish Church History, down to 1560 A.D.

One day in each week will be occupied with (1) Lectures on topics connected with the practical work of the ministry, (2) Homiletical and Liturgical Exercises, (3) Delivery and Criticism of Students' discourses. Three written examinations will be held during the Session. Fee, £3 3s.

Students intending to take Ecclesiastical History as part of an ordinary Arts Graduation Course are invited to attend the Ordinary Church History Class in the Divinity Hall.

A Special Course of Lectures qualifying for graduation in Arts with Honours will be delivered on five days of each fortnight, at hours arranged to suit the convenience of students. Subject of Lectures : “The History of the Later Mediæval Church and of the Reformation (1300-1600 A.D).” Fee, £4 4s.


Lecturer-1894 ALFRED MACLEOD. I. An Elocution Class for Divinity Students was formed in 1874 by the late Professor Milligan, and was placed under the charge of Mr. Alfred MacLeod, Lecturer on Elocution to the Divinity Students of Edinburgh University.

In terms of Act VII. of the General Assembly of 1883, the Class was instituted ; in 1884 Mr. MacLeod was appointed Lecturer by the Divinity Faculty, and in 1894 was, on the recommendation of the Senatus, recognised by the Court as a Lecturer in Aberdeen University.

All students of Theology must attend sixteen Lectures, each Session, during at least two Sessions of the Curriculum.' The Study is comprehended in three Courses of Sixteen Lectures each, on the Science and Art of Vocal Delivery, with a practical training in Vocal Expression.

Course 1. embraces-On Breathing; Voice Production ; Gesture; Articulation; and Pronunciation.

Course II.-Modulation; Inflection; Timbre; Emphasis; Pausing; Climax; and Vocal Acoustics.

Course III. - General Principles; Voice Culture; Common Defects and Mannerisms; Delivery of Prose, Poetry, and the Scriptures.

The opening Lecture will be delivered in the Class-room for Elocution, Marischal College, on Thursday, 11th October, at 3 P.M. Text-books: Stead's Poets (Nos. 1, 32, 37, 52, 70, 74) and MacLeod's “Text-book of Elocution” (4th edition). Fee, £2 28.


I.-MATRICULATION, ADMISSION, AND ENTRANCE FEES. 1. Matriculation FeeFor the Academic year, October to October

• £1 1 0 For Summer Session alone

0 10 6 Payable by every person attending any class or course of instruction

in the University, whether with a view to a Degree or otherwise. 2. Admission Fee

• £0 10 6 Payable by Non-Matriculated Candidates for all Degrees in the

University, other than Honorary Degrees. In the case of Ex-
aminations held in the month of October no Admission Fee is
exigible from Students who were Matriculated for the immedi.

ately preceding Academic year.
3. Entrance Fee for Special Course -

- 40 5 0 Payable by persons not Matriculated Students of the University on

admission to certain specified courses of instruction in the Uni.
versity not included in the course of study for Graduation in any

4. Preliminary Examination Fee

- £0 10 6 Payable on every occasion on which a candidate enters for the Ex



(For fees of individual classes see tabular programme under each Faculty.] 1. In Languages and Literature, History, Philosophy and Mathe

matics the fees are:

Ordinary, Advanced and Honours Lecture Courses. For Full Course

• £4 4 0 For Half Course

2 2 0 2. In the Physical and Natural Sciences, Medicine (excepting certain special classes), and Law:

* As to the Inclusive Fee, see p. 136.

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Ordinary, Advanced and Honours Lecture Courses. For Winter or Full Course

£4 4 0 For Summer or Half Course

3 3 0 In_the subjects of Botany, Zoology, Geology, and

Forensic Medicine, where the ordinary full course extends over two and a half months only, the fee exigible for such course, whether attended in winter or summer, is £4 4s. For fees of Agricultural classes see programme of classes under

Faculty of Science. 3. In Divinity the fees are :For Winter Courses

£3 3 0 For Summer Courses

2 2 0 4. The fee for practical courses is £3 3s. The fee for the practical course in Anatomy in summer is £2 2s. ; as also for the practical course

in Midwifery.
5. The fee for a second and every subsequent attendance

on any class is the same as for a first attendance,
with the exception of the classes for which the first
attendance fee is £4 4s. In the case of such classes

the fee for every subsequent attendance is £3 3s.
6. Fees for Laboratory Instruction,
(1)_Ordinary Laboratory Courses :-
For six hours a week (Winter Session)

