Madras Journal of Literature and Science, Volumen17

Vepery mission Press., 1853

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Página 251 - Museum during the last two years and a half in the analyses of the iron ores of this country, and whose great experience renders their results worthy of entire confidence. Cobalt and nickel were not sought for in either case, but the metallic iron enveloped in both specimens contained a minute quantity of cobalt and nickel. Another piece of slaglike matter, which was found on the ground near the tree, and which from its external characters I have no hesitation in pronouncing to be a slag, was examined...
Página 82 - ... two openings in the composite mould, and in placing it in the fire, the effect of this being to melt the intermediate layer of wax, and thus to leave a vacant space for the reception of the alloy. Into this space is poured the alloy (consisting of copper 1 part and pewter 4). The vessel has now a dull leaden look ; it is hard, but easily cut. This model or shell is carefully turned and smoothed. Upon the smooth surface of this shell, the pattern is etched by hand, a small pointed graver (like...
Página 248 - We found lying near the root of the tree two fragments, one of which is similar to the substance included in the tree, while the other is decidedly an iron slag. On bringing these fragments, weighing several pounds, to Jermyn Street, and on breaking one of them, it was found, like the supposed meteorite, to contain certain small portions of metallic iron, in which both nickel and cobalt were also present ; and hence the scepticism which had prevailed from the beginning of the inquiry in the minds...
Página 217 - ... journey to get it out of the wood from which it was obtained; and considering the amount of remuneration received, I could hardly imagine men so unfortunate as to engage in work so laborious and ill-paid.* " Something yet remains to be said with reference to the packing of the bark. It is the major-domo who performs this duty.
Página 27 - ... any other quarter. No wonder, therefore, when all the qualities necessary to constitute money are possessed in so eminent a degree by the precious metals, that they have been used as such, in civilized societies, from a very remote era. " They became universal money," as M. Turgot has observed, " not in consequence of any arbitrary agreement among men, or of the intervention of any law, but by the nature and force of things.
Página 247 - ... he perceived that the upper portion of the lower of the two segments was in a shaky or imperfect condition, and hence he resolved to saw off the upper part of it, intending thereby to obtain wood large enough for the " pods" of his cricketbats, but not such entire bats as he was making out of the upper segment. " In dividing the tree, the saw was stopped at about 8 inches from the surface on one side (or the breadth of a large saw) by a very hard, impenetrable substance, which was supposed to...
Página 31 - For change they make use of the small sea shells called cowries, " 80 of which make a poni and 60 or 65 ponis, according as there " are few or many cowries in the country, make a rupee. They " come from the Maldive islands. The money changers sit upon " all the bazaars with quantities of them to furnish the lower or" ders with change, for the purpose of necessaries.
Página 209 - It is the best, as well as the most recent work on the subject in the English language."— Medical Press and Circular. " The most interesting chapter is undoubtedly that on the gouty heart, a subject which Dr.
Página 194 - ... large, conic. The 3rd joint of the maxill . palpi is of an oblongo-ovate shape, the external basal angle is prolonged into a small peduncle inserted in the apex of the 2nd joint, the 4th joint about the semiglobose shape of which I am not quite satisfied appears to be obliquely inserted in the tip of the preceding. Thorax oval, of a similar shape to that of the former, anterior margin slightly emarginated. Scutellum obsolete. Elytra with the traces of a humeral costa, separately rounded off at...
Página 272 - A DICTIONARY, SANSKRIT AND ENGLISH, extended and improved from the Second Edition of the Dictionary of Professor HH Wilson, with his sanction and concurrence.

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