Historical and Archaeological Tracts, Temas1-36

Western Reserve Historical Society, 1877

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Página 3 - That the necessary and reasonable expenses incurred by this state, in subduing any British posts, or in maintaining forts or garrisons within, and for the defence, or in acquiring any part of, the territory so ceded or relinquished, shall be fully reimbursed by the United States...
Página 27 - Declarations hereafter expressed, all those Lands, Countries, and Territories, situate, lying, and being in that Part of America, called Virginia, from the Point of Land, called Cape or Point Comfort, all along the Sea Coast to the Northward, two hundred miles, and from the said Point of Cape Comfort, all along the Sea Coast to the Southward, two hundred Miles, and all that Space and Circuit of Land, lying from the Sea Coast of the Precinct aforesaid, up into the Land throughout from Sea to Sea,...
Página 2 - ... to press upon those states which can remove the embarrassments respecting the western country, a liberal surrender of a portion of their territorial claims, since they cannot be preserved entire without endangering the stability of the general confederacy...
Página 21 - The cage had a revolving cylinder or wheel, such as tame squirrels have. In this it would run for many minutes at a time, singing at its utmost strength. This revolving cage, although ample as regards room, was not over three and a half inches long and two and a half inches wide. Although I have now been entertained by these pretty little melodies for a year, yet I would not dare redescribe them.
Página 27 - Esq. their heirs and assigns, and their associates forever, all that part of New England, in America, which lies and extends itself from a river there called Narraganset river, the space of forty leagues upon a straight line near the sea shore towards the southwest, west and by south, or west, as the coast lieth towards Virginia...
Página 2 - For if I am obliged to storm, you may depend on such treatment as is justly due to a murderer. Beware of destroying stores of any kind, or any papers or letters that are in your possession, or hurting one house in town — for, by heavens! if you do, there shall be no mercy shown you.
Página 1 - Thomas, that it was undertaken at his request, composed from drafts, charts, and actual surveys, transmitted from the different colonies by the governors thereof. This certificate is dated July 1, 1755.

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