A handbook for travellers in southern Germany [by J. Murray. 1st, 2nd] 3rd, 5th, 7th-9th, 11th, 12th, 14th, 15th ed. [2 issues of the 7th ed. The 15th ed. is in 2pt.].


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Página 227 - Unknown, unplough'd, untrodden shore ; Where scarce the woodman finds a road, And scarce the fisher plies an oar : For man's neglect I love thee more ; That art nor avarice intrude To tame thy torrent's thunder-shock, Or prune thy vintage of the rock Magnificently rude.
Página 17 - ROWLANDS' ODONTO, or PEARL DENTIFRICE, A "white Powder compounded of the rarest and most fragrant exotics. It bestows on the teeth a pearl-like Whiteness, frees them from Tartar, and imparts to the Gums a healthy firmness, and to the breath a delicate fragrance.
Página 17 - Price 4s. 6d. and 8s. 6d. per bottle. The heat of Summer also frequently communicates a dryness to .the Hair, and a tendency to fall off, which may be completely obviated by the use of ROWLANDS...
Página 10 - Weekly Gossip. Miscellanea, including all that is likely to interest the informed and intelligent. THE ATHEN^UM is so conducted that the reader, however far distant, is, in respect to Literature, Science, and the Arts, on an equality in point of information with the best-informed circles of the Metropolis. %* The ATHENAEUM is published every Saturday, but is re-issued each Month stitched ina Wrapper.
Página 161 - The centre consists of painted sculpture representing the Crucifixion. Inside the rt. shutter are the Annunciation, the Visitation, the Birth and Circumcision of Christ. Inside the 1. are the Adoration of the Magi, the Presentation in the Temple, and the Death of the Virgin.
Página 288 - ... seemed the inhabitant of some upper region. The Bavarian detachment halted, and sent to the general for orders, when presently was heard the terrible signal, ' In the name of the Holy Trinity cut all loose!
Página 251 - The variety of the scenery, the verdure of the meadows and trees, the depths of the valleys and the altitudes of the mountains, the clearness and grandeur of the rivers and lakes, give it, I think, a decided superiority over Switzerland.
Página 18 - Handbook of Architecture. Being a Concise and Popular Account of the Different Styles prevailing in all Ages and Countries in the World. With a Description of the most remarkable Buildings.
Página 67 - Raffaelle, but it was not thought, even by his friends and admirers, that he had succeeded: however, he certainly has spared no pains; it is as smooth and as highly finished as his small pictures; but his defects are here magnified, and consequently more apparent. His pictures, whether great or small, certainly afford but little pleasure. Of their want of effect it is worth a painter's while to inquire into the cause. One of the principal causes appears to me, his having entertained an opinion that...
Página 3 - NORWAY AND ITS GLACIERS VISITED IN 1851. Followed by Journals of Excursions in the High Alps of Dauphine', Berne, and Savoy With Two Maps and numerous Illustrations.

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