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FATHER, whate'er of earthly bliss

Thy sov'reign will denies,
Accepted at thy throne of grace,

Let this petition rise :

Give me a calm, a thankful heart,

From every murmur free ;
The blessings of thy grace impart,

And make me live to Thee.

Let the sweet hope that Thou art mine

My life and death attend;
Thy presence through my journey shine,

And crown my journey's end.



WHEN we can trust our all with God
In trial's fearful hour

Bow, all resign'd, beneath his rod,

And bless his sparing power ;
A joy springs up amid distress,
A fountain in the wilderness.

0! blessed be the Hand that gave,

Still blessed when it takes;
Blessed be He who smites to save,

Who heals the heart He breaks :
Faithful and just are all his ways,
Whom heaven adores, and death obeys.



O THOU, who hast at thy command
The hearts of all men in thy hand !
Our wayward, erring hearts incline
To have no other will but thine.

Our wishes, our desires, control,
Mould every purpose of the soul ;
O'er all may we victorious be,
That stands between ourselves and Thee.
Yet may we, feeble, weak, and frail,
Against our mightiest foes prevail ;
Thy word, our safety from alarm ;
Our strength, thine everlasting arm.
And while we to thy glory live,
May we to Thee all glory give;
Until the joyful summons come,
That calls thy willing servants home.



LORD, do Thou thy grace impart;
Poor in spirit, meek in heart,
Let me like my Master be
Rooted in humility :
Simple, teachable, and mild,
Lowly as a little child,
Pleas'd with all the Lord provides,
Wean'd from all the world besides.
Father, fix my.soul on Thee;
Every evil let me flee ;
Nothing seek beneath, above,
Happy in thy boundless love.

BESET with snares on every hand,
In life's uncertain path I stand;
Saviour divine, O shed thy light,
To guide my doubtful footsteps right!

Engage this roving, treach'rous heart,
To choose in Thee the better part;
To scorn the trifles of a day,
For joys that none can take away.

Then, should the wildest storms arise,
And tempests mingle earth and skies,
No fatal shipwreck shall I fear,
But all my treasures with me bear.

If Thou, my Saviour, still be nigh,
Cheerful I live, and joyful die;
Secure, when earthly comforts flee,
To find eternal joy in Thee.

L. M.


COME, weary souls, with sin distress'd,
Come and accept the promis'd rest;
The Saviour's gracious call obey,
And cast your gloomy fears away.

Oppress'd with guilt, a painful load,
Come, spread your woes before your God;
Divine compassion, mighty love,
Will all the painful load remove.

Here mercy's boundless ocean flows
To cleanse your guilt, and heal your woes ;
Pardon, and life, and endless peace-
How rich the gift! how free the grace!

Lord, we accept, with thankful hearts,
The hope thy gracious word imparts;
We come with trembling, yet rejoice,
And bless thy kind inviting voice.



AND shall we then go on to sin,

That grace may more abound ?
Great God, forbid that such a thought

Should in our breast be found.

When to the sacred font we came,

Did not the rite proclaim,
That, wash'd from sin and all its stains,

New creatures we became ?

With Christ the Lord we died to siu ;

With Him to life we rise,
To life, which now begun on earth

Is perfect in the skies.

Too long enthrall’d to Satan's sway,

We now are slaves no more;
For Christ bath vanquish'd death and sin,

Our freedom to restore.

THOU, Lord, by strictest search hast known
My rising up and lying down ;
My secret thoughts are known to Thee,
Known long before conceiv'd by me.

Surrounded by thy power I stand,
On every

side I find thy hand ;
O skill, for human reach too high,
Too dazzling bright for mortal eye!

Let me acknowledge too, O God,
That, since this maze of life I trod,
Thy thoughts of love to me surmount
The power of numbers to recount.

Search, try, O God, my thoughts and heart,
If mischief lurks in any part;
Correct me where I go astray,
And guide me in thy perfect way.



THROUGH all the changing scenes of life,

In trouble and in joy,
The praises of my God shall still

My heart and tongue employ.

O magnify the Lord with me,

With me exalt his Name;
When in distress to Him I callid,

He to my rescue came.

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