The Statutes of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland [1807-1868/69].

His Majesty's statute and law printers, 1845

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Página 32 - Felony, without otherwise describing the previous felony ; and a certificate containing the substance and effect only, (omitting the formal part) of the Indictment and conviction for the previous Felony, purporting to be signed by the Clerk of the Court or other Officer...
Página 421 - ... at all times charged equally to all persons, and after the same rate, whether per ton per mile or otherwise, in respect of all passengers, and of all goods or carriages of the same description, and conveyed or propelled by a like carriage or engine passing only over the same portion of the line of railway under the same circumstances...
Página 32 - Felony, purporting to be signed by the Clerk of the Court or other Officer having the custody of the Records of the Court where the offender was first convicted, or by the Deputy of such Clerk or Officer...
Página 195 - ... pending, at any time before issue joined, to pay into court such sum of money as he shall think fit, and thereupon such proceedings shall be had as in other cases where defendants are allowed to pay money into court.
Página 403 - Provided always, that in the exercise of the powers by this or the special Act granted the company shall do as little damage as can be, and shall make full satisfaction, in manner herein and in the special Act, and any Act incorporated therewith, provided, to all parties interested, for all damage by them sustained by reason of the exercise of such powers.
Página 83 - Act shall be so incorporated as aforesaid ; and the word ' prescribed ' used in this Act in reference to any matter herein stated shall be construed to refer to such matter as the same shall be prescribed or provided for in the special Act, and the sentence in which such word shall occur, shall be construed as if, instead of the word
Página 312 - I AB do solemnly and sincerely declare, that I will faithfully and honestly, " and to the best of my skill and ability, hear and determine the matters " referred to me under the provisions of the Act [naming the special
Página 88 - ... (stating the number of shares), and is indebted to the company in the sum of money to which the calls in arrear shall amount in respect of one call or more upon one share or more, (stating the number and amount of each of such calls), whereby an action hath accrued to the company by virtue of this and the special act.
Página 90 - ... except upon an order of the court in which the action, suit or other proceeding shall have been brought or instituted, made upon motion in open court, after...
Página 100 - ... not reduced into Writing, may be made by Parol on behalf of the Company by any Person acting under the express or implied Authority of the Company, and such Contract may in the same Way be varied or discharged: And all Contracts made according to the Provisions herein contained shall be effectual in Law, and shall be binding upon the Company and their Successors, and all other Parties thereto, their Heirs, Executors, or Administrators, as the Case may be.

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