Handbook for Shropshire, Cheshire and Lancashire ...

J. Murray, 1870 - 328 páginas

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Página 173 - The town of Manchester buys linen yarn from the Irish in great quantity, and weaving it, returns again the same in linen into Ireland to sell. Neither does her industry rest here ; for they buy cotton wool in London that comes from Cyprus and Smyrna, and work the same into fustians, vermilions, and dimities, which they return to London, where they are sold, and from thence not seldom are sent into such foreign parts, where the first material may be more easily had for that manufacture.
Página xxx - The great and important invention of Crompton was his spindle-carriage, and the principle of the thread having no strain upon it until it was completed. The carriage with the spindles could, by the movement of the hand and knee, recede just as the rollers delivered out the elongated thread in a soft state, so that it would allow of a considerable stretch before the thread had to encounter the stress of winding on the spindle."* This was "the corner-stone of the merits of his invention...
Página 163 - GOD bless the king, I mean the faith's defender; God bless — no harm in blessing — the pretender; But who pretender is, or who is king, God bless us all — that's quite another thing.
Página 178 - Sweet Jesu, for thy mercy's sake, And for thy bitter passion, Save us from the axe of the tower, And from Sir Ralph of Assheton.
Página 238 - Proud prelate, I understand you are backward in complying with your agreement : but I would have you know, that I, who made you what you are, can unmake you ; and if you do not forthwith fulfil your engagement, by God I will immediately unfrock you. Yours, as you demean yourself, Elizabeth.
Página xli - I have just recommended an aqueduct of iron. It has been approved, and will be executed under my direction, upon a principle entirely new, and which I am endeavouring to establish with regard to the application of iron.
Página 8 - ... without, and with Grecian ceilings, columns, and entablatures within ; and though his example has not been much followed, he has every reason to congratulate himself upon the success of the experiment ; -he having at once, the advantage of a picturesque object, and of an elegant and convenient dwelling ; though less perfect in both respects than if he had executed it at a maturer age.
Página 67 - Wattlesborough must be placed in the second class of feudal residences. In respect however of hereditary associations, the Stronghold of the Vassal surpasses the Castle of the Baron; for Wattlesborough is one of those few Shropshire estates which have never been bartered for gold since they were first occupied by Normans.
Página 235 - The Bishop of Man liveth here at ease, and as merry " as Pope Joan. The Bishop of Chester hath compounded " with my Lord of York for his visitation, and gathereth " up the money by his servants ; but never a word spoken " of any visitation or reformation.
Página 226 - II. here was one fulling-mill, charged at 6s. 8d. ; a circumstance which implies that cloth was manufactured here at an early period ; and contradicts the generally received opinion, that English wool was universally manufactured in Flanders, till an act of the tenth of Edward III. The cotton-trade now prevails here, and the articles of manufacture consist chiefly of calicos and dimities.

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