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Shine on me, Lord, new life impart,
Fresh ardours kindle in my heart;
One ray of thy all-quick’ning light
Dispels the sloth and clouds of night.

0! may I always ready stand,
With my lamp burning in my hand;
May I in sight of heaven rejoice,
Whene'er I hear the Bridegroom's voice.


L, M.

SUN of my soul! Thou Saviour dear,
It is not night if Thou be near :
Oh, may no earth-born cloud arise
To hide Thee from thy servant's eyes.

When the soft dews of kindly sleep
My wearied eyelids gently steep,

my last thought, how sweet to rest
For ever on my Saviour's breast.

Abide with me from morn till eve,
For without Thee I cannot live;
Abide with me when night is nigh,
For without Thee I dare not die.

Come near and bless us when we wake,
Ere through the world our way we take ;
Till in the ocean of thy love
We lose ourselves in heaven above.

WHEN each day's scenes and labours close,
And wearied nature seeks repose,
With pard'ning mercy richly blest,
Guard me, my Saviour, while I rest;
And as each morning sun shall rise,
O lead me onward to the skies !

And at my life's last setting sun,
My conflicts o'er, my labours done,
Jesus, thy heavenly radiance shed,
To cheer and bless my dying bed;
And from death's gloom my spirit raise,
To see thy face, and sing thy praise.


P. M.

THROUGH the day thy love has spar'd us,

Wearied we lie down to rest ;
Through the silent watches guard us,

Let no foe our peace molest;
Jesu, Thou our guardian be,
Sweet it is to trust in Thee.

Pilgrims here on earth and strangers,

Dwelling in the midst of foes,
Us and ours preserve from dangers ;

In thine arms may we repose ;
And when life's short day is past,
Rest with Thee in heaven at last.

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THE heavens declare thy glory, Lord,

In every star thy wisdom shines ;
But when our eyes behold thy word,

We read thy Name in fairer lines.

The rolling sun, the changing light,

And nights and days thy power confess ;
But the blest volume Thou hast writ,

Reveals thy justice and thy grace.

Sun, moon, and stars, convey thy praise

Round the whole earth, and never stand ; So, since thy truth began its race,

It spreads its light from land to land.

Great Sun of Righteousness, arise !

Bless the dark world with heavenly light; Thy Gospel makes the simple wise,

Thy laws are pure, thy judgments right.

Thy noblest wonders here we view

În souls renew'd and sins forgiven;
Lord, cleanse my sins, my soul renew,

And make thy word my guide to heaven.

FATHER of mercies, in thy word

What endless glory shines !
For ever be thy Name ador’d

For these celestial lines.

Here the Redeemer's welcome voice

Spreads heavenly peace around ;
And life, and everlasting joys,

Attend the blissful sound.

0! may

these sacred


Our ever dear delight;
And still new beauties may we see,

And still increasing light.

Divine Instructor, gracious Lord,

Be Thou for ever near;
Teach us to love thy holy word,

And view our Saviour there.



THE Spirit breathes upon the word,

And brings the truth to sight;
Precepts and promises afford

A sanctifying light.

A glory gilds the sacred page,

Majestic like the sun ;
It gives a light to every age,

It gives, but borrows none.

Eternal thanks, O Lord, be thine,

For such a bright display,
As makes a world of darkness shine

With beams of heavenly day.

My soul rejoices to pursue

The steps of Him I love,
Till glory breaks upon my view

In brighter worlds above.



BEHOLD the morning sun

Begins his glorious way;
His beams through all the nations run,

And life and light convey.

But where the Gospel comes,

It spreads diviner light;
It calls dead sinners from their tombs,

And gives the blind their sight.

I hear thy word with love,

And I would fain obey ;
Send thy good Spirit from above,

To guide me lest I stray.

While with my heart and tongue

I spread thy praise abroad,
Accept the worship and the song,
My Saviour and my


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