£3 3 0 Each additional hour

0 10 6 For nine hours a week (Summer Session)

3 3 0 Each additional hour

0 7 0 It is not allowable to enter for less than six hours a week during

the Winter Session or for less than nine hours a week during the
Summer Session, but shorter periods of Laboratory Instruction
may be entered upon by the student working every day of the
week and all day or less, at the following fees :-
For one month

$4 4 0
For two months

7 7 0 For three months

10 10 0
The above fees in addition to instruction, include in the discretion

of the Professor or Lecturer, the use of ordinary chemicals,
materials, instruments and apparatus of a more expensive char-

acter, but not the use of breakable apparatus and costly materials. The student should previously consult with the Professor concerned

as to the number of hours which he is expected to spend in the

All persons taking out a Laboratory course must matriculate in the

ordinary way.


(2) Laboratory Courses for D.P.H. :-
For a whole course-
Public Health Laboratory (6 months)

· £6 6 0 Bacteriological Laboratory (3 months)

4 4 0 For a half course or any less period Public Health Laboratory

- £3 3 0 Bacteriological Laboratory

1 11 6 (3) Special Research :Research Students qualified in terms of Ordinance

No. 61 are permitted to engage in Special Study
or Research, free of charge, other than the ordi-
nary Matriculation Fee. (For further conditions,
see the Ordinance.)




GENERAL REGULATIONS. 1. An Inclusive Fee for instruction shall be paid in a fixed number of annual instalments by all Students proceeding to a Degree in Arts, Science, Law or Medicine.

2. A Student, who in any year desires to attend one course only, shall be permitted to do so on payment of the fee for that

3. The fee paid by a Student, who in any year is admitted to attendance on a single course only, shall be reckoned as part of the Inclusive Fee to be paid by him, but at the commencement of the Session in which he is to complete his curriculum he must make payment of an amount equal to the difference between the total Inclusive Fee and the amounts previously paid by him.

4. A Student, who has made payment of the total Inclusive Fee, may attend, either before or after graduating, additional courses without further payment provided that he has not already attended the full number of courses to which the Fee entitles him.

5. A Student, who has paid one or more of the annual instalments of the Inclusive Fee at another Scottish University and completes his curriculum in the University of Aberdeen shall be


required to pay the remainder of the annual instalments to the latter University, and shall in respect of such payment be entitled to attend such further courses therein as, with those already attended in the former University, shall make up the number to which the Inclusive Fee admits; Provided always :-(1) That the amount of at least one annual instalment shall

be paid to the University of Aberdeen. (2) That before the Student receives his Degree he shall pro

duce evidence that he has paid altogether an amount

equal to the Inclusive Fee. (3) That when the Student makes payment of only one instal

ment to the University of Aberdeen he shall not be

admitted to more than three courses. 6. A Student, who presents a Certificate that he has attended a course of instruction qualifying for graduation given in a recognised University or Institution or by a recognised extraacademical teacher, shall be entitled to å deduction from the Inclusive Fee equal to the amount of the fee for the corresponding course given in the University of Aberdeen ; Provided always : (1) That he has not already attended the latter course as part

of his curriculum in the University of Aberdeen. (2) That when the Senatus has accepted attendance at another

University as exempting from the corresponding courses in the University of Aberdeen the Student shall be entitled to a corresponding deduction from the Inclusive Fee payable by him, provided that he makes payment of at least two annual instalments.

SPECIAL REGULATIONS. Note.--Except when otherwise stated, each class under each subject is a full course. The phrase "course

as here used is to be read solely in connection with Inclusive Fee Regulations.

Faculty of Arts. 1. Ordinary Degree. — The Inclusive Fee for the Ordinary M.A. Degree is Thirty Guineas, payable in three annual instalments of Ten Guineas.

This Fee admits to not more than ten Courses.

2. Degree with Honours.—The Inclusive Fee for the M.A. Degree with Honours is Forty Guineas, payable in four annual instalments of Ten Guineas.

This Fee admits to not more than fourteen Courses.

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