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NOW let us pray for Salem's peace;

For they shall prosp'rous be,
Thou holy city of our God,

Who bear true love to thee.
May peace within thy sacred walls

Once more a guest be found ;
With plenty and prosperity

Thy palaces be crown'd.
We will rejoice to seek thy good,

And ever wish thee well;
For Zion and the temple's sake,

Where God vouchsaf'd to dwell.


L. M.

GREAT God of Abrah’m, hear our prayer,
Let Abrah’m's seed thy mercy share :
0! may they now at length return,
And look on Him they pierc'd, and mourn.
Remember Jacob's flock of old ;
Bring home the wand'rers to thy fold ;
Remember thy long promis'd word,
Israel at last shall seek the Lord.
Lord, put thy law within their hearts,
And write it in their inward parts :
The veil of darkness rend in two,
Which hides Messiah from their view.

O haste the day, foretold so long,
When Jew and Greek, a glorious throng,
One house shall seek, one prayer


pour, And one Redeemer shall adore !



TO bless thy chosen race

In mercy, Lord, incline ;
And cause the brightness of thy face

On all thy saints to shine.
That so thy wondrous way
May through the world be known ;
Whilst distant lands their tribute pay,

And thy salvation own.
Let diff'ring nations join

To celebrate thy fame;
Let all the world, O Lord, combine

To praise thy glorious Name.



O! THAT the Lord's salvation

Were out of Sion come,
To heal his ancient nation,

To lead his outcasts home:
How long the holy city

Shall heathen feet profane ?
Return, O Lord, in pity,

Rebuild her walls again.
Let fall thy rod of terror,

Thy saving grace impart;
Roll back the veil of error,

Release the fetter'd heart:
Let Israel home returning

Their own Messiah see ;
Give oil of joy for mourning,

And bind thy Church to Thee.

O LORD, thine ancient Churches spare,
Which still thy Name, though fallen, bear;
Where once thy bold apostles stood,
And seal'd thy truth with martyrs' blood.
Where now the Turk his power extends,
And vainly to his prophet bends,
There let again thy Gospel shine
With beams all bright, and power divine.

Where Jesus rose and left the grave,
There let the cross its banner wave;
While Syria sees her Churches rise,
And hymns to Christ ascend the skies.
Let Nubia's desert hear once more
The Saviour's voice, his love implore;
And earth's dark climes adoring prove
The heights and depths of pard'ning love.




FOUNTAIN of good ! to own thy love

Our thankful hearts incline ;
What can we render, Lord, to Thee,

When all the worlds are thine ?
But Thou hast needy brethren here,

Partakers of thy grace;
Whose humble names Thou wilt confess

Before thy Father's face.

In them Thou may'st be cloth'd and fed,

And visited and cheer'd;
And in their accents of distress

Thy pleading voice is heard.

Thyself, with reverence and love,

We in thy poor would see ;
For while we minister to them,

We do it, Lord, to Thee.



LORD, when our off rings we present

Before thy gracious throne,
We but return what Thou hast lent,

And give Thee of thine own.

The earth with all its wealth is thine,

The heavens with all their host;
Why should we then in want repine,

Or in abundance boast ?

The power and willingness to give

Alike proceed from Thee ;
We still are debtors, since we live

Only by thy decree.

Vouchsafe upon our hearts to pour

Thy Spirit from above;
Bless what we give Thee of our store,

And own our work of love.



SEE the good Shepherd Jesus stands,

And calls his sheep by name;
Gathers the feeble in his arms,

And feeds each tender lamb.

When wand'ring from the peaceful fold

We leave the narrow way,
Our faithful Shepherd still is near,

To seek us when astray.

The weakest lambs amidst the flock

His tender mercies share ;
While folded in our Saviour's arms,

We're free from every snare.

Thus may we safely venture on,

Beneath our Shepherd's care ;
And keep the gate of heaven in view

Till we shall enter there.


C. M.

O! THAT the Lord would guide my ways

To keep his statutes still ;
0! that my God would grant me grace

To know and do his will.

O send thy Spirit down to write

Thy law upon my heart;
Nor let my tongue indulge deceit,

Nor act the liar's part.

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