Chalmeriana: or, A collection of papers literary and political, entitled, letters, verses, &c., occasioned by reading a late heavy Supplemental apology for the believers in the Shakespeare papers, by G. Chalmers, arranged and publ. by mr. Owen, junior assisted by Jasper Hargrave. Collection the first


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Página vii - ... another. So that, in short, the question comes all to this ; whether is the nobler being of the two, that which, by a lazy contemplation of four inches round, by an overweening pride, feeding and engendering on itself, turns all into excrement and venom, producing nothing at all, but flybane and a cobweb ; or that which, by a universal range, with long search, much study, true judgment, and distinction of things, brings home honey and wax.
Página v - ... from above, or to his palace by brooms from below ; when it was the pleasure of fortune to conduct thither a wandering bee, to whose curiosity a broken pane in the glass had discovered itself, and in he...
Página 40 - Hence with all my clerks attending, " From their parchment tombs below, " Through their office-dust ascending " Here I feed my constant woe. " Here the commentators viewing, " I recall my shameful doom, " And my primal notes renewing, " Wander through the letter'd gloom. " O'er my school for ever mourning,
Página i - CHALMERIANA : or a collection of papers literary and political, entitled, Letters, verses, &c. occasioned by reading a late heavy supplemental Apology for the believers in the Shakespeare papers by George Chalmers, FRSSA Arranged and published by Mr.
Página vi - I have little to say : in that building of yours there might, for aught I know, have been labour and method enough ; but...
Página 71 - ... of the Rhodian master, took a third colour, and laid on a still finer and indivisible line. But the English poet, who could distinguish the emulation of genius from nice experiments about splitting hairs, took the story into his own hands, and in a less number of trials, and with bolder execution, comprehended the whole force of painting, and flung drawing, colouring, and the doctrine of light and shade into the noble contention of those two absolute masters. In Prior, the first wrote his name...
Página 37 - Grammar, sense, and points confounding, A sad troop of clerks appear'd, All in spotted night-gowns shrouded, Which in life for coats they wore, And with looks by reading clouded, Frown'd on the reviewing shore. On them gleam'd the Moon's wan lustre, When the shade of Capell bold His black bands was seen to muster, Rising from their cases old. O'er the glimmering stream he hied him, Where the Steevens * rear'd her sail, With three hundred clerks beside him, And in groans did Edmund hail.
Página 68 - WILLIAM PITT, Firft Lord of the Treafury, and Chancellor of the Exchequer; on the Subject of TOLERATION and CHURCH...
Página 38 - O'er the glimmering ftream he hied him, Where THE STEEVENS* rear'd her fail, With three hundred Clerks befide him, And in groans did EDMUND hail : " Heed, oh heed my fatal ftory, I am CAPELL'S injur'd Ghoft! You who now have purchaf 'd glory, Near the place where I was loft. Though in CHALMERS...
Página 38 - Tho' in Porto-Bello's ruin You now triumph, free from fears, When you think of my undoing, You will mix your joys with tears. See these mournful spectres, sweeping Ghastly o'er this hated wave, Whose wan cheeks are stain'd with weeping, These were English captains brave : Mark those numbers, pale and horrid, Who were once my sailors bold ; Lo!

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