The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift...

W. Durell & Company, 1812

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Página 126 - Last week I saw a woman flayed, and you will hardly believe, how much it altered her person for the worse.
Página 185 - ... end ; he stormed and swore like a madman, and swelled till he was ready to burst. At length, casting his eye upon the .bee, and wisely gathering causes from events, (for they knew each other by sight,) A plague split you...
Página 104 - The most accomplished way of using books at present, is two-fold : either, first, to serve them as some men do lords, learn their titles exactly, and then brag of their acquaintance. Or, secondly, which is indeed the choicer, the profounder, and politer method, to get a thorough insight into the index, by which the whole book is governed and turned, like fishes by the tail.
Página 64 - For about this time it happened a sect arose, whose tenets obtained and spread very far, especially in the grand monde, and among everybody of good fashion.
Página 110 - Because, first, it is generally affirmed, or confessed, that learning puffeth men up : and secondly, they proved it by the following syllogism : " Words 'are but wind; and learning is nothing but words; ergo, learning is nothing but wind.
Página 124 - But when a man's fancy gets astride on his reason, when imagination is at cuffs with the senses, and common understanding as well as common sense is kicked out of doors, the first proselyte he makes is himself; and when that is once compassed, the difficulty is not so great in bringing over others, a strong delusion always operating from without as vigorously as from within.
Página 247 - Nature sent him into the world strong and lusty, in a thriving condition, wearing his own hair on his head, the proper branches of this reasoning vegetable, until the axe of intemperance has lopped off his green boughs, and left him a withered trunk: he then flies to art, and puts on a periwig, valuing himself upon an unnatural bundle of hairs, (all covered with powder,) that never grew on his head; but now, should this our broomstick pretend to enter the scene, proud of those birchen spoils it never...
Página 185 - I'll give you my hand and word to come near your kenuel no more ; I was never in such a confounded pickle since I was born.
Página 186 - I am glad, answered the bee, to hear you grant at least that I am come honestly by my wings and my voice ; for then, it seems, I am obliged to Heaven alone for my flights and my music ; and Providence would never have bestowed on me two such gifls, without designing them for the noblest ends.
Página 65 - Proceed to the particular works of the creaiion, you will find how curious journeyman nature has been, to trim up the vegetable beaux ; observe how sparkish a periwig adorns the head of a beech, and what a fine doublet of white satin is worn by the birch.

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