Life of Thomas Paine

P. Eckler, 1892 - 88 páginas

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Página 17 - Our Place among Infinities: A Series of Essays contrasting our Little Abode in Space and Time with the Infinities Around us.
Página 9 - XVIII. The Nature of Light. With a General Account of Physical Optics.
Página 54 - And as to you, Sir, treacherous in private friendship (for so you have been to me, and that in the day of danger) and a hypocrite in public life, the world will be puzzled to decide whether you are an apostate or an impostor ; whether you have abandoned good principles, or whether you ever had any.
Página 34 - ... to conciliate nations to each other ; to extirpate the horrid practice of war; to promote universal peace, civilization, and commerce ; and to break the chains of political superstition, and raise degraded man to his proper rank ;—if these things be libellous, let me live the life of a libeller, and let the name of libeller be engraved on my tomb.
Página 38 - When, in countries that are called civilized, we see age going to the workhouse and youth to the gallows, something must be wrong in the system of Government.
Página 17 - Other Worlds than Ours ; The Plurality of Worlds Studied under the Light of Recent Scientific Researches.
Página 9 - America, which, by the peace, have been so happily enlarged: and whereas it is just and necessary, that a revenue be raised, in your Majesty's said dominions in America, for defraying the expenses of defending, protecting, and securing the same...
Página 76 - Maker? Mind thine own concerns. If he believes not as thou believest, it is a proof that thou believest not as he believeth, and there is no earthly power can determine between you. With respect to...

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