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O make but trial of his love,

Experience will decide,
How bless'd are they, and only they,

Who in his truth confide.

Fear Him, ye saints, and you will then

Have nothing else to fear;
Make you his service your delight,

He'll make your wants his care.


C. M.

HOW are thy servants blest, O Lord,

How sure is their defence !
Eternal Wisdom is their guide,

Their help Omnipotence.

From all their griefs and dangers, Lord,

Thy mercy sets them free,
When, in the confidence of prayer,

Their souls take hold on Thee.

In midst of dangers, fears, and death,

Thy goodness we 'll adore;
We 'll praise Thee for thy mercies past,

And humbly hope for more.

Our lives, while Thou preserv'st our lives,

Thy sacrifice shall be ;
And death, when death shall be our lot,

Shall join our souls to Thee.

CAPTAIN of Israel's host, and Guide

Of all who seek the land above,
Beneath thy shadow we abide,

The cloud of thy protecting love:
Our strength thy grace, our rule thy word,
Our end the glory of the Lord.

By thine unerring Spirit led,

We shall not in the desert stray ;
With Thee, the heavenly manna, fed,

We shall not want in all our way:
As far from danger as from fear,
While love, almighty love, is near.


C. M.

BLEST are the souls that hear and know

The Gospel's joyful sound ;
Peace shall attend the path they go,

And light their steps surround.

Their joy shall bear their spirits up,

Through their Redeemer's Name;
His righteousness exalts their hope,

Nor Satan dares condemn.

The Lord, our glory and defence,

Strength and salvation gives;
Israel, thy King for ever reigns,

Thy God for ever lives!

CHRIST is our corner-stone,

On Him alone we build ;
With his true saints alone
The courts of heaven are fill'd;
On his great love

Our hopes we place

Of present grace,

And joys above.
O! then with hymns of praise

These hallow'd courts shall ring;
Our voices we will raise
The Lord of life to sing ;
And tbus proclaim

In joyful song,

Both loud and long,

That glorious Name.
Here, gracious God, do Thou

For evermore draw nigh ;
Accept each faithful vow,
And mark each suppliant sigh ;
In plenteous shower

Ön all who pray,

Each holy day,

Thy blessings pour.
Here may we gain from heaven

The grace which we implore ;

that grace, once given,
Be with us evermore ;
Until that day,

When all the blest

To endless rest
Are call'd away.


OFT in danger, oft in woe,
Onward, Christians, onward go;
Fight the fight, maintain the strife,
Strengthend with the Bread of life.
Onward, Christians, onward go,
Join the war, and face the foe;
Will ye flee in danger's hour?
Know ye not your Captain's power ?
Let your drooping hearts be glad,
March in heavenly armour clad;
Fight, nor think the battle long,
Soon shall vict'ry tune your song.
Let not sorrow dim your eye,
Soon shall every tear be dry;
Let not fears your course impede,
Great your strength, if great your need.
Onward then in battle move,
More than conqu’rors ye


prove; Though oppos'd by many a foe,

Christian soldiers, onward go! 189

AWAKE, my soul, stretch every nerve,

And press with vigour on;
A heavenly race demands thy zeal,

And an immortal crown.
A cloud of witnesses around

Hold thee in full survey ;
Forget the steps already trod,

And onward urge thy way.


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'Tis God's all-animating voice

That calls thee from on high ;
'Tis his own hand presents the prize

To thine aspiring eye.

Blest Saviour, introduc'd by Thee

Have I my race begun;
And, crown'd with vict'ry, at thy feet

I 'll lay my honours down.


S. M.

SOLDIERS of Christ, arise,

And put your armour on,
Strong in the strength which God supplies

Through his eternal Son.

Strong in the Lord of Hosts,

And in his mighty power,
Who in the strength of Jesus trusts

Is more than conqueror.

Stand, then, in his great might,

With all his strength endued ;
And take, to arm you for the fight,

The panoply of God:

That having all things done,

And all your conflicts past,
Ye may o'ercome through Christ alone,

And stand complete at last.

